A Surviving Mau

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/cat talk/

Chapter 1

She could hardly feel the very legs that were supporting her weight as she made her way to safety. She hated to do it, but she needed to escape this place that she had been protecting for so long. Escape to heal, gain a little breathing room, and find anybody who could help before coming back and going back onto the attack. Complete destruction seemed to reign everywhere she looked as she moved on. It was almost like the whole world was on the verge of ending. She never believed that it could have had ever come to this.

"Going somewhere, Sailor Mau?" A voice from behind asked in an almost purr. Turning slowly, the now named Sailor of Mau glanced fearfully in the direction of one of the people who had been the cause of all this. The woman was casually sitting on top of a wall, and there was an amused smirk on her face and golden eyes. It was as if she was a cat who had cornered a very delicious canary. Her outfit consisted of a black leather fuku with a line of golden bells starting from the top at the collar, and ending at the bottom of the skirt. A long black tail was swishing behind her.

A wince appeared on the injured Senshi as she had tried to back up. "Nyanko, why did you do all--"

What she was about to say had been cut short by the face of her opponent stopping just a few inches from hers. "It's a simple answer, Mau." The woman with golden eyes stated. "I was promised power, and the chance to become a true Sailor Senshi. It's just a simple matter of killing you and stealing your starseed." Grabbing the wrist of the injured woman, Nyanko was about to make her move when Mau -- in a hint of desperation -- lunged forward and bit the cheek of the villain.

Howling in pain, the wannabe Sailor Senshi let go of the Senshi of Mau and put a hand to the injury. Her golden eyes narrowed when she caught sight of the blood that had started coming out. "You stupid bitch." She stated as she took off after the injured and weakened guardian of the planet they were on. Frustration played across her when she found out that she had lost sight of her prey.

'I have no hope against her in this state. I'm not even sure I stand a chance against the other people in her group. I need to escape for now and come up with a plan!' Mau thought as she attempted to sneak around in the darkness using her cat form. Her destination was the small room on the planet that held a few teleportation crystals. She hoped that the attack hadn't destroyed all the crystals.

Prowling through the ruins and destruction of the once beautiful planet, Mau kept her senses open for any sound of danger that could pop up. After several moments that seemed like a complete eternity, the cat-themed Senshi found herself at the room she had been hoping to get to. Her eyes looked on in fear and despair at the destruction of the room. Holes were in the walls, the ceiling collapsed, a few bodies littered the ground, and it seemed as if all the crystals were shattered.

'Damn it to hell. Why is this happening?' Moving farther into the room, she found that her luck had come back to her. Near the corner, there was still a blue crystal that had been completely in tact. Smiling in glee, Mau transformed back into her humanoid form and raced up to the object. Her smile turned to an expression of pain when a small beam of energy shot through her left leg.

"Ah, ah, ah, Mau" the voice of Nyanko purred from near the entrance. "Can't have you doing anything rash now, can we? It's too bad that I missed one of the crystals, but I guess it worked out perfectly." The villain finished with a slight giggle. Her look then became one of seriousness. "I think for the bite you gave me, I'm going to enjoy killing you ever so slo-- OW!" She shouted as a large piece of rubble smacked her upside the head.

"Shut up and go to hell!" The weakened Senshi shouted as she jumped for the crystal object in the corner of the room. Holding the azure rock close to her, she started to whisper under her breath. "I don't care where it is, but please teleport me to a place where I can find the help that I need." The request was completely vague, but a soft glow had begun to shine from the small rock. It started out as a faint glimmer, but then it began to get brighter and brighter.

Nyanko's eyes widened at the fact that she was about to fail in her task, and the price of failure was not something that she wanted to pay. Aiming her bracelet towards the slowly vanishing Mau, the follower of Galaxia attempted to destroy the crystal before the teleportation was complete. The departing Senshi saw the beam heading her way and moved the teleportation crystal away from the line of fire, and ended up receiving the blast through her chest.

