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''Thinkin to themselves''


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10 Months Later

''So you still haven't heard anything about Gaara?'' A girl pitched voice was heard over a cell phone.

''No nothing Ino...'' A girl with long ebony hair and cloudy eyes said into the phone.

''Its strange how he just dissappeared like that dont you think Hina-hun,'' the girl named Ino said, ''without a goodbye or a trace that he ever existed..''


''Anyways Hina-hun im gunna let you go, pick me up some of that American tourist crap will ya?''

''Hai, alright Ino.'' Hinata closed her flip phone, and put it in her Gucci black leather purse.

''Hyuuga Hinata, 18 years old, newly graduated, came to study in America to learn the ropes of her fathers company,recently broken up with her first and only boyfriend, rich and extremely handsome Bishounen named Uchiha Sasuke,'' Hinata let out a sigh as she thought of this but went back to narrating,'' but alas this just made her stronger, no more annoying stutter or stumbling over words for this ebony haired warrior, no this future girl..no...Woman stands tall with nothing to stop her from living up to her fathers expectations and the proud Hyuuga name...''

Hinata stood in front of her future University...feet not moving to go inside,knees shaking.

''I said...knees...nothing to stop me...'' Hinata looked at her knees agitated, but her feet frozen in place.

''Dammit...still the same huh...'' Hinata took another glance at the building but the only place her feet let her go was to a bench to sit down in front of it.

Hinata sat staring at the leering building, people walking past her talking in a language that wasnt her first language,Hinata put her head in her hands.

''I wanna go home..I wanna see Kiba and Shino and Ino...'' Hinata sighed, it had only been two days that she had been in New York and already she was missing her country...her Japan.

Hinata shot her head up now looking determined.

''Buck up princess, were not in God Dammed Kansas anymore!''

Hinata stood up, fire burning in her eyes with determination.

''I can do this, Im a Hyuuga after all!'' Hinata nodded triumphantly she took a the steps that leead to her to the font entrance and went to walk into the University, running into the glass door as it didnt open, making a 'thunk' sound.

Hinata rubbed her head now dazed, looking down, the english characters reading 'PULL'.

Hinata blushed horribly, looking around to make sure no one had seen her fo-pah, pulled the door open and skuttled in emberassed, pride faultering.

Hinata's first day at the University and she already hated it. It was like she stepped into another dimension, There were so many people with blonde hair and blue eyes that she thought Naruto was everywere. Making her happy for a moment that there might actually be someone she knew that she could talk fluently with, but no she heard some of her classmates snicker at her accent when she intoduced herself, ''Hello, my name is Hyuuga Hinata, please take care of me, teacher.'' People seemed to laugh even more when she bowed though, remembering the look on her professors face when she said this made her all the more emberassed.

Hinata was walking to her future place to occupy for the time being: Her fathers penthouse in one of the companies business buildings.

According to her map, which she had conveniently bought back in Japan, she had to take a bus, then a trolly to get there.

Even as she spoke she saw the huge building, seeming to glare at her mockingly as if to say, ''Weakling, you will never be able to live up to the name that im built for.''

Hinata sighed then laughed heartily, people looked at her funny, she blushed.

She noticed a small colourful building, she had unseemingly walked into the bohemian part of town, also known as the Artist district, of Manhattan, the place were artists, poets and anything artistic came to stay. HInata sighed,

''If only my life were that easy.''

She looked at the little building noticing it to be some sort of tattoo parlour, from the outside it seemed harmless enough.

''Thats what I should do, just to show my dad up, sure he'd kill me if he found out but...''Hinata looked at the building contemplating,''Ah what the hey, Gaara wouldn't even flinch to do it right!'' HInata clung to that last thought as she walked in door chiming her entrence.

No one seemed to be at the front desk for the moment, but she heard voices and a humming sound from the back as if from a machine. Hinata started to look around the stores walls to pass the time as she waited for whoever to come to the front and help her.

''Hello may I help...'' A Familiar voice said in heavy accented Japanese.

Hinata turned around and gasped.

''Kami all mighty...'' Hinata thought to herself.


The suprise shock dissapeared from Hinata's face and was replaced with a polite smile.

''Hello Gaara-Kun.''

''So what have you been up to Hinata-chan?'' The red head asked politely.

Hinata looked across the table at Gaara, her Gaara, the one that had dissapeared with nothing but a wave.

Gaara looked at her, sipping a cup of coffee. After seeing Hinata Gaara had left the shop to a women named 'Patricia' a ladie with a nose ring and a faux hawk, to take her out for coffee for some catching up. But Gaara hadn't so much as said a sorry, or showed any sign of remource for dissapearing, instead he looked tanned and healthy, in a white muscle shirt, a tattoo of a music note on his upper left arm, he looked at her still waiting for her to say something, his face emotionless.

Hinata snapped out of her thoughts,''O-Oh I-I came to the University to study for the Family business.'' Hinata replied subtly, hating herself for stuttering.

''Oh.'' Gaara said, softly, then looked away from her, taking another swig of his coffee.

Hinata saw him look at his watch,''Well better get back to the shop, nice chatting with you Hinata-chan, come by the shop again.'' And with that Gaara stood up, gave what looked to be a small smile, and walked off, leaving a American bill on the table to pay for there coffee.

Hinata looked at the empty cup of coffee, that had just been at Gaara's lips, and the American money, the only two things that showed that he wasn't dreamt up.

''I-Im glad Gaara...,''Hinata thought to herself,''Im glad your alright Gaara...'' something warm slid down her cheek,''Im glad you could wipe me away so easily..Gaara.'' Hinata thought, then put her head and her hands, letting her tears fall freely, sitting alone at a table, with no one speaking her language, and nothing but an empty coffee cup to show that anyone cared.

