Star Wars: A Simple Decision, The Empire Strikes Back


The castle on the planet Bast was dark and forboding. Storm clouds approached, heralding the coming storm. Lord Darth Vader had came to Bast to meditate and attempt to find his center after his experiences on the planet Vaal, and the appearance of the woman who looked so much like his lost Padme. He had gone through alot of information, and it was only by the skill of Grand Inquisitor Kael that a name had finally been delivered.

Leia Skywalker.

He had thought long and hard about that situation. When Padme had been buried on Naboo, Vader had been unable to even attend her funeral, and even if he had been able to, he wouldnt have been able to cry. His tear ducts had been burned away...

...along wth his past life.

Now he was kneeling within his 'home'... the place that he had claimed for himself. The storm that approached matched his own inner termoil. Could this Leia Skywalker be his and Padme's daughter? The Emperor had told him that in his anger, he had killed her himself, but what if Palpatine had been lying to him? How long was it between the time he had last seen Padme, and the time of her death? Could their daughter have been born, and like his vision foretold, she died in childbirth?

Did he himself bring his own vision to fruition?

Vader's hatred, the thing that made him the Dark Lord of the Sith, the hatred that gave him the power to crush anyone who stood against him, was directed at the one thing he hated the most in the entire universe

That thing was himself.

He resealed his armor, and stepped out of his hyperbolic chamber. He paused as he stretched out with his abilities. It was only because of his familarity with his home that he had felt something was amiss. The presence that had entered his castle had done so with a level of skill that truly astounded him. The presence had bypassed Vader's own personal security sensors, and had even killed two of Vader's personal Noghri bodyguards in absolute silence. With a outstretched hand, Vader's lightsaber flew from its place on the wall towards his grip...

... and was intercepted by a little hand.

Appearing out of thin air after deactivating her suit's personal cloaking field, Chi'anna Eclipse stood before Vader with his own lightsaber in her hand. She activated it, the blade snapping into life and darkening her features with a red glow, and twirled it around herself with a small grin.

Vader watched her with growing interest. "Your skill is impressive, young one. You managed to bypass one of the most powerful security fields in existance, kill two of my personal guards... and have even managed to enter my personal chamber without my knowledge."

Chi'anna smiled and looked at the Dark Lord closely. "Im glad you noticed."

"But I sense something within you that you do not possess." He raised his hand and she floated in the air. "And that is fear."

Chi grinned and started to laugh. "Never had need for it."

Outside, the storm exploded as the two stared at each other. The storm unleashed its fury around the castle, and as the lightning flashed outside the windows Chi'anna made the first move.

She unleashed such a powerful burst of force energy that Vader was blasted from his feet. He flew back through the air and slammed into the wall. Shaking his head clear, Vader lashed back at the small child with his full potential, and Chi raised her hands, attempting to deflect as much of his attack as possible, but she was still blasted towards the far wall. Both of them stood up and shook their heads clear. Chi was the first to recover, and she leaped towards Vader, his lightsaber igniting in her hand as she swung it to the attack. Vader lunged to the side, barely avoiding the blade as it sliced through the spot he had been in. Vader once again lashed out with the Force, grabbing Chi in a chokehold, and raising her into the air again, only this time Chi was ready. She smashed Vader away from her, throwing him through the air like a ragdoll. Vader realized that she had immense power of telekenetics. He hit the ground and rolled, his cape falling from his shoulders. He wrapped the power of the dark side around himself and tried to gain a sense of what Chi wanted.

He sensed frustration, anger... and a desire for knowledge... but absolutely no fear.

Chi stood up and approached Vader, grasping the lightsaber and twirling it around herself. "Afraid, Vader?" She taunted. Vader raised his hand and yanked the lightsaber from her hand. It slapped into his grip and he stood tall before her. "Are you afraid, Chi'anna?"

Chi grinned, took a combat stance, and four orange colored lightsabers emerged from her own flesh! Two came from the top part of her wrists, while the other two emerged from her knees. Each one was only a foot and a half long, but Vader knew that from the way she moved, she was intimately familiar with their use. "No Vader... I'm not afraid at all."

She leaped at Vader with such speed that Vader was hard pressed to defend himself. She forced him back, cutting and twirling her body in ways that Vader could barely defend himself, much less get an attack in. Vader's anger finally forced him to take drastic measures. He lashed out with the Force, and started hurling heavy objects in the room at the little girl. She lashed out with her own abilities, shattering most of the things coming at her, dodged and slashed into pieces the ones she didnt dodge.

Finally, Vader had had enough. He lowered the lightsaber, and waited for her next attack. She leaped towards him, and he only reached out and grabbed her physically by the throat. It was a risk, but Vader knew she wouldnt attack him. He deflated her anger and frustration by asking her a simple question.

"What do you want?"

Chi's look of anger and hate became one of confusion, and then loss. The orange blades emitting from her wrists and knees vanished, and Vader lowered her to the ground. She looked up at him with a look of desperation, and then she explained.

"I want you to train me to become a Dark Lord of the Sith."

Of all the questions the child could have asked Vader, that wasnt one he had been expecting. "I beg your pardon?"

Chi looked up at Vader and some of her fire returned. "You heard me! I want you to train me to become a Dark Lord of the Sith! Admit it, Vader. You've seen my skill and my abilities... you know I can do it."

Vader stared down at the small girl, and considered it. "Why have you not approached Darth Sidious?"

Chi'anna laughed. "The barely held together old man? He'll be lucky to live out the year. But you..." She stopped and looked down at the floor. "... you trained my father."

Vader looked down at her closely, and finally knelt to be at her level. "How do you know this? Your father's level of secrecy was such that no one, no one! knew about him but me."

Chi looked at him and almost started to cry. "My mommy knew."

Vader was taken aback at those words. "Your mother.. Juno Eclipse." He realized that Chi was like him. In many ways. He stood, and used the force to call his cape to him. Wrapping it around his shoulders, he looked down at the small child, and made a simple decision.

"Very well. Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth... Eclipse."

The newly named Darth Eclipse smiled and bowed before Darth Vader. "Thank you, My Master."