As Mau fell forward, her body completely vanished from view. The azure crystal that had been in her hand fell to the floor and shattered. "DAMN IT!" The golden-eyed former resident of the planet of Mau shouted with all her might as she pounded the floor. "I was too damn careless and played around too much!"

"You were indeed, Sailor Tin Nyanko." A voice observed from behind the hysterical girl. Stiffening, the aforementioned girl turned around to see a woman dressed in gold with crimson eyes. "I'm slightly disappointed in you as well. Knowing if Sailor Mau is dead would be difficult right now. She suffered countless mortal wounds and should be dead by all accounts. We don't know, however, where she was teleported to. It could be possible she was sent to a place where she could get medical attention."

Nyanko faced the woman in gold and kneeled down low. "I am sorry for my foolishness, Sailor Galaxia. Please allow me to make up for this blunder. I don't know how, but I wish I could." Her eyes looked up when the fingers of the one controlling her pressed against her chin.

"You may rise, Sailor Tin Nyanko." The voice was cold and commanding. "This is a great setback for you, but you did lay waste to this planet, and Sailor Mau is still out there somewhere. I don't think wounds like that would be enough to destroy her. We will find her someday, and then you could finish what you started."

Golden eyes shined brightly at what Galaxia said. "Thank you oh so much, Sailor Galaxia. Next time her and I meet, I will finish it." Maybe even torture the girl for a little while before killing. She still hadn't felt like she had done enough to equal the bite on her cheek. 'Just you wait Sailor Mau. We will meet again, and I WILL finish you off.' The follower of Galaxia had begun to laugh in a slightly hysterical way. That laugh had been cut short, however, when a piece of ceiling fell down and knocked her unconscious.

"Well that's a bit inconvenient." The crimson-eyed woman commented as she scratched the back of her head. Giving a small sigh, she dug her follower out of the rubble and began dragging her by the tail. She didn't really care that the girl bumped into small rocks and other debris on the way. "Maybe I should have just killed this girl." The idea was tempting, but then she'd have to look for another follower to replace her.

"I'll have some milk in my tea, mommy…" Nyanko let out under her breath as she was dragged over debris.


A sigh escaped a six-year-old Ranma as he looked up at the full moon hovering in the clear sky. The serenity of it all was marred by the sound of his drunken father snoring loudly several feet away. Listening to the overweight man snore was like listening to a lawnmower going at full power, and it made it hard to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Well, that had been only one of the reasons that kept the raven-haired little boy from his much desired sleep. The other reason for his inability to lull off to the land of slumber had to be the nightmares. They were terrible nightmares about the very evil creatures that the man who had called himself the boy's father had thrown the boy to. Sometimes the beasts in the dream world were over 12 feet tall with razor sharp claws and foot long teeth dripping in blood.

His body ran through a complete shiver at the thought of those dreams. His eyes also traveled over towards the pit being used for the training exercise. The blue-eyed boy's father had stated many times that even though the pain and experience was a thing of torture, the man knew Ranma could pull it off. The young Saotome could also have sworn that throughout doing it, Genma had seemed reluctant several times. The man had squashed that reluctance every time and replaced it with one of sheer determination to get his son to learn the skill though.

As much as the six-year-old boy hated to admit it, he was beginning to think that his father could be a complete moron at times. There were times when the man could be a kind and caring father, but then there were other times when he could be positively relentless in training to the point that one could think he was crazy. The older Saotome also had some crazy fixation with him being taught what was 'manly' and 'unmanly'.

Ranma couldn't see why emotions such as tears and all were unmanly. He had seen plenty of men cry before. The pony-tailed boy decided to just chalk it up to things that he would never figure out and go along with the flow. It seemed there was always something that nobody would tell him, such as why he had to go away from his mom. He really missed her, and he missed her great cooking.

