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"What?" Lily laughed and looked at James as though he were an idiot, as she does frequently.

"I said," James repeated, clutching her hand and regaining his confidence and dramatic air, "you're the only one for me."

"No," Lily snorted, "the other part."

"Oh, right." He blushed slightly and ran his available hand through his hair. "Well, when I met you my hair…er…flopped."

There was a silence as Lily took this statement in for the second time and she burst into giggles again. "What?" James cried indignantly, "it's true!"

Lily just laughed.

James was growing a tad bit annoyed. After this very personal confession, this is what he gets in return? "I don't understand what is so funny."

Lily dried her eyes. "Flopped?" She bit her lip. "Could you please define a flop?"

"It's when the wavy, baby-please-run-your-fingers-through-me luster is gone and it's sort of flopped over."

"Oh." She decided to follow along. "Well, everyone's hair flops sometimes."

"Not my hair!" James interjected dramatically, "Never! I promise you, this baby is natural sexy hair from the gods!"

"And," Lily continued, "Natural sexy hair from the gods does not flop?"

James shook his head.

"I see." Lily examined his head with her eyes. "Well, it does appear to have some floppage right now."

James put his hands on his hips, looking quite feminine. "I will not look in a mirror. I don't believe you. My hair does not flop."

"Well, you just said it did, when you met me, so I don't see why it couldn't now-"

"It is not flopping!"

Lily mirrored James and put her hands on her hips. "Whatever. Walk around all day with floppy hair. See if I care."

James bit his lip. Lily could tell that he was experiencing a mega internal conflict. Eventually his hair won out and he pulled out the secret hand mirror in his pocket. Sure enough his hair was flopping. "Damn you, woman."

Lily raised her eyebrows in mock indignation. "Me, why me?"

"Cause you…" it pained James to say it, to admit his hair fault, "You make my hair flop."

Lily smiled. It was true; his hair did seem floppier around her sometimes. She laughed to herself; the situation was pretty amusing. I make James Potter's Hair Flop.

James had put the mirror back in his pocket and had forgotten his embarrassment. "Lily, I can't greet the world looking like this."

Was he walking towards her? Lily felt numb. She pinched herself. It definitely hurt.

"Well," she said softly, "We'll have to fix your hair, won't we?"

James patted his robe. "I haven't a comb."

Lily breathed. "I haven't one either."

She reached up and touched his hair – the hair that had driven her crazy for years: the windswept, sloppy, attractive (even when flopping) James Potter hair.

"Hmmm," James moaned quietly, "much better."

Lily gazed at him and reached for his hand as they walked into the Great Hall, unaware of the stares and catcalls they drew. Instead, Lily watched James hair (moments ago, airborne and fluffy) begin to fall slowly with a flop.

A/N: I just thought, this could be a cute loosely woven story of oneshots based on James being whipped. Hm. Well, if I have time…AKA, if I have the motivation to make time. Lol.