It's been a long time since I updated, so if anyone out there is waiting, then here's the next installment in Grudges

It's been a long time since I updated, so if anyone out there is waiting, then here's the next installment in Grudges!

Kendal: Technically, that's bad for us- We get to be abused more. NAO.

Me: Is this something that will make me do what I think I'll do?


Me: BINGO! (mauls)

Everyone: (Super heavy bruising) Damn, back to the old days…

Kendal: This violent dude doesn't own Namco or anything close. (falls)


The Sliver, faster than I thought possible, ripped out of the earth, sending rock, ice, and snow everywhere, in which here everywhere means everywhere and everywhere includes me.

As I was knocked over my head with a piece of ice, snow showered me as the multiple eyes of the Sliver searched for that tasty morsel it had missed. To be sure, I was lucky Slivers had terrible eyesight- Being completely buried in snow, like I was, was being draped in hyper-effective camouflage- when factoring in the eyes of a Sliver, that is. Even a human eye could have discerned the rather oddly shaped (Human shaped, that is) pile of snow I was under, which meant my cover would be well and truly blown. Sure, in actuality, a corner of my scarf sticking out- Both, really, but it was nothing to notice in eyes as bad as a Slivers'.

And it helped I was temporarily knocked out, since I wouldn't have gotten all claustrophobic (Which I've never admitted to anyone about it) and jumped right out of the snow, screaming. But I wasn't going to, so the Sliver, taking its time, burrowed in the earth again.

A minute later, and I opened my eyes- To find whiteness all around me.

I screamed.

Thank god I screamed in the wilderness surrounding Flanior, since no one was going to hear me- No one with clothes on, that is. As I sprang out of the snow like a human-sized rocket, I thrashed my limbs, body, everything, doing in other words a voodoo dance- With screaming.

Bad move.

Deep beneath the earth, the Sliver, sensing that something was moving- And screaming- began to move towards the surface, right beneath its intended victim. After all, if they have eyesight worth of completely missing prey when it's buried under one inch of snow that has two corners of a brown scarf- A brown scarf against white snow sticking out, then to make up for it they utilize their ears, letting them hear noises through solid rock and ice, considering where they lived in Tethe'Alla.

As I began to calm down, the rumbling began again, and through all of my hyperventilation I realized the Sliver was somewhere, and if I didn't move I would die a gruesome death among hundreds of razor sharp teeth. And I hadn't even gotten Yuan anything close to death yet.

Diving to the side, I narrowly missed getting my leg sheared off as the gaping hole of a mouth rose up at unreal speeds. But this time, I wasn't going to just dodge- I flipped in mid-air, landing like a cat that's only got one more life to go, and jammed my cleaver half the way up the hilt in one of the Sliver's blue eyes.

A roar of fury, and it flailed its body towards my direction in an attempt to crush me. As I sidestepped that, however, my cleaver was slammed into the ground hilt-first- And so was driven all the way in, right up the hilt.

The Sliver roared again, this time in pure agony, even when it had no one to blame but itself in deepening the stab wound. As it flailed its body wildly, in an attempt to dislodge the source of pain in its eye, I rushed at it.

In reality, past it. As it flailed the opposite way to where I was, right by its side, therefore exposing the cleaver hilt sticking out like a sore thumb in the skin, I ripped it out and then hit the ground covering my ears.

Perfect move, because the next moment the Sliver gave a roar so loud it was heard all the way in Flanior. No wonder, because when something stabs you, it sure hurts- But when anyone rips it out, it hurts twice as much. I knew this from experience from my numerous stab wounds from claws, stingers (These hurt especially), blades, arrows, the whole nine yards.

Because it was so loud, and I was right next to the Sliver, the roar rattled me to the point where my bones were trembling. I swear, everything felt like it was vibrating- My heart, lungs, stomach, eyes, everything. And when I say eyes, I now couldn't see without seeing blurs.

As I got to my feet shakily, the Sliver dived back into the earth, where it would stay there until it was sure it had a target.

Not that it was going to just stay there on my watch. I was going to flush it out and keep it flushed out of the ground.

Not a spell. A technique.


As the mother dragon flew over the edge of the floating nest in the sky, roaring here fury at whoever had burnt her snout, the two baby ones thrashed, kicked, and blasted fire at the intruders, on occasion attempting to bite them.

As the seven "intruders", or in their minds rescuers slashed, swung, jabbed and blasted the various elements at them, while one "prisoner" watched the battle with terror-struck eyes.

As Lloyd nailed his opponent with a Heavy Tiger Blade, sending it slamming into the earth with a shriek of pain, the second one, noting its downed brother, shot a fireball the nailed the swordsman in the back, sending him reeling.

Sheena, however, stepped into his place, putting a damper on the sight of the offender with a Mirage Seal. As the dragon in front of her rose, she turned and put it down yet again with a quick Pyre Seal.

