This song just got stuck in my head when I heard it first. Then I thought, that, what the heck, why not write something. So here's what I got. It suited Naruto so well.

The words in italics are the lyrics of the song called Given Up, by the ever-talented Linkin Park.


Wake in a sweat again

Whenever he woke up, he was always sweating, nightmares after nightmares, others coming to kill him for existing.

Another day's been laid to waste / in my disgrace

Every day brought only pain, only empty results. Nothing. He had lost a part of himself with... him... and no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find it anymore. He felt like someone had punched a hole right through his chest. That's what it felt like losing someone dear.

Stuck in my head

The demon yelling at him, rattling the bars of his cage, wanting to be free, like the poor boy himself

Feels like I'll never leave this place

He was stuck, a prisoner, and he couldn't be free.

There's no escape

No one would help him.

I'm my own worst enemy

It was he himself that would be hurt the most if this all ended up in tears and death and blood. If the demon was let out, it would be he that would suffer, losing his humanity, all of it that was him, to be replaced by the demon spirit.

How he cried himself to sleep.

How he laughed, without no real joy in his voice.

How the glint in his eyes had faded.

I've given up / I'm sick of living

Sometimes, he thought, it would be just better to die, to wither away. No one would miss him, ain't that right? After all, they hated him just for existing, for breathing the same air as them.

Is there nothing you can say / take this all away

There had one who had understood even better than himself. That other had been so good with his words, even though cold and sarcastic and full of hate, but still..

I'm suffocating

God he wanted to die sometimes. "Sometimes had" become "often" after the other's disappearance. Would the other come back? He couldn't survive without the other, the air felt suffocating, he felt like dying, even though hiding himself behind his grin.

Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me

Worst thing was, that he himself didn't realize that death wish. The demon inside did and always prevented death from happening, even though irritated. It couldn't do other wise. Sometimes the boy did realize and then he wondered what the hell was wrong with him, this disturbing feeling in him and he felt like someone was choking him.. but those moments passed away so quickly the boy forgot all about them.

I don't know what to take / thought I was focused but I'm scared / I'm not prepared / I hyperventilate

When he saw the other, his soulbrother again, it felt horrible. Betrayal, friendship, all broken. He wanted to die. And he wanted the other to die with him. Other side of him wanted to live, to live so badly and take the other with him, back home - but there's no home for the other anymore, he had chosen his path -

Looking for help somehow somewhere / and you don't care

The other didn't care about anything anymore. And it made the boy, the one we've been talking about, so miserable. How could someone not care? He quickly shut off the part of him that wanted to not to care too and let his will to live win.

Put me out of my misery

The demon cried within him and he smiled his pain away.