'Dang it, now I'm hungry.' He thought to himself as he got off the small rock he had been sitting on and moved over towards the traveling packs. Poking his head into one of the packs, he began to root around for something to snack on. The blue-eyed boy finally found something and pulled it out of where it was stored. When he caught sight of what he had, his face paled a bit. In his hand was a rope of fish sausage, and that had been one of the things used in this stupid Neko-ken training.

'Screw it,' he thought, 'I'm hungry, an' I don't care what it is.' Sitting back down on the rock, he began to eat the food. 'It would probably be better if I could make a fire or somethin'.' The boy thought again while scrunching up his nose. The only problem was, he didn't really know how to properly make a fire at the moment.

Out of the corner of his azure eyes, Ranma could have sworn he saw something glittering in the air. Turning his head, he noticed whatever it was had begun to increase in intensity. The young boy had to blink when a figure -- it looked like a woman from this distance and amount of light -- faded into view and fell towards the ground. Curiosity getting the better of the young Saotome, he hopped off his rock and slowly made his way up to the downed woman.

"Um -- lady, are you ok?" Getting closer to the stranger, the pony-tailed boy nearly let out a scream as he backed up. The woman seemed to actually have cat ears and a tail. 'Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap' had been Ranma's internal mantra at the thought of an honest to goodness cat demon coming for him. The raven-haired Saotome had actually found his legs too numb to move as he looked upon the downed figure of evil. 'Sheisgoingtokillmesheisgoingtokillme!!' He thought quickly in his mind.

It was at that moment in which his eyes caught something else laying in the grass around the demon woman. It was obviously red and liquid-like, and the boy knew exactly what it was. 'I -- its blood,' he thought with eyes wide as saucers. 'I've n -- never seen that much before. Th -- that means she's badly hurt.' His mind was in complete turmoil. He had heard his dad say many times that one of the duties of a martial artist was to help people, and so this was a time where he should put it to use.

The big problem with it all was that the injured person appeared to have a connection to cats or something, and cats were an evil creature. All the creatures wanted to do were to rip through him to get at whatever food they could get. Those sharp claws, glowing eyes, long fangs…

Shaking his head to clear out the images, Ranma looked back down at the woman surrounded by blood. "Hey," he whispered as he began to poke the girl. "You aren't a monster, are you?" The raven-haired boy continued to try and poke the girl awake. It was then that a few pieces of the fish sausage fell onto the cat woman's face. The slight twitching of the facial features caused the boy to hop back.

"Who…?" Sailor Mau asked weakly as she looked ahead of her. Standing in the grass just a few feet in front of her was a small boy of around six-years-old. "Where… am I? What… planet is this?" Her body had to be a complete wreck, and it was getting slightly harder to see. The magic of being a Senshi may be able to help heal large wounds, but without medical attention, she would be done for.

"Planet?" The pony-tailed boy asked in confusion. What was the name of the place they lived on again? Oh, that's right. "I think this is Earth." The woman didn't look well at all, and he felt worried about it.

'So far away from Mau.' The cat-woman thought to herself. 'I refuse to let the power of Mau die out and give satisfaction to that Nyanko bitch.' Her weary eyes looked back towards the small boy. 'The power of Mau might not be as strong in the boy as it would if he were a girl, but he would still control it and be known as Sailor Mau.' Raising a gloved hand, the woman from far away weakly motioned for Ranma to come to her. "Don't… be afraid. I won't… hurt you. I need your help."

His better judgment was telling him it would be a good idea to flee and hide under his covers for the rest of the night, but he also wanted to help this strange woman in a time of need. His mind made up, the younger Saotome made his way slowly towards the downed woman and stopped right in front of her. "Wh -- what do ya want me ta do, lady?"

Sailor Mau gave a small cough as a small blue and gold ring appeared on her finger. Pulling the ring off, she handed it to the young boy. Accepting it in his hand, Ranma examined it to see that the top was domed shaped, and the front of the ring actually seemed to have small cat ear protrusions. In the center of the gem, there was a gold symbol that looked like a waving cat tail within a circle. The raven-haired boy didn't really care for jewelry, but it actually looked kind of cool.

