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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StikerS: Code Omega

"I couldn't do anything. I am weak. But why did they take me? What could they possibly want from me? I don't have speed, power or a rare skill. I can't even work myself hard enough to get stronger. I don't have rank. I have no rich relatives. I have nothing but comrades that are disappointed at me... and maybe a worried friend."

Chapter Two: Quantum Singularity

'Subaru… help me.'

Subaru suddenly stood up from her seat. She looked around uneasily as if looking for something or someone. She was quite sure that she had heard Teana call out for her. Teana has never said those words to her, at least not in that way she heard it just now.

"Subaru? Is something wrong?" Caro calmly asked her, but Subaru's uneasily mind failed to register her inquiry.

'TIA!!' … 'TIA!!'… 'TIA!!' Subaru called out loudly in her mind as she tried to establish a telepathic link to her. But Teana didn't answer.

Without much thought the third Stars member dashed out of the lobby ignoring her friends' and her commander's calls. Subaru frantically raced to her room, making sure to look at both at all of the other open corridors that she passed in case Teana wasn't actually in their room at those moments. In two minutes, four minutes less than the normal amount of time she would usually take even when running, she reached their shared room. She found no one inside and was about to dash off when she noticed her computer terminal was still active.

She walked in and faced the terminal before her shaking hand touched the blinking holographic light. A screen opened and revealed Teana's note to her.


I've been granted a five day leave of absence. Sorry I can't take you with me. I'll bring back some souvenirs.

P.S. : I'll be fine.


Subaru read the message twice over after the first time. They've never taken separate days off. As much as Teana said that she would… she never did, until now. But she shook herself out of her lonely internal tirade and looked at the dilemma. She was sure she heard Teana calling out to her for help. She decided to call the command bridge.

A communication screen opened and revealed a young lady with short light brown hair. "Subaru, what's the matter?" she asked.

"Alto, Teana's missing!" Subaru exclaimed in panic, she failed to explain what she knew, what she suspected and what she was sure off.

"Oh that. Teana was allowed to take a vacation. Didn't she leave a message?"

"No! I mean… I know about that! But she's in trouble! You have to tell me where she went!" Subaru tripped on her own words one too many times. She simply wasn't thinking straight right then.

Hayate over heard the exchange and walks up behind Alto. "Subaru, we can't help you unless you calm down and slowly tell us why you think Teana is in trouble." Were her calm and caring words as she looked at Subaru through the communication screen.

"I understand…" Subaru then took a few slow deep breaths until her racing heart calmed down a little. "Just moments ago I thought I heard Teana call for my help using the telepathy. She didn't sound alright… I barely made her voice out. So I ran up here to look for her because she told me she was going to sleep after her tea. But I came up here and found a note. I couldn't contact her no matter how hard I called. So I called the bridge."

"I see…" Hayate thought about it for a second then asked, "Are you sure you weren't imagining her call you, Subaru? I know the two of you are quite close, but couldn't you have been imagining it? You two are possibly equally stressed after all."

Subaru looked down almost guiltily for a moment. It was true that she could have imagined it. Maybe she was just that desperate to get Teana back to normal that her brain had to trick her into this. But there was still this unsettling feeling of anxiety. "I wish it was that… but I can't seem to shake the feeling that she's in trouble right now."

"…" Hayate was quiet for a few seconds, then smiled at Subaru. There was nothing quite like a strong bond between friends, and as much as Teana is said to deny that the two of them are the best of friends… Hayate could tell from the battle record of their B-rank test before that Teana herself is quite protective of her friend and partner. She might have slipped up once and lost a great deal her confidence, but that in itself tells everyone how much she cared for Subaru too.

"Alright." She turned to Shari. "Shari, can you trace where Cross Mirage is now?"

"I already did." Shari replied with a smile. "Fortunately Teana brought it with her. It's in the ninth floor of the Vevetel Hotel, Space Port Area in the Central Sector."

"Alto, Contact the hotel." Hayate ordered.

Alto does as requested and opens a communication link to the said hotel. "This is the Vevetel Hotel. My name is Fran, how can I help you?" said the lady attendant.

Before Alto could answer Hayate does. "This Lieutenant colonel Hayate Yagami of the Sixth mobile division. I would like to ask for your cooperation."

