Title: Gentlemen Don't Do That

Author: Julia!!!

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Era: That lovely 1800s and stuff. Where everything is so prim and proper and strict. FUNNESS.

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Ending: Happily. I've already decided that.

Rating: T or maybe M. If it turns into something M-rated, I'll definitely change it. So be on the lookout for changing ratings.

Genre: Romance, perhaps some dramatic parts…

Summary: In an era of only properness, Remus finds himself with the task of winning over the wealthy Miss Evan's heart, even though there is some competition. Sirius and him develop a not-so playful banter on who will end up with Miss Evans, James or Remus, and Sirius is so on James' side and will do anything so that he'll do anything to get Remus out of the way… when Remus ends up getting an arranged marriage set up with Miss Evans, he can't tear himself apart from Sirius… they've come a long way and actually find themselves in love… but that's not allowed in such a strict era of time.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Some quotes from Pride and Prejudice are used.

In a world were men were gentlemen and women were ladies, and everybody was taught to act as prim and proper as the generations before them.

And among this era, was Remus Lupin.

One of the only men in his town to even act as strict as he was taught. He didn't talk at the dinner table unless spoken to when he ate with his parents. He always carried a handkerchief with him and waved it politely under lady's noses when they coughed into their palms. He always wore his appropriate attire, and didn't wander out of the boundaries of the village. He would take off his hat and bow in front of ladies when they passed.

Remus Lupin was a twenty-four year old gentleman who was surrounded by other not-so-polite gentlemen.

And one day, he found himself actually conversing with them.


Sure, he nodded curtly and sometimes even gave a short and polite "Good day, Potter," or a nod followed with a brisk "Weather isn't agreeable today, is it, Pettigrew?" And they would follow with the exact same manner, but with a grin that Remus never liked.

The grin hid mischief that could never be pleasant in such a civil and brusque place. It even made Remus wince. It showed only pure wickedness, and that was never a good sign in the Forefields village, with ancestors that still followed harsh strictness.

So when he came into their house, the Rosehill Estates, he found himself quite entranced and horrified at the conversation in the following room, his hands slightly withered from hanging up the family's clothing.

Mr. Lupin was sitting in his aging chair, a book in his arms and a pipe positioned in the corner of his mouth, his chin sagging as he adjusted it. The pipe puffed out clouds of smoke that rung their way into Remus' discreet position.

"Why, my dear Mr. Lupin, have you heard that the Forefield Estate is finally in use?" Mrs. Lupin asked incredulously, passing the chair in amusement.

Mr. Lupin replied that he had not.

Mrs. Lupin's eyes widened in surprise as she settled herself in the nearby chair, her hands folded. "Dr. Pettigrew has just informed me of so."

Mr. Lupin didn't respond.

"Are you not curious?"

"Of what, my dear Mrs. Lupin?" Mr. Lupin grunted back tiredly.

"Of who has bought Forefield Estate! My, my, Mr. Lupin, one day your mind will simply fall into the wrong place while you walk." Mrs. Lupin scolded harshly.

"You want to tell me, and I have no objection of hearing it."

Mrs. Lupin tutted severely, shaking her wrinkled face in impatience, and then finally continued. "It's been taken by a young lady of large fortune from England with her guardians. They were most delighted about the estate and that they would like to be in possession of the estate."

Mr. Lupin sighed. "What a pitiable family they must be to buy such a large estate. What is the daughter's name?"


"Is she married or single?" Mr. Lupin continued curiously. Remus sighed outside of the room, leaning against the wall and abandoning his strict manner for a moment.

"Single, indeed, Mr. Lupin. A single lady of large fortune, what a treasure we have fallen upon! What a pleasure it would be for Remus!"

"How so?" Mr. Lupin grunted.

"Mr dear Mr. Lupin, how can you be so tiresome? You must know that I am thinking of her marrying our dear Remus." Mrs. Lupin continued, brushing specks of dust off of her day gown.

"What would Remus think of a such a lady?"

"I'm sure that he would be pleased – perhaps even charmed – by the lovely Miss Evans." Mrs. Lupin assured with a small smile, gently removing herself from the chair.

"I must say, surely our son should have some say in this."

"Of course he will!" Mrs. Lupin huffed. "I'll inform him of Miss Evan's arrival as soon as he comes in from hanging the laundry."

Remus darted from their sight swiftly, rapidly slipping into the kitchen to wash up. Mrs. Lupin entered after him almost immediately after him.

"Remus, have you finished the laundry?"

Remus turned promptly from the sink. "Yes, I have, Mother."

"Lovely," Mrs. Lupin dismissed. "Can I interest you in something, Remus?"

Remus tried not to let his face show downpour as his mother's face lit up in anticipation.

