The Battle of Bespin

In his personal quarters, Luke Organa sat in a lotus position, floating three feet off of his bed. Before him, parts and crystals floated together delicately. Watching him in silence were his droids. HK-47, T3-M4 and Artoo sat near the power charger, letting him focus on the lessons the holocron of Revan had taught him.

Tee-Three and Artoo watched as parts floated serenely around the young prince, clicking together with the two silver crystals that Revan had sent him. Finally, the parts all clicked into place and Luke reached out slowly, taking the double bladed lightsaber into his hand. He slowly floated down to the bed, and sat in silence, taking a deep breath as he broke his meditative trance, and looked upon his handiwork.

HK finally broke the silence. "Observation: A double bladed lightsaber. More kills per swing. A very wise choice, Master."

Luke looked up at the assassin droid. "It's a weapon of the Jedi, to protect and defend. I will kill if necessary, but I didn't build this for more kills. It just seemed right."

HK couldn't shrug, but his voice registered his disdain. "Rebuttal: Call it what you will, Master. It is a weapon of style and grace, and I expect you will be forced to use it very soon, if these reports are accurate. Question: Do you believe that there will be an attack here as well?"

Luke stood up and activated his newly created lightsaber… twin silver blades snapped into existence, glowing brightly in the room. "They are coming. If they are attacking every tibana gas facility in the galaxy, they will be here soon."

HK's eyes glowed brighter, and he picked up his heavy bore blaster. "Eager Response: Let them come. I look forward to the upcoming combat…. And I look forward to testing myself against the large dark armored leader."

Luke deactivated his lightsaber, and hung it on his belt. "Don't test yourself too hard. We have no idea how tough he is. And if there are more of his kind. I've contacted my father, and he is sending soldiers… but he said that most of our forces are now engaged at Var and Corellia. Lando has his personal guards, and a private security force, and Stormy has a few guards… but if we're hit, we may just have to escape and survive…. And with out tibana gas, we're in serious trouble."

HK was about to speak when alarms sounded throughout the station. "Excited Observation: They are playing our song!" HK stood up, locking a new clip into his blaster, as Luke looked to the little astromechs. "Get back to the Ebon Hawk, and get her warmed up just in case we need to make a run for it. I'm going to help Lando, and make sure Stormy is clear." The two astromechs beeped in agreement, and rolled into the halls, avoiding panicking miners and ugnaughts.

Over the intercom, Lando Calrissian's voice emerged. "Imperial vessels are approaching. I repeat, Imperial vessels are approaching! I suggest everyone evacuate the city immediately! They are heading for the tibana gas stores. All security forces, prepare to repel boarders!"

As Luke rushed through the crowds, HK behind him, he heard the unmistakable sound of TIE fighters flying by. Cloud Cars exchanged blaster bolts with the incoming fighters, and Luke paused at one of the windows when he saw the designs of the TIEs. They had strange missile pods attached to the wings, and another had a second circular cockpit module with a huge laser cannon emerging from the cockpit window. "What the hell are those?" he asked himself. HK raised his weapon and fired out the window, blasting one of the TIE's in the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly. Luke watched as the strange TIE fell into the clouds out of sight, and HK finally answered him. "Answer: Targets."

Luke smirked at that, and hurried to get to Stormy's quarters. The tawny colored twilek left her room and nodded to him, two Mandalorians in full combat gear stood besides her. "Luke, this is Jartell Thraxx and his wife Lilandra, my surviving protectors." Luke nodded to the Mandalorians, who nodded back at him in silence. "We should head to the escape ships." Jartell pointed out a near window. "Shuttles. They are landing ground forces." He activated his heavy assault weapon, and HK's eyes glowed in anticipation. "Excited Observation: Good!"

Luke took Stormy's hand. "Let's head to the landing bays. It doesn't look like they are shooting down escaping ships. They're here for the tibana gas."

Stormy nodded. "My ship is there. We need to find Administrator Cal…"

The handsome Baron Administrator came around the corner and finished her sentence. " Rissian? Here I am, my lady." With him was his cyborg assistant, Lobot, and several of his blue uniformed security guards. "Lets get to it."

Luke and the Mandalorians lead the way as they heard blaster bolts ring throughout the facility. Suddenly, a squad of stormtroopers approached, and Luke ignited his lightsaber blades. HK took aim and opened up, while the two Mandalorians opened fire… and the battle was joined.

Lando blasted a stormtrooper away, and turned to a nearby wall. "Come on, I got a secret path!" he turned a small wall decoration, and a hidden hall opened in the wall. Stormy and Lobot entered, while Luke reflected blasts back towards their attackers. The two Mandalorians made sure to stay near their employer, keeping her safe…They successfully killed all of the attacking stormtroopers, and just then, Luke realized they were in serious trouble.

The huge dark armored stormtrooper machine approached, and HK-47 spoke, "Relieved Exclamation: About time you showed up." And then he charged forward. Luke called out to him. "HK! No! Get back here!" But the assassin droid had chosen his newest target. He threatened his charge, and it was his mission to remove that threat… and if it let him test himself against a truly worthy target, so much the better.

Luke knew he would stand no chance against its huge weapons, and so followed Lando into the hidden passageway, hoping the assassin droid would survive… or die with honor.

The Dark Trooper Mark 3, a completely droid one, blinked its dark ocular circuits at the approaching red armored droid. HK aimed his weapon, and blinked his red oculars back.

"Egotistical Challenge: Come, combat droid… fight me if you have the bolts!"

The Dark Trooper, who was programmed to enjoy itself in its mission, accepted the challenge. "Challenge Accepted. Prepare to be terminated."