Slipping it on his right hand, he was about to comment on something when the center of the tiara on the downed woman's forehead flared brightly before sending a small white beam that connected to Ranma's forehead. His azure eyes glazed over, and if he were able to see his forehead, he would have seen the same symbol that was on the ring on his hand. The young Saotome didn't have a clue to what was going on. All he knew was that his body felt like it was slightly on fire. It didn't feel too painful, but it did feel hot. His mind also felt like it was exploding with an ocean of images that he had never even seen before.

When it had all finished, the young Saotome's head had become slightly disoriented. He didn't know what all those images were, and it seemed as if they had all receded to somewhere. "Wha-- what was that?" The boy asked as he attempted to shake his head. Looking around, he couldn't find the woman who had just been there a few minutes ago. The only clue of her being there was the puddle of dried blood and small bits of fading light.

"Please," a voice from around the field echoed. "I could tell that you are a person who would try and help people. Please, use the powers and abilities I have given you to protect the innocent from evil. I died fighting against villains who destroyed my planet and people. It may be a big burden on your little shoulders, but it would be nice if what I had done didn't go down in vain." With that, the small whisper of an echo vanished and was replaced by the sound of a gentle night breeze.

Ranma waited for a little longer to see if the voice would return, but not even a peep returned. 'Her whole world was destroyed by bad people?' His azure eyes looked to the stained grass. 'I wish the cat-lady didn't have to die and vanish.' He thought with sadness in his voice. The idea of the woman being a little catty freaked him out, but she seemed like such a nice woman. It was such a shame to die like that.

Closing his eyes for a second, the young Saotome looked skyward to the full and bright moon. He didn't know much about people dying, but his mom once said that good people who die get sent to heaven, and heaven is somewhere in the sky. Staring at the round moon, he brought his hand up to his forehead and did a salute that he saw once in a movie. "I will try ta not let ya down, cat-lady." For some reason, as he stared intently at the moon, a single tear flowed down his cheek for the sake of the woman who had been so badly injured.

After several minutes of silence, he tore his eyes away from the satellite that orbited around earth and looked towards the ring on the back of the finger on his right hand. 'Just what do I do with this thing?' The raven-haired boy thought as he brought a finger up and pressed against it. No sooner had he touched the ring had a small glow started to shine softly around it. It was then that some kind of phrase found its way out of his mouth. "Mau Planet Power, Henshin!"

In an instant, tendrils of light had begun to snake out of the ring and wrap around the six-year-old boy. Lifting about a foot off the ground, his dirty white gi had instantly been replaced by a full body black outfit. A small silver circlet with a golden sunburst in the center popped into view on his forehead. His arms were instantly spread a part as a golden vest formed on his torso, and a belt of the same color wrapped around his waist.

The light had gradually spread to his hands and feet. The former gained a pair of black cat gloves with small claws that could pop in and out. The latter had also gained a pair of boots shaped like cat feet with claws equally as sharp as the gloves. Around his neck, a small silver collar with a golden bell popped into existence. Slowing to a stop, the six-year-old had then been lowered to the ground onto his feet.

That hadn't been the end of the transformation, however. As soon as his feet touched the grassy ground, a long black tail managed to pop out and swish around wildly. Upon his skull, a pair of black cat ears had also managed to force their way out into the world. The finishing touch happened when a small earring with a golden bell snapped around his left ear.

Coming to a complete stop, the now transformed martial artist blinked to bring the feeling of his balance back to normal. Instinctively, his hand went to his head to steady it, and that's when he felt something that shouldn't have been there. 'Wha-- what?' He thought to himself as he reached up to the top of his head with both hands and grabbed a pair of furry protrusions. His mind would have stopped at that moment if it hadn't been for the feeling of something moving behind him. Reaching back, he found himself now the owner of a long and furry tail.