The attendant stiffened, surprised that someone from the military would call. "O-of course ma'am. How can I be of service." Her words were a little jittery showing that she was a bit nervous.

"One of our soldiers has recently checked in your hotel. But for reasons we cannot explain we fear that she might be in some sort of danger. Is there any way you can check up on her without putting anyone in possible danger or invading her privacy?"

The attendant was a bit relieved that it wasn't a call about something she feared, which was a warning of potential terrorism but it was just as bad in a way. But it helped remove the nervousness from her voice when she answered. "Our building is equip with life sign scanners. I can scan her room safely from my terminal."


"Right away." There was a serious moment of silence between Hayate and the Attendant. A few beeping sounds came from the hotel's side as their computer initiated the scan and a longer more definite beep that noted its end. "Ma'am I'm afraid to say that there is no life signs in her room. I've also scanned to see if she's anywhere in the building… but the computer comes up with a negative."

"I see… Can I send a few people to inspect the scene?"

"I will greet them myself. Will they be arriving by ground or air?"

"Expect them from the air within the next half hour. For now please don't report it to your superiors if you can help it."

"I try my best ma'am." The communication screen from the hotel then closed.

Hayate then opened a communication to Signum and turned to Subaru. "Signum! Take Subaru with you and head for the Vevetel Hotel. Shari will give you the location. Contact a miss Fran and ask her to lead you to Teana's hotel room. Check for any clues. Since the long arch isn't available I'm giving you both permission to fly."

"Understood!" Signum Saluted and turned to Subaru. "Let's Hurry."

Subaru could only nod with a strong determined look in her eyes and followed the sub-commander.

'Nanoha… We have trouble.'

'What kind of trouble?' Nanoha's telepathy voice sounded really busy but held enough concern. 'More drones?"

'No… Teana's missing.'

Signum and Subaru soon arrived at the hotel's heliport a few minutes ahead of what was expected. Fran, the Attendant that Hayate had spoken to earlier was there to greet them. The two introduced themselves as soon as they disengaged their barrier jackets. They were then lead to the room that Teana was supposed to be staying at.

Subaru takes on step inside and knew something had happened. Although there was much that seemed to have been moved or touch since it was opened, two things told Subaru what had happened. The first was Cross Mirage, which was lying on the floor as if dropped before Teana could activate her barrier jacket to defend herself. And secondly, her bag on its zipper side down. Teana was too organized and prissy about her things that she wouldn't just leave her things in such a position. It would be her guess that Teana had at least gotten a hold of Cross Mirage, Turned on her telepathic link and was about to activated her barrier jacket but was knocked out where the bag stood and she fell to her feet and dropped her device but was conscious long enough to send her a message.

Subaru walked over and picked up the Intelligent Device. It was undamaged and still had a tiny blink of light indicating that HQ had contacted her.

Signum took the device from Subaru's hands. "Cross Mirage, What happened to Teana."

"My master was knocked out and taken by two unknown individuals." its orange light blinked with each word it answered.

"Did Teana fight them?"

"Negative. My master was taken in complete surprise; she did not have enough time to counter." The device's answers were clear, concise and seemingly emotionless. Though they are considered machines and tools, a magician who uses one knows that it has a consciousness and personality… and from experience Signum could tell that Cross Mirage is worried for its master.

"I see." The two searched the room for any clue; a lock of hair, drops of blood, magic signature, anything that could be of used. After searching every corner of the room and discovering no other clue. Even Cross Mirage's Memory Files of those few minutes were erased clean… just like any other evidence. Signum tells Subaru that they're going to withdraw. "Gather Teana's belongings, Subaru."

"Yes ma'am." Subaru saluted and did as ordered.

Signum's eyes once again fell onto the Teana's intelligent device and decided what was probably best for both the device and its master's partner. "Subaru."

"Yes? Commander?" Subaru turned to her superior just after she had picked up Teana's bag.

"Here." Signum held the device to her.


"I think Teana would prefer if you took care of it for her in her absence."

Subaru unconsciously bit her lip trying to hold back her tears. "…" She held out her hand and reached for the device, taking it gently and slowly from her commander's hand. Just looking at the device reminded her of Teana. She could help but make a sad face. "Thank you…" she said to her commander before turning to the card like device. "I'll take good care of you, Cross Mirage."