''What the fuck is your problem you stupid butt fucking congress lover!!'' Shukaku yelled angrily.

''Not now Shukaku, not now.'' Gaara thought back emotionlessly.

''But she was right there, butt fucker,you could have reached out and touched her, you haven't been sleeping alone every night for the past six months if she meant so little to you!!'' Shukaku yelled out angrily.

''I said not now!'' Gaara yelled at him angrily, Shukaku shut up...realizing the Red head had tears streaming down his face, making no move to stop them.

Gaara remebering the lost, sad look in Hinata's eyes as he brushed her off so coldly and open Japanese magazine at his small apartment, headline reading,


Next day

Gaara was back at his tattoo Parlour, his sanctuary, the only place he was proud to call his own, its amazing how far you can go when you can draw well, and convert it to tattooing in America. He remembered finishing up his last few months of High school, and being told to become a tattoo artist, what he wasnt expecting was him liking it so much.

He was currently working on a sketch of a Koi with the persons initials worked into the swirl of waters when he heard the bell chime, signalling the door.

''Hello welcome to America's Japan tattoo parlour may I help you?'' He said without looking up.

He heard panting, and looked up finding a exhausted Hinata, looking as if she had just ran a marathon, her eyes were red and puffy, as if she had been crying non stop.

A Part of Gaara he had been trying to drown out for the past sic months seemed to stir in anguish at the look of Hinata, kind little Hinata, the women he loved, and the only one who had broken his heart.

''Fuck, look what you did to her asshole.''

''Gaara!'' Hinata shouted.

''Hai, Hinata-chan, do you need something?'' He asked coldly, acting nonchalent.

Hinata seemed to flinch at this, but didnt back down.

''Why did you leave six months ago without a word?'' Hinata shouted loudly, pounding her fists on the table that seperated them, Gaara looking up at the hurt face of Hinata, eyes glassy, looking ready to pour.

''If those tears fall, that will be the death of me.'' Gaara thought to himself, his stomach in knots at the Hyuuga's innocent eyes filled with pain.

''This is a place of work, Hinata-chan, come back when you have some business and when you calm down.'' Gaara said coldy, and turned his attention back to his drawing.

''Just tell me Gaara!'' Hinata shouted.

(Luckily no one was in the parlour because it was so early.)

''AS IF YOU DONT KNOW!'' Gaara shouted loudly at Hinata, standing up, letting his drawing fall to the ground.

The silence that followed only lasted seconds as Hinata didn't back down, eyes starting to spill over the only thing about her showing how she really felt.


Gaara rounded around the desk and grapped her wrist, she flinched but, didnt lose her stance,

''Why do you think I left Hinata,'' Gaara whispered menacingly, inceches away from her,'' Oh I forgot to ask, hows your Boyfriend Hinata, Hows Sasuke!''

Hinata looked taken aback, but glared at him, equally matching his own,

''WE AGREED TO BREAK UP BECAUSE I WOULDN'T AND COULDNT STOP TALKING AND THINKING AND DREAMING OF YOU YOU BIG CLUELESS ASSHOLE!!'' Hinata screamed and finally let herself weep, she collapsed onto the ground, head in hands, shoulders shaking from the sobs.

Gaara stood dumbstruck, unnable to move, confusion, happiness, relief all of these things were being fealt by him but most of all was realization.

He knealt down in front of her.

''I-I dont undertand Hinata...'' Gaara said masking happiness with confusion.

''Dont you know anything you big clueless lummix its becasue I love you, who do you think has been crying herself to sleep every night realizing she may never see the boy who she thought was just a friend, not understanding till her Boyfriend told her that what she was feeling was love, love for a stupid clueless red-head, that couldn't know love if it came in razor blade dildo fo-...''

Hinata's rant was cut off from Gaara's lips over hers, the kiss tasted salty, the kiss was quick, and soft,she didnt realize until he pulled away that Gaara was crying.

This time they were happy tears, Gaara looked at her and gave her a genuine smile that took her breath away.

''Why didnt you just say so you Baka...'' Gaara whispered in her ear, as he hugged her.

''Because I didn't want to admit that you caught my eyes, the first time I saw you.'' Hinata whispered happily, wrapping her arms around him.

''Aishiteru...Hinata..Your the only women who made me laugh, made me feel like a human.''

Hinata giggled happily, a warm melodic sound, like a beautifil sonata.

They sat there happily for moment then Gaara undid Hinata's pants.

''Wa..What are you d-doing Ga-Gaara!'' Hinata tried to push him away.

''Relax Hinata,'' Gaara went over and locked the store door flipping the sign around to 'Closed' and drew the shades.''Do you really think I'd let anyone else see my Hinata naked?''

Hinata blushed a deep crimson.

''T-Thats not what Im yelling ab-,'' Gaara covered her mouth with a deep kiss, making her loose all thoughts and protests in her mind, Hinata pulled him closer, him now on top of her.

''Okay, Gaara, just this once, but we go by my rules so I get to be on top.'' Hinata said blushing slightly.

Gaara looked at her aghast that such things were coming out of her mouth.

''E-Eh?'' Gaara said all words leaving his mind.

She pushed him and lied on top of him, he closed his eyes waiting for the dominatrix Hinata that was coming but nothing came, He looked down his chest to see Hinata sound asleep, she had taken off her hoodie that usually covered her larger then average chest.

''Well..she really has never had sex before, guess you dont have to kill that Sasuke, stinky spooge loving bastard.'' Shukaku said chuckling.

Gaara lied his head back in defeat and let the Hyuuga sleep on top of him

Well, I guess without her hoodie she would feel naked hmm..'' Gaara thought.

''Just this once Hinata, its your rules right?'' Gaara laughed contently, and fell asleep, content that the women he loved, loved him back.