Ranma's reaction to this was the same as any normal person who suddenly discovered they now had some cat appendages. Although unlike most people, his reaction had also been coupled by the slight fear that he had accumulated due to the training of the Neko-ken. "GAAAAHHHH!!! GET 'EM OFF OF ME!!!" The raven-haired youth shouted as he ran around the field like a chicken with its head cut off.

Due to the commotion the young six-year-old was causing, Genma gave a grumble in his sleep and woke up. Still in a slight drunken stupor, the bespectacled martial artist yelled over to his son. "Boy, shut up and go to sleep before I knock you to sleep."

That instantly shut the young boy up. "Yes papa." He stated softly as he watched the overweight man turn over and go back to snoring. As soon as he was sure he was in the clear, the transformed boy went back to what he had been doing a few moments ago. 'Why do I have cat ears an' a tail? These gloves and boots also look like a cat! I'm not turnin' inta a cat, am I?!' He gave a vigorous shake to his head, which also caused the small bell earring to jingle. 'Don't think about somethin' like that, Ranma. Jus' concentrate on what ya know.' That right there was a start, right?

His inner musings had actually brought him close to the closed off pit that his father had been using to teach him the evil Neko-ken. A shiver escaped him as he began to turn around to walk off. /Someone please let us out./ A voice whined out in despair.

"Wha-- what?" Ranma asked as he looked around for the voice that just spoke out. "Who just said that?" The newly christened Sailor Mau was slightly nervous at the sudden sound of voices asking to be 'let out'.

/Please help us. It's dark in here, and we are hungry and thirsty./ This time it was a different voice that whined out. The raven-haired boy was able to pinpoint the voices and found that they were coming from the inside of the pit. His face completely paled at the idea of going back in there, but found a bit of inner courage at the thought of whatever it was that cried out for help.

Kneeling by the large wooden plank that blocked the pit, the six-year-old became surprised at the little boost of strength he seemed to have gotten from somewhere. Deciding to file the thought away for later, the boy proceeded to move the plank away from the pit. Now that the hole had become uncovered, Ranma crept up slowly towards it and nervously looked down. The inside of the pit had been illuminated from the light of the large and bright moon, and what the boy saw caused a slight feeling of sadness to well up within him.

Down in the pit, the small felines that had been used for the vile Neko-ken looked tired, scared, starving, hurt, scratched, and various number of things that made the young Saotome ill. Closing his eyes, the six-year-old attempted to find more courage inside of him that he would need to face the beasts that had bit, clawed, and hissed at him for the past two days. It took several moments to do, but he finally managed to look down and see not ferocious beasts, but innocent and hurt creatures in need of help.

Wishing that he was in bed instead of doing this, he took a deep breath and leapt into the darkness and landed on the ground. A gulp escaped him as he looked around and watched as the cats started to gather around him. One very skinny and sickly looking cat came the closest and began to sniff at him. /You are-- the human child from before, but your scent has changed a little. You now have the smell of a feline on you./ Curiosity played against the features of the felines. /Why are you down here anyway?/

"I-- I'm here ta re-- rescue all of ya from this p-- pit." At this proclamation, all of the cats in the pit looked on with eyes widened in disbelief. This child-- no, messiah of cat kind, had come to free them from the pure hell they had experienced. "I'll c-- carry you all out a f-- few at a time." The young Saotome stated as he bent down to pick up a couple of the more skinny kittens. As soon as his hands touched their fur, he winced severely. He had to take another deep breath before he could pick them up and leap out of the hole.

It had taken several moments before all of the cats had been freed from their confine for the past couple or so days. Looking upon their starved and skinny bodies, a frown came to Ranma's face. It then broke into a smile as he turned around and made it to the traveling packs. Rooting around for a few minutes, he found what he was looking for. Walking back over to the group of cats, he sat down and placed what he had in front of him. The items he had were: 11 cans of tuna, 9 ropes of fish sausage, 5 cans of dried and salted sardines, and a package of chocolate chip cookies that his mom had given him right as he started his trip. 'Huh, I wondered how they disappeared from my pack. Damn it papa.'