"Thank You. And I you."

Subaru raised the device closer to her and asked, "Eh? What do you mean."

"I would like to help you."

"I'm not that good at shooting."

"My master was not good at close range."

"Eh… but that's… uh…"

Signum smirked at her flustered subordinate. "I think you're loosing, Subaru."

Subaru laughed awkwardly but honestly. "Yeah. I think so too."

"With Teana missing your team's overall fighting ability would be greatly reduced. We don't have time to scout and train a fresh pair or partner for you. Taking up some long range shooting arts might help." Her comment seemed offhanded and nonchalant.

"I guess so." Subaru could only agree. As bad as she was with aiming, predicting and shooting a far away moving target (her revolver shoot and divine buster not included) she saw it as a chance to help Tia.

"Besides there are other ways for Cross Mirage to assist you, but… we'll worry about that later. We still have a debriefing to do… Let's go." Signum turned to the door and headed out with Subaru following close behind. She was told to pay the hotel for their trouble and a bit to keep them silent for now. As dirty as it seemed, news of a kidnapped mage would be really bad news.

Teana opened her eyes only to close them before her brain could register what she could have seen and fell deeply asleep once again. One could say that she wasn't a morning person, but that would be incorrect. When over-worked she tends to sleep through almost anything, no matter how loud or annoying. Usually she would need Subaru to wake her up at the time she designates with her alarm. Else she'll sleep till her body feels it's had sufficient rest or until someone came in and wake her up.

Hours later, she opened her eyes again. She found herself lying on a bed that was exceptionally comfortable. The pillow and mattress was quite soft, plump, fluffy and smelled unlike any sweet flower she's known. The sheets and blanket felt like high quality silk that kept just the right amount of warmth that didn't make her feel uncomfortable. She felt an itch around her stomach and reached to scratch it only to realize that she was wearing something that was even softer and smoother than the silk sheets.

She sluggishly sat up and cringed a little feeling a short lived pain in her gut. She looked down under the long satin like night gown, that she was quite she didn't pick out, and noticed a bit of a bruise on her abdomen. She rubbed her eyes awake and stretched the sleepiness away for her body, then without really thinking about it she looked around.

The first thing she noted to herself was that the bed she was using was quite fancy. It was big enough to let about five or seven other girls her size to sleep comfortably without touching each other so long as one didn't roll too much in one's sleep. The corners had tall pillars that had beams connected to each other allowing translucent blue curtains, that almost clashed with the royal purple bed sheets and pillow casings, be hanged for privacy.

The second thing she noted was that the air seemed different. The air was cool and fresher than any she had tasted before, which oddly made her nervous. And the last thing she noticed was that she wasn't alone. There were foot steps moving around the room and at least a pair of people talking in very soft tones.

She moved slowly and tried to make sure that the bed did not announce her movements or her awakened state. She peeked from the small gap in the curtain and saw two young ladies cleaning the room as they whispered gossip. She saw another just come in and asked if there was any change in the guest's (Teana assumes that said guest is her) status. It almost made Teana panic, thinking they might check on her now while she still had not assessed her situation. But when one of the maids said that they had not heard anything from her which satisfied the one that came to check in Teana relaxed a little. That is until she heard the curtain meters behind her open.

Teana turned and saw young lady who didn't seem like a maid to her. Her eyes were a light chestnut brown like her long straight hair, her skin was lightly tanned and she smiled at Teana pleasantly, which right now unnerved her.

"Oh! Good Morning Miss Lanster! How are yoooooo…" the young lady held that particular syllable twice longer than she was supposed to. She stepped back and held her hands up immediately when she realized the dusk haired guest was pointing her index finger at her with her hand poised like a gun with a magic shot the size of a one's fist charged.

"Don't move!" Teana demanded fearsomely as she stood on her bed and walked towards the now nervous miss. It was at this time that Teana realized that brown haired miss was a soldier, from her uniform it looked like she was of a low ranking officer like herself. She was however unfamiliar with the crest, badge and colors. One thing was for sure… it wasn't from any TSAB or Mid-Childa military association she's known. The girl was armed with a side pistol… something that Mid-Childa has banned long ago.

