Hidden Messages

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Summary -- The one thing that the CSIs never noticed was the one thing that Greg Sanders and David Hodges didn't wantthem to find out; but Sara starts to become suspicious as to what's actually going on. DavidxGreg

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The only people that notice it now are the people that are new to it all.

Greg Sanders and David Hodges were all but friends—they could never spot joking with each other. Every time they were either passing in the lab or sitting in the break room they were almost always throwing witty comments back and forth between them—and no one even noticed it anymore.

No one noticed the little smirks they gave each other, or the actual chemistry throughout their banter, or even that their eyes always sparkled that tiny bit more when they were around each other. They were both instantly happier around each other, and frankly they couldn't help themselves.

The one thing that completely stumped them, though, was the fact that their co-workers hadn't even started to figure it out yet, and they were supposed to be professional analyzers.

I suppose this helped the two men, in a way, because there was no need for them to bring their personal lives into their professional.

That was, until today.

Greg sat sullenly in the break, chewing the end of a pen, trying to figure it all out. He wasn't paying any attention to the world around him, and so he literally jumped out of his seat, startled, when Sara opened the door to the break room; instantly reminding him that he was supposed to be working, and not slouching around.

"Jeez, Sara," He said, still a bit shocked.

Sara smirked at him, "I'm sorry, Greg, I didn't realise that you weren't working." She walked over to the recently, freshly brewed coffee and poured herself a cup.

Greg gave a half-assed grin, "Yeah, well, I was just thinking it over…"

"The case…?"

"Ch-yeah," He sighed. Sara sat opposite him, placing the case file on the table. "I don't understand how someone's parents can hate them for being who they are."

"Well, I guess it's just opinions, really." Sara tried to reason. "You're lucky. Your parents are over-protective and love you no matter what." Pause. "Not everyone has that.

He thought about it for a few seconds before agreeing, and taking a sip of the coffee that Sara had decided to pout for him, whilst she was getting her own.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Sara's cell rang. She looked at the Caller ID. Hodges.

"Trace is back." She confirmed. "Greg, would you mind going to get the results? I have to be somewhere." She added, after looking at her watch.

"Sure," Greg stood up, left the room and walked down the corridor, towards the Trace lab.

Looking through the glass walls and seeing that David Hodges wasn't alone, he walked in and smiled, "Hey,"

David looked up, "Hi," Greg made his way to stand opposite him. "I called Sara." David pointed out.

"I know, she had to be somewhere, so…"

"I got you." Greg nodded.

David picked up the sheet with the results on it, "The fibres on your dead guy—Mark Vassey—100 blue cotton, didn't match his clothes." He handed Greg the sheet.

"That's it?" Greg questioned. David nodded. "Oh, you just usually have more… okay." Greg found a place to sit down. "So… no witty comments for me today…?"

"I thought I'd save them for when we have company." David simply replied.


"What's wrong?" David said, sensing something was up with the normally fun-loving, hyper man.


"I can read you like a book, you know."

"I know," Greg's eyes made contact with David's. He sighed, giving in. "He was gay."

"Who was?" David asked.

"Our DB, Mark Vassey. He was gay. And when we told the parents… they just said 'We don't care'. They hated him—because he was gay."

For the first time ever at work, David Hodges showed that he cared for Greg, and even though there was no one else in the room, he wouldn't have cared if there was.

David took a deep breath, "Your parents won't hate you,"

"How do you know that?" Tears started filling up Greg's eyes, now. "You don't know them. They want me to marry the perfect woman, and have lots of children. I'm their only hope for a grand child, you know?"

"I didn't mean to upset you… I just wanted to assure you that there's nothing wrong with it, because there isn't. I know your parents have dreams for you, but you don't have to do everything they want to make them happy. They should be happy as long as you are."

Greg wiped his eyes, realising he was getting upset over nothing.

"Are you happy?" David asked.

Greg smiled, "I couldn't be happier." David smiled at this. It's how he feels, too.

"Is this going to affect your work?" This was David's last question.

Greg gigged, "You sound like Grissom…" Then he answered David's question, "Maybe, but only because it makes me mad, not enough for everyone to figure out; or maybe just a little bit--enough to be curious."

David nodded. "Go, and work." Greg stood up and walked to the door.

Before he left, he turned and smiled at David, who whispered "I'll see you tonight." Before Greg went on his way, and exited.

David stared through the glass walls at Greg as he walked down the corridor, and sighed before he shook his head and carried on working.

Greg went back to work, and tried to not concentrate on anything but the case; although, it still got to him. For the rest of the day Greg didn't act like his usual self and Sara became more curious as to why. She didn't want to ask him during work, though.

After his shift, Greg sat in front of his locker, just thinking. Thinking about going to tell his parents, thinking about what they'd say. He was so deep in thought that he didn't hear David entering the room. He only realised that David was there when he sat down next to him.

"Solve your case?" David spoke up.

"Yeah," Greg never took his eyes off the Marilyn Manson sticker in his locker. "Hate crime. He was murdered by his brother because his brother, Matt, hates gay's and blamed him for the family breaking apart."

"It doesn't happen to everyone…" Greg looked at him. "It'll be alright."

"Thanks, Dave."

"So, are you ready to go?"

Greg nodded, "Yeah," They stoop up to make an exit. Greg picked up his jacket, closed his locker, and then they were ready to leave.

On the way to David's care he realised that he left his keys in his lab coat and told Greg to wait by the car until he got back—which Greg did.

When David went back into the building, he passed Sara on her way out, and they swapped 'hi's before he carried on to the Trace lab.

Sara was walking over to her car when she saw Greg standing next to David's. She decided to go over and ask if he was alright, but by this time David was already back out and walking towards his car, his keys in hand.

David and Greg didn't realise Sara was watching them, and got into his car.

By now, Sara was extra curious as Greg and David never got along—at least what she saw of them they didn't.

Sara quickly got into her car and followed them. She wasn't exactly sure what she was doing, but when Sara gets curious she has to know.

She followed them all the way to what she recognised as David's house. Yet, she stayed far enough away so that they couldn't see her.

She watched as the both got out of the car and entered David's bungalow.

After this, she left. She knew she wasn't going to be able to see anything, but she was still curious—she wasn't going to give up until she knew what was going on between the two.