"There's been an arrival in town."

"So I heard." Remus mumbled, waving his hand slightly.

"I do not know if you have met the lady, but the quite agreeable Miss Evans is here and will most probably be attending the dinner in the ballroom for her honor."

"How does this affect me, Mother?" He asked politely, refraining from raising an eyebrow.

Mrs. Lupin sighed in irritation. "Heaven goodness, Remus, you are as irritable as your father," She scolded strictly. "You are of the age where young gentlemen usually would marry such young ladies and yet I have never even seen you talk to a woman in the village in almost my entire lifetime." She continued incredulously.

"I do not wish to disturb then, Mother."

"They are already disturbed, Remus." His mother said somewhat bitterly, and shivered. "As impure as they are…" Mrs. Lupin said sharply, choosing her words carefully. "I do believe that Miss Evans is an exception."

"Does this mean that I should converse with her at the dinner tomorrow evening?"

"I do expect that of you, Remus. Don't let your father and I down on such an important manner." Mrs. Lupin instructed firmly, and then swept towards the door.

She shot him a look.

"Can I trust you with that, Remus?"

Remus nodded automatically, before reaching for the hand towel.


"I do assume that other men will be there too, Remus, especially to charm Miss Evans," Mr. Lupin informed in a whisper – not to attract the attention of his wife. "So do not attempt to cloud her over like the rest of the gentlemen attending."

He gave his son a brief sympathetic look.

"And I must tell you, Remus," Mr. Lupin assured. "That even if Miss Evans leaves with another man or perhaps with no man, I will not feel as let down as Mrs. Lupin will."

Remus smiled for a moment before pulling on his gloves.

In a flash, Mrs. Lupin arrived at her son's side again, adjusting his collar. "Show Miss Evans your manners, Remus, that is was is most important." She nodded at his attire starkly.

The coach outside was already ready as they left the estate in a frenzy of Mrs. Lupin, who was still hissing instructions to her son. When they arrived at the hall for dinner, there were already multiple coaches waiting outside of the candlelit walkway. Mr. and Mrs. Lupin were vanished into their own abyss of elderly friends of lieutenants and soldiers, while Remus was soon met with his small group of acquaintances.

There was classical music playing from the ballroom as the groups moved generally to the just mentioned room, but all were refraining from dancing until Miss Evans had arrived. From talk, Remus could tell that he wasn't the only one asked to seduce Miss Evans.

In an hour's time, someone announced that Miss Evan's coach had arrived and that the attendees should stand in her honor. Just like everyone else, Remus promptly stood and peered at the door.

There, walking on the soft carpet, was Miss Lily Evans, with deep red hair that reached almost to her waist and eyes that broke everyone into sharp inhales of breath. Sparkling like the lake in a fresh pond, her bright green eyes darted from gentleman to gentleman as she viewed her choices. Obviously Miss Evans knew that several men would be after her tonight.

Entering behind her was her equally rich friend, Miss Virginia Judson. With brown hair that was curled elegantly to her shoulders, her gloved arm was loosely linked with Miss Evans'.

They both were stunning sights, and complete silence had fallen about the hall as they walked gracefully in, sending glances all around the room.

So this was Miss Evans.

The music spontaneously started again and automatically many gentlemen, with their out-held arms, approached Miss Evans and Miss Judson. Remus, sighing, clouded several feet away from the large group.

Somehow, both ladies managed to shake most of the men off, until they were able to look along the entire hall.

Remus gulped, standing right at the glance of Miss Evans, who smiled briefly in his direction, and walked toward him and his friends.

Finally regaining his voice, Remus held out his gloved hand towards the redhead.

"Excuse my silence, Miss Evans, but your presence simply took my breath away." He stuttered, his forehead glistening with sweat. Miss Evans smiled back.

"Thank you for the compliment, Sir…?"

"Lupin," Remus choked out immediately, his hand going towards his handkerchief. He refrained from grabbing it. "Remus Lupin. And I have the pleasure of addressing Miss…?"

"Lily Evans, Sir, most pleased to–"

In a sudden sweep of wind, another man skidded up to Lily, looked most breathless and surprised. Two snickering men were in close pursuit behind him.

"Sorry," The man panted, and Remus sighed, noticing the male. James Potter stood before Miss Evans, most oblivious to Remus' presence. "But you are so most stunningly beautiful that I couldn't help myself…" Still panting, he took off his hat and bowed before pushing it back on haphazardly.

Lily looked most taken-aback and horrified from Potter's forwardness, and took a small step backwards.

"Excuse me, Sir–?" She began rather fearfully, her eyes wide. The two gentlemen behind Potter laughed, looking at Remus most amusedly. They must have known that Potter was going to interfere in his encounter with Miss Evans.

