This is dedicated to the victims, survivors and assorted families caught in the drama of the OKC bombing on April 19, 1995, and the residents of Oklahoma and various individuals who tried to help during the aftermath.

May it never happen anywhere, ever again.

Catwoman, Batman, and family are all DC's and not my own.

Survivor's Guilt


Tracey Claybon

The explosion rocked more than just the foundations of the building that she'd just been standing in front of just a few minutes before.

She'd just asked me to think about coming away with her to resolve this attraction she and I had together.

I was thinking of saying "yes".

It was all gone in a twinkling, in a flash that blinded me for a moment and destroyed my dreams of any future with her.

All over again, in a flash.

Just like my parents, like Jason. Broken, like Barbara and Shondra.

Gotham has taken so much from me, and I give her everything I have despite all she's taken from me, night after night.

How much more must I sacrifice? Dick? Tim? Cassandra? Jean-Paul? Alfred? Leslie?

Who else will I not be fast enough to save?