Chapter 11-Fallen

There is no place like home. But when I'm with you, my home is everywhere.

You come and leave, but never forget me. Or it just seems that way.

Same pain repeat everytime you turn your back and your train disapear in grey smoke, leaving me alone to wait for you to come back.

But do you always come back?

You never come back...

I'm going to die soon, Elric.

Candle of my life is melting.

If only I could see you before I close my eyes for the last time. My eyes, they are like broken mirrors to my soul.

They carry regret I'm afraid to admit, Edward. I'm too weak to admit my feelings for you.

Then, one cold November night, you came back.

I couldn't believe it. You seemed taller and mature from the last time.

But you didn't smile. You never smile when you see me.

Then, you had me pinned to the wall with you metal arm and such frown that hurts. Seeing your hate toward me really hurts, Edward.

And you rip my clothing to revive your desire.

We feel the same now, Edward. I want you the same way you want me.

I see your curious hand dissapear in your pants and stroke hard what I desire to suck and touch. I'm so jealous.

You pull your pants down and spread my legs with such eagerness.


That was the first time you said my name. I keep my smile on while you turn me to face the cold wall and bend me over so my ass is facing your chest.

And I feel you enter my body.

The pain. It stopped...

I groan and push back so you can enter deeper. But you pull back to slam hard in.

I enjoy to see you believe that this actually hurts me, Edward. You know how much I love pain, especially when you're the one giving it to me.

Your ice cold palms press on my chest to keep me steady in place while you fuck me like a slave.

Faster, harder, I can't adjust my body to such speed. So I'm letting you control me like a marrionette doll I pretend to be.

I feel your rage, trying to escape from its cage with each thrust and groan you make.


I close my eyes and give up.

"I love you..."

As I expected, you stop and move from me.

Disgusted, with shock in eyes, you stare at me.

Your golden eyes seemed soft for a second, when you walk to me to connect our lips.

And I kiss you back, feeling happier than ever, and explore your body with passion I didn't know I could have.

"I love you too..."

"But why do you leave?"

"I never leave..."

With last whispered word you lie on my chest and close your eyes to rest.

"You are just blind to see I'm always with you...our blood connect us."

I start to stroke your golden ocean of hair and gently slide my erection into your tight body.

"This time, let's both enjoy it..."