"James… James Potter. Such a pleasure, my dear lady." He said, taking off his hat briefly again.

"I'll… I'll–"

"Wish to dance, Miss Evans?" James said more or less ordered than requested, and then grabbed her arm hastily.

"Sir!" She exclaimed surprisingly, trying to yank away. The two men behind him were collapsing in laughter now. Remus squinted strictly at them.

"It's rude to laugh in a ballroom." He said, walking closer to them and staring at them sternly.

Their faces rose from their descend, staring entertainingly at Remus.

"Lupin, is it?" One of them said, which Remus most recognized. It was one of the men in his village that didn't care for politeness. Remus crossed his arms loosely.

"It's bad etiquette, Black." He lectured.

"Then it is Lupin," Black brushed off unimportantly. "And I must tell you, your lecture does not concern me in the slightest."

"I noticed, Black."

The other one, slightly plump, named Pettigrew, piped up.

"Excuse us." He muttered, dragging Black and himself away.


"Miss Evans was most entranced by you, Remus." Mrs. Lupin squeaked excitedly, reaching for her fork. She called for the maid, who promptly brought over the tea.

Mrs. Lupin poured it. "I heard from her guardians."

"I do believe that Mr. Potter was responsible for entertaining her for most of the night." He commented quietly.

Mrs. Lupin huffed incredulously. "Entertaining? Please, Remus, Miss Evans was most horrified but Mr. Potter's performance, if you will. His vocabulary is most rude and poor, and his rules about simple etiquette have been out the door since he's lived in this village!" She ranted furiously. "I do not care for Mr. Potter quite as much as other people might."

Mr. Lupin grunted in agreement from the end of the table.

"But you must admit," Remus stated. "Potter is persistent. He'll have Miss Evans annoyed to no end until she finally gives in."

Mrs. Lupin shuddered. "Such a forceful man… poor Miss Evans. She has no belief that she'll be getting seduced by Mr. Potter, I daresay."

The maid reached over and took Remus' empty plate.

"Shall I finish the laundry, Mother?" He offered.

"Nothing to finish, Remus." His mother brushed off.

"Well then, can I read by the bridge?" Remus asked again, reaching for his gloves.

"You might as well."


The sun was burning onto his back while he leant against the bridge railing, the book positioned on his elbow as he read silently, not noticing when a coach passed the path to the bridge.

"Oh! Mr. Lupin!" A soft voice said surprisingly.

Remus' head snapped over to see Miss Evans leaving her coach with help from her coachman. Hurriedly pocketing his book, he held out his elbow for Miss Evans to attach to. Leading her over to the bridge, she sighed.

"What a beautiful sight." She said dreamily, watching the lake.

"How is Miss Judson doing?"

"Oh," Miss Evans said, snapping back and facing Remus. "As good as ever, Mr. Lupin."

Remus smiled. "Is your day going well?"

"Excellent." She said brightly, her eyes shining in the sunlight.

"I do hope you had a good time last night at the dinner." He commented lightly.

"I did not know that so many people would be coming."

"I was not informed of the fact either." Remus said, when he heard footsteps coming up.

"My dear Miss Evans." A low voice addressed. Remus looked over and then almost growled, seeing Black standing innocently at the threshold.

"M-Mr. Black?" She asked incredulously.

"I hope you're not in the middle of something, as Mr. Potter has something most wonderful to inform you about. He has sent me in this notifying, because he is too busy hiding in that bush, over there, to actually speak to your presence." Black spoke, sounding almost like a rehearsed speech.

"How romantic," Remus remarked dryly. "Why is Potter hiding in a bush?"

Sending Remus an interesting look, Black only let a small smile play on his lips. And then it was gone. "Mostly because he is much afraid of turning incoherent in Miss Evan's presence, Lupin."

Miss Evans looked most fretful as she clung to Remus' arm, looking ready to reject the offer.

"If you'd like to speak to the man, I'll be waiting here, Miss Evans." Remus said gently, wondering if she was only there for his benefit.

With another encouragement from Black, she trotted off towards the bush in which Potter was supposedly hiding behind in fright of being rejected.

"I do not understand why Potter could not have asked Miss Evans that himself. He made quite a grand entrance last evening when I was conversing with Miss Evans. Tell me, Black, what is his intentions with the lady?" He asked sharply, not moving from his spot on the bridge. His eyes were icy.

Black took a step forward, looking as though he was enjoying Remus' uneasiness.

"Most probably the same intentions you have with her, Lupin." He brushed off.

"And why do you have to be involved in this affair, Black?" Remus spat coldly, his eyes rather furious.

He laughed. "Because he needs some help." Black muttered, adjusting his collar.

With a rather curious glance, he stared at Remus for a moment. "And you do too."

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