Well, here's my first attempt at writing serious fiction. I'd appreciate it if readers would leave a review, having constructive criticism or just encouragement... No requirement if you don't want to, of course...

That having been said, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One -- A Headache, and a Revelation

Link had a headache. He was not entirely sure where he was, or how he got there, but he knew that he had a headache. As he lay on his bed and pondered this fact, he realized that he had no knowledge of his previous life. Amnesia, he reasoned, yet he obviously still remembered his name, and the concept of amnesia.

His musings were interrupted by someone's entrance into the room. With effort, Link opened his eyes.

Before him was a fair-skinned girl in her mid-teens, with long, curling red hair and radiant blue eyes. She wore a simple white dress reaching to her knees and tied around her waist by a rough leather belt.

"Fairy Boy, you're awake!" she cried excitedly, seeing his open eyes. She sat down at the far end of his bed.
As he looked at her, a name sprung unbidden to Link's mind. "Malon"

"You do remember!" she said, ecstatically, but with a hint of smugness directed toward an absent party. "The doctor said that you wouldn't remember anything, but..."

She was stopped short by Link's question. "What's a Fairy Boy"

"Wait," she asked, looking slightly hurt. "You don't remember? But you remember me"

As he replied that he only knew her name, Malon's heart sank.

"You really don't remember," she whispered, audible to Link but directed more toward herself. "When we were little, you were always talking about fairies, so I nicknamed you 'Fairy Boy"

"I'm guessing we're friends," replied Link, who was trying to balance his curiosity with his attempt to be sensitive to Malon.

Malon only nodded her head as a single tear fell from her eye.

"If it means anything to you," said Link softly, "we could still be friends even if I never remember anything"

"Yeah, I guess," she replied, a small smile appearing on her face. "I'll see you in the morning, Fairy Boy." She left through the thick oak door, leaving Link to continue his thoughts.

He realized that he had not yet examined his surroundings. Looking around, he noticed that his bed was in the back of a large, decadantly-furnished chamber. To his left was a small table with chairs, and to his right, an intracately carved fireplace.

His headache intensifing, Link quickly closed his eyes and drifted off into a deep, dreamless slumber...

...only to awake the next morning at Malon's voice, laced with nervousness.

"Um, Link," she said among shallow and rapid breaths, "your, uh, father wants to see you"

"My father?" he asked.

"Um, I forgot to tell you, Fairy Boy, you're the prince of Hyrule," she offered with an embaressed chuckle.

"So my father must be the king," he reasoned.

"Yep," she said, a note of bitterness creeping into her voice as she spoke of the king. "As much as you've always hated the fact, your father is His Royal Highness, Ganondorf."