Hinata sat at her desk, zoning out , not hearing a single word Kakashi sensei was saying. Hinata was thinking about what her father had said that morning.

''Hinata,Being a Hyuuga means power and wealth,'' Hiashi,her father, said,'' But you...Just dont let that show, stop being so Timid, and weak!''

Its true her father had'nt screamed it, but his dissapointed stare had made her feel like he had slapped her. It was true, Hinata was rather weak natured, and timid...But that had just been from the way she had been raised, to follow and obey...as the Heir to The Hyuuga's Rich and Powerful name...alls she ever wanted to do was please her father, even if it meant weakening her once strong nature.

She had remembbered an assignment the class had to write about a person in the class.

Her best friends,Kiba and Ino, had written about her, the topic was to list three traits about the person they were writing about, and draw there picture, then give itto the person they were writing about.

Both Kiba's and Ino has bin practically identical both read: Shy,Kind,Timid.

Kiba had a stickman drawing of her, wheareas Ino's wasnt any better.

Hinata chuckled to herself remembering, the she blushed remembering she had written hers about a curtian blonde haired blue eyed boy..

Hinata looked over at Naruto.He was at the front of the room sitting next to his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto's eyelids were covering his baby blues, and he drooled a little as he slept head on his desk. Suddenly a loud snore escaped his mouth, waking himself up in startled surprise. He looked around the room drowsily trying to figure out who had woken him up.

Hinata surpressed a laugh trying not to let it escape, Ino looked at her quizically,

''Whats wrong hun?'' Ino asked.

Hinata still held a hand over her mouth her face red from surpressed laughter.

Naruto still looked around oblivious to where the sound had come from, when there was a knock at the door, soon after Tsunade-sama, the principal, entered.

It looked as if a shadow had followed the principal in. Hinata soon realizing it was a student.

Hinata stared intently at the student, face hidden because he had his hood up, and head downcast hiding his face. Hinata was curious about the bor He had on rather tight blue pants, black high tops with red shoelaces, and his zip up black hoodie, a well named skateboardin ensignia covering his chest. He had a backpack on, skateboard strapped into the back of it.

She looked around the class, she wasnt the only one looking at the boy, most looking at him were of the female population of the class, she could practically hear the girls thinking whether he was 'Hot' material or not.

Tsunade was talking to Kakashi in whispered tones while the class was sizing up this new student. Tsunade gave Kakashi a smile and walked out of the classroom.

Kakashi cleared his throat getting the attention of the class to look at him not the boy.

''Hey Sensei!Whos the loner!''Sasuke asked rather loudly, smuggness rang through his voice obviously trying to get a rise out of the new boy. But the boy stood at the front of the class unfaized, to Sasuke's dislike, as if he didnt even here the raven haired boy.

He did , though, have a few of the girls giggling to Sasuke's 'Joke'.

Kakshi gave Sasuke a glare but the boy only pouted. Sasuke folded his arms over his chest and glared at the new boy.

Hinata stared at the raven haired boy, its true he was sexy, he was every girls dream boy, long legs, black silky hair that almost dared you to run your fingers through it, full lips well sculpted face, and a lean body, and broad shoulders that you just new there had to be a well toned body beneath his Blue high priced shirt. Not to meantion he was on the top 50 richest people in the world, owning a over 200 branches of five star resorts, and well made clothing establishments over the world...and so many more other things he owned but she couldnt remember.

Just like Hinata was in the 50 richest people, well family in the world. But the Uchiha name was number 15 whereas Hyuuga was number 10. Son she new what it was like to be cursed with so much money and power, well she thought it was a curse, far to much pressure for her...Her thoughts trailed off, she must have still been looking at Sasuke because next thing she knew he was glaring at her with his coal black eyes. Hinata looked away quickly blushing, she didnt like the boy herself, its true he was defenetly a boy you'd give a second glance at, but Hinata had always looked farther then skin deep, and the truth was...Sasuke was a stuck up, egotistacal asshole.

Hinata almost flinched at that mean thought when it whent through her mind, even if it was true, but she'd scold herself later as for not, she had to focus on the boy that Kakashi was about to introduce.

''Class,'' Kakashi said rathere lazely'' This is Sabaku no Gaara.''

Kakashi introduced then looked over at the boy...''Gaara'' had taken off his hood, revealing blood red hair and, Hinata chucked, he was wearing soundproof silver headphones which is why he didnt hear what Sasuke had said.

Sasuke seemed to notice this also, because his glare deepened at Gaara.

Gaara had looked up and around at the class, Hinata nearly gasped at the sheer , pardon her bluntness, hotness of the boy.

From what she could see from the back of the class, he had full lips, she wondered if they really did work as experienced as they looked,(Hinata blushed at the thought)He had high cheekbones, his cheeks looked as if they once boar baby fat, now to be replaced with a heart shaped face, he had snake bite peircings, and a monroe peircing on his upper right lip, only drawing more attention to his lips, he wore heavy eyeliner around his eyes, and he had thin eyebrows, both pressed together on a frown, as he scanned the class.

Hinata was about to look away from him when his eyes rested on hers.She tensed and felt a jolt go up her spine, and she stopped breathing. His eyes were beautifully dangerous, they were Aquamarine, and it almost scared her how direct they where, and it fealt as if he could see directly into her mind, and read her thoughts, His eyes only held her for seconds, but it fealt like hourse, as all the people around her dissapeared into a void and only her ad this green eyed boy where left, he broke her gaze.

She stopped herself before she let out the breath she had been holding into a huge weeze, she had caught herself and let it out in a silent long breath.

''Are you okay Hinata?'' Kiba asked worry edged his voice.

Ino was looking at her too.

''Yeah you lookk pale hun, whats wrong, you alright?''

Hinata wasnt really sure if she was alright or not a that moment , but she answered a shaky


''Whoever this boy was,'' she thought to herself, '' she didnt want to know.''