Bringing out the can opener he also picked out of the bag, he began to open the cans of tuna. Next came the ripping apart of the fish sausage, and then opening the cans of sardines. Once finished, he managed to spread out the food for the cats to feast on. As he ate his own cookies, he couldn't help but watch as the hungry cats ate as if there were no more food. 'I don't think I could ever imagine bein' starved ta near death.' The boy thought to himself as he finished his cookies.

His body suddenly stiffened when several small and furry creatures gathered around his sitting form. /Thank you so much for your gracious gifts of food. We are sorry for mauling you all those times you were sent into the pit, but we were so starving and couldn't think of anything else to do./

/We shall spread the word across the world!/ A small kitten shouted excitedly. /A savior and protector of cat-kind has arisen! Originally human, he has been given the gift of the cat./ The small kitten's eyes had begun to sparkle uncontrollably at the thought, and all the other cats looked on with a small sweat-drop. The little creature then proceeded to jump into Ranma's arms. The only problem with that action was that the six-year-old still had a slight aversion to cats. When the small kitten jumped up into him, the raven-haired boy gave a startled yelp, fell backwards, and bumped his head against a rock. After the slight bump on the head, the young boy drifted off into unconsciousness, and his form had shifted back to civilian form.

/Oh, good one Miki./ An older cat stated sarcastically. /Nothing like scaring the poor boy who had only recently had us clawing and biting at his body for food./

The kitten known as Miki gave a small blush. /I didn't mean anything by it, Kenta./ The whole idea sounded completely weird though. This boy had a slight fear of cats, but at the same time was part cat himself. /Oh, you think he's now one of those weird aliens who are both cat and human?!/

Several felines shared a look before rolling their eyes. /Oh come on Miki,/ one of them began/those aliens are just a story passed down by cat-kind./ Really now, alien people who could transform between human and cat.


It was early the next morning when Genma had awoken from his passed out state. The only problem with waking up though had to be the incredible hang-over. The over-weight martial artist had actually wondered many times if it was a sign that kept trying to tell him to stop drinking. 'Feh, I just need to build up a better immunity or something.' He thought to himself as he got to his feet. 'A little sparring with the boy will be just what I need.' Clearing the sleep out of his eyes, the older Saotome looked around the clearing to see where his wayward son had gotten to.

What the bespectacled man saw had caused his jaw to almost drop to the ground. Lying just a little ways away in the grass, his son was sleeping with a bunch of cats curled around him. That in itself should have been impossible due to the fear the boy had begun to show during the Neko-ken training. The only likely conclusion the older man could think of was that the boy didn't know the cats were around him.

As he moved closer, he found that the previous idea had been shot to hell by the sight of opened cans of tuna and sardines. Genma wasn't stupid; he knew that cats couldn't open up things like that on their own. That only left the boy to be the one who did that. He also recognized the food and cats as the things that were currently in use for the Neko-ken. That could only mean one thing. 'Ranma is outright ruining the training we worked so hard at!'

"RANMA!" He shouted at the top of his lungs in a gruff voice. The shout managed to wake up all the sleeping cats that had been curled up around the boy. The felines all took one look at the large man and started running away in random directions. If Genma had been able to understand the language of the feline, he would have heard them call him the 'fat demon from hell'.

Sadly, all the overweight martial artist heard had been a bunch of meows and yowls as he watched his son slowly sit up and wipe the sleep out of his right eye. "I was havin' some weird little dream about an alien cat-lady…" He stated sleepily as he slowly got to his feet. Turning his eyes towards his father, he began to blink at the odd look upon the man's face. "Um… papa?"

The older Saotome shakily pointed a finger towards his son. "B-- boy, what is that thing behind you?" He stuttered out with wide eyes.