"Please don't shoot." The young officer said as she shook.

"Hand over that side arm slowly. Got it!?" Teana ordered as she pointed the magic bullet at the officer's chest. She knew this attack couldn't possibly deal damage half as strong as when wielding Cross Mirage but she knew it could at least knock the woman out for a while if it hits her at this range.

"I understand…" the woman answered and slowly reached for the gun with only one hand. She slowly unpinned it from its holster with and lifted it out by the edge of the handle slowly using only three fingers, a sign to the more or less agitated and suspicious guest that she was not planning to fight. She hands the gun over to her in away that allowed Teana to hold it properly without their hands touching.

Teana quickly examines the gun, taking a quick glance at it and feeling its weight. She had never held a weapon quite that heavy before, she guessed it had something to do with the raw materials or lack of magically conjured components. But it was a gun and at this range all that mattered was that it would fire properly. She released the safety lock that announced itself with a audible click, which earned her a loud nervous gulp from her hostage. She now pointed the gun at the officer and held her magic loaded hand in a ready to aim position. She noticed that the officer began to shake in fear when she did so.

"I'm guessing that this weapon will do more harm than my previous weapon?" Teana teasingly asked.

The young officer could only nod as her body shook. Teana now stepped off the bed slowly making sure to put her back at the wall and not a window. She was about to ask the young officer a question when one of the maids walked over and spoke.

"Officer Remins, is something the mat… AH!" The maid gasped when a tiny ball of light passed by her and hit the wall before dissipating.

"Please don't hurt them they're just hired servants." said the worried officer.

Teana's answer however came as the adjusting of the armed gun's aim to her head, a very angry glare and the words, "Shut up!"

She then looked back at the maids, "No sudden movements." her words sounded like she was warning them rather than stating an order. But she made sure it was loud enough for all the maids in the room to hear. "I want everyone to slowly gather around and move somewhere I can all see you."

The maids all looked at the officer worriedly for instructions, who only slowly nodded for them to follow Teana's orders. The maids all slowly walked towards the shaking officer.

"I'm sorry about this. I'm not a very good soldier." whispered the brown haired officer to the maids. The maids tried to lightly encourage her by saying it can't be helped because her opponent was a mage, that weapons are a common born's only offense and defense against a mage without it there was little that can be done. The officer's mood unfortunately darkens more and she apologizes again.

Teana was now pondering her situation. She guess that she was in a world were the use or Knowledge of Magic has not spread to all its citizens, which told her for sure that she wasn't in Mid-Childa anymore. This world seems to be a little behind the times compared to most of the worlds she's known, that is if she based their technological advancement only from the gun she had acquired. She calmed herself… she didn't want to hurt anyone if she could help it. She even hoped a little that maybe they had rescued her from the ones that kidnapped her.

"Now then… tell me where I am and why am I here?" Teana asked the officer.

"Well you see… Um…" but before she could answer the door opened and revealed a tall black haired young man.

"That wont be necessary, Private Remins. I will tell Miss Lanster all she needs to know." He said to her as he looked at Teana, smiling ever so slightly for the feeling of nostalgia that Teana's wary face brought to his chest.

Teana turned to him pointing the gun at him while the magic shot her hostages. It wasn't until she gave herself the time to quickly examine the newcomer that she recognized him. "Commander Sevar?!"

The man's eyes widened a bit in surprise. "You've heard of me."

"I attended a training seminar that you held about 3 years back. And I do read the headline news. Traitor!"

Jullian's face beamed when Teana's deep blue eyes seemed to flare up in anger. "You know… That gun would only pierce my barrier if I didn't have a device."

Somehow Teana knew that… but kept the gun pointed at him anyway.

Jullian sighed. "Sorry but I need you to sleep for a while miss Lanster."

"And how are you going to do that? Remember I have hostages." Teana bluffed.

"You and I both know you won't shoot at them, at least not with the gun."

Teana bared her teeth. This man oddly worked her to her last nerves. It was something that happened to her with a lot of male officers who felt and acted that they were superior to everyone. Vice sometimes included.

"So why don't you put the gun down and I can debrief you to what I can while you have a meal. After all you haven't eaten anything in over five days."