"What's what?" The six-year-old asked as he turned around several times before catching sight of what had shocked his father. Swishing back and forth was a long black and furry tail. Catching sight of the furry appendage, he stiffened and fell to his knees. Grabbing a hold of it, he pulled it in front of him and examined the obviously feline tail. 'I-- it wasn't a dream. It really happened.' Looking up towards the bespectacled man, the young boy tried to find his voice. How the hell would he be able to explain this?

His answer came when Genma raised his fists in front of him and let tears stream down his face. "My boy, you finally mastered the Neko-ken! I knew you would have been able to do it. You are a Saotome after-all."

'Riiiight, let's go with that.' Ranma thought to himself with a sweat-drop. 'Papa would probably think I was crazy if I mentioned an alien cat-lady who gave me her powers.' He looked down to his finger to see that the symbol that had been on the odd ring was now on his finger in place of the ring. 'At leas' he won't comment on jewelry bein' un-manly or something.'

"Ok boy," Genma started as he pulled his son up. "It's time we test out your mastery of the Neko-ken." The overweight martial artist walked a little ways away from the raven-haired boy and got into a ready stance. "Learning the technique should have had given you the spirit of a formidable cat!" Without warning, the balding Saotome rushed towards the boy.

'I'm goin' ta be in big trouble if it didn't.' Ranma thought as he watched his father come at him. Moving out of the way of the large foot that was aimed for his head, he found that he felt slightly lighter than before. It was almost like it felt natural. His next move had been to leap over his father when the man sent a punch that would have also connected to his head.

Landing behind the large man, the six-year-old boy's ears were able to hear the subtle movements in the grass behind him as his father turned. It had actually shocked him to find how much his hearing had improved, and he was able to dodge a leg sweep that attempted to knock him to the ground. "Your reflexes do seem to have improved, boy." Genma stated with a proud smile. "I wonder what else you have picked up though!" A quick kick from the older Saotome to the younger's chest sent the boy flying towards a tree.

The pony-tailed boy managed to give out a yelp before he ended up turning around and hitting the trunk of the tree with the bottom of his feet. He had also been slightly surprised to find that his fingers had somehow managed to become embedded into the bark. Curiously, he pulled out one of his hands and gave a small examination. From the looks of things, his fingernails had become sharper than they used to be. Tilting his head a bit, he decided to test out a small idea. Pulling back his arm, he made a swipe at the bark of the tree. To his surprise, some of the wood had been scraped off.

"WOW!" Ranma shouted with wide eyes. He tested it out again with another swipe and found the same thing had happened. Eyes still wide in glee, he began to scratch the tree with both hands as fast as he could. It wasn't long until the boy with a cat-tail had hollowed out the small area of the tree. "This is so cool!!"

A sweat-drop formed on Genma's head as he walked up to his child. "Um, boy?" The overweight martial artist gave a yelp as he jumped back and found that his gi was now sporting four long tears on it. Looking up, his face took on an interesting shade of alabaster when he caught sight of the large toothy smile and twinkling eyes of his son. "Now wait just one minute Ranma." He stated nervously as he started to back up. "Th-- there's no reason for you to te-- test your abilities any mo-- no -- stop! GAAHHH!!!" Turning around, the balding man had begun to run away from a child who was having too much fun with his claws.

"Oh come on papa, it would be good for ya to know how it felt for me!!" Ranma yelled with a feral grin plastered on his face as he initiated a fun little game of 'cat and mouse'. Cats still un-nerved him a bit, but this was just too damn enjoyable to be able to get back at his father. There was no telling how long it would take for the man to start fighting back, so it was probably better to have his fun while it lasted.

He had also decided to keep that little super hero thingie to himself for the moment. If what he saw from super heroes in fiction was any indication, then keeping it secret would be a good thing. 'When he goes ta sleep tonight, I'll try an see if I can figure out anythin' else about these powers.' The six-year-old thought to himself. 'This is goin' ta be so cool!'


Chapter one of my newest fanfic is finished. Yes, I know, another fanfic when I have several others already. Inspiration and imagination can't be killed though, and to have it fester in my head would be liable to kill my brain.

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