Teana gasped in surprise. "Five days?"

"That's right."

"Five Mid-Childa days?" Teana asked in disbelief. She had never slept so long. Even after being hit shot multiple times by her commander she only slept for half the day.

"Actually Five days of this world would be equal to about Seven Mid-Childa days, give or take a few minutes or hours." Jullian informed her of the fact as he walked over to shield the hostages. But then it became unnecessary when Teana canceled the magic shot but kept the gun aimed at him.

What would happen to her now? Teana wondered. What about her career? Her status? Was she a traitor now too? Were they looking for her? What do these people want from her?

"Is there anyway I can assure you that you will not harmed here?" Jullian asked with a calm voice.

Teana looked up and glared at the tall ex-commander. "That much would have been easy had I not been abducted."

Jullian's smile widened. "We are sorry for that, but it's not like we could just walk up and ask you to come nor would it be possible for us to invite you here in any other way."

Ignoring his sarcasm Teana decided to ask him straightforwardly. "Are you an enemy of TSAB?"

Jullian looked at Teana's eyes, she was dead serious about this question. He can't answer her yet. Instead he smiled and turned around saying, "Get changed into something you can wear outside. Then get Private Remins to lead to you the dining hall." before he walked out the room closing the door behind himself.

Teana decided not to pursue the issue for now. Lowered the gun, activated the safety lock and handed it back to the brown haired officer.

"sorry…" she mumbled dimly.

Remins took the gun off her hand and placed it back to it's holster."It's nothing. I probably would have done the same." she then said with a half cheerful half scared tone.

The maids then walked off, gathered some things for her to wear then quickly returned to nervously dress her and introduced themselves as the maids assigned to her quarters.

"I'm sorry for scarring you." Teana said to the maids as they took off her nightgown and prepared to dress her in what seemed to be their native noble wear.

One maid who introduced herself as Ar, short for Arianna, had the heart to say, "It was quite alright. You were probably the one who was most frightened of us here."

Teana looked at her with surprise then smiled. "I had not thought of that… but now that you mention it, I believe you're right. But still I'm sorry."

This time the maids just decided to smile and do their jobs. Teana thought it was quite alien to get dressed this way, but somehow she managed to stand still despite the burning desire to curl up into a ball with quite a bit of embarrassment.

By the time they were finished, Teana was a vision of beauty. They had dressed her in the finest dusk orange gown that matched her hair. Her hair was let down and had been brushed till they shined. An odd metal that was colored as blue as her eyes made up the necklace and earrings that held red pearl like stones that she was made to wear. And by the time the maids were finished with her make up she was almost convinced that it was another person standing in front of her rather than a reflection.

Teana tried her hardest not to look or feel too pleased. She was giving herself a last look when the brown haired officer walked closer and cleared her throat to get her attention. "Are you ready?"

"I suppose."

"Ah! I haven't introduced myself. I'm Private Eines Remins. I've been assigned as your guide and assistant of sorts." She said with a smile.


Eines decided to interrupt feeling there no need for Teana to introduce herself when she knew her name. "Miss Teana Lanster. Did I pronounce it right?"

Teana nodded.

"Shall we?" she asked trying to sound rather cheery.

"What other option do I have?" Teana asked sarcastically.

"Well you could run amok or sneak around for weapons, try to capture a more important hostage, or…"

"You're joking with me right?" Teana interrupted with a smile… that was trying to hold back her laughter.

"I was merely playing along with yours."

"Ha-Ha! Very funny now lead me servant girl." Teana stated with an over acted tone.

"At once M'lady." Eines bowed rather formally as if answering to a noble woman.

This time neither girl could hold their laughter. Teana decided to go along with the program for now. Worrying about how her friends and superiors in mid-childa view her right now wouldn't help her at these moments. The possibility of rescue was probably near negligible. She'll have to escape on her own… or find a means to contact TSAB without her captor's notice.

Teana looked at Eines who was walking in front of her. She didn't appear to be a fighter. She seemed too nice to be a soldier, which made her wonder why she was one. But then again it was a different world. She'll probably have to grasp how their society works before she could even begin to guess her reasons. For now she didn't seem like a bad person so she'll try not to get her into any trouble if she could help it.

To be continued.

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