On instinct, she stopped her assault, expecting a certain someone to jump and stab the dragon with a five-foot-plus-nine-inches sword that was a monster seven inches wide, but that was not to be- For the dragon, enraged at being put down a second time, charged her and headbutted the ninja right under her hastily put up guard in the stomach, winding her.

Lloyd, getting up, heard Sheena's grunt, and stabbed the dragon's outstretched wing. Before his victim could do more than screech, he nailed it with a Super Sonic Thrust that sent it into…

The mother dragon's mouth.

None of them had noticed the gigantic head that was now leaning over them all climb over, save Genis. The next moment, as everyone realized they had a behemoth to deal with, Genis launched a Cyclone, which, in addition to snagging up the second dragon, royally diced and sliced the big one and by extension the smaller one in its mouth.

As the big one spat the smaller one out of its mouth, the second, more exposed dragon cried out in rage, a grating, piercing sound the made everyone wince.

Bad move.

One moment the big dragon was there. Because they'd all taken away their eyes for a second, all they could deduce was the fact that the next moment it was gone. Where, though?

And was there really time for that question, when the two smaller ones renewed their assault, this time flapping their wings to create cyclones, smaller and less sharp to be sure, but just as effective?


I snapped my fingers, and was satisfied to hear a huge whumph as underground a pulse of light, heat, and pure force burst through the tunnels the Sliver had burrowed through.

But there was nothing signifying that I had hit anyone, which meant I had missed. After all, through a solid medium nobody could sense anything living down there, me notwithstanding.

Thirty more times, andno success whatsoever. I could hear minor rumbling sounds underneath my feet, which could be either my explosions causing rockslides under ground, or a sliver slithering its way through the tunnels it had burrowed through and were burrowing through now. My vision was blurring, as i became numbed from my efforts, my energy all devoted to blasting out my current for from out of the underground.

Until finally, after I was about to pop into my mouth a Pineapple Gel, I heard it- A muffled roar an explosive pulse of force, the thirtith-something that I had felt this past minute. The rumbling, I mean.

With an evil grin, I finished chewing the Pineapple Gel, feeling the strength speed through me, and then I stepped back as the Sliver, now sporting one huge bruise and burn mark tried to eat me. As it rose up, I took the opportunity to squeeze in some quick techniques- A Dominating Blade, a followed-up Fury Damnation, and then…

"Wolf Fang PULSE!"

The explosion send me flying backwards- Which was a good thing, since the explosion blasted the Sliver away from me, who then slammed its head back in my direction. But no, I was already too far away to get crushed, and when I saw its gaping mouth at my feet, I had an idea.

I quickly closed my eyes, then snapped my fingers.

Right in its gut. As it roared, right in my direction to knock me right off my feet (It was that loud), bluish goo flowed out of its mouth, splattering the snow.

Roaring again with a vengeance, it dived beneath ground. This time, it wasn't waiting- It had marked the spot where that nuisance had landed after being stunned by its roar, and was now quickly rising up beneath my still-stupefied form, getting ready for the first meat it had tasted in months…


The dragons were all pissed, and it looked like there was no end in sight- Yet.

But that still didn't make up for the fact that this was all unfair. I mean, sure, it was seven against three, but two of the three were twice the size of the seven, and even worse, the was the one who was as tall as twenty men stacked on each other's shoulders.

Totally unfair, really. And it didn't help that the two, err, smaller ones could breath fireballs and make tornados, and the REALLY big one only had to bite one of the seven to end their lives.

But then again, there WERE seven people, one a mage, two healers, and the fact was everyone could work in sync, unlike the dragons, which often wasted valuable time squabbling while Sheena, being so very stealthy, would bury a guardian in their backs. Or anyone else. You get the idea.

And besides, the mother dragon, while oh-so scary and large, couldn't get her full body over the edge of the platform, or else she'd crush the babies- Not a good thought. At least for twisted mind of the big one had a semi-maternal instinct…

And so, both sides fought on. Wounded, bruised, and exhausted? Yes. Willing to give up? Hell no, for different reasons- On one side, instinct ruled, right now over the orders of their master, and instinct told them to eat these humans for dinner. The other side fought for the freedom of an innocent onlooker who was watching the battle with terrified eyes.

As Lloyd slashed at the eyes of the mother, who was shrieking her displeasure and swinging her gigantic head everywhere, he realized that they needed to finish off one of them, or it would never end- Or it would end and they'd get eaten.

Fine, then, Lloyd thought grimly. "Everyone, get ready!" Lloyd yelled.

He immediately ran for one of the small ones, as the larger one behind him attempted to bite him- And missed. The moment he was in range, he quickly swatted the dragon with the flat of one Defencer, and quickly preformed a Super Sonic Thrust that conveniently knocked the dragon into Zelos's comfort zone.

A hasty Hurricane Thrust by Zelos, which sent the dragon into Presea's Dual Punishment. Sent back again, the dragon flapped its wings trying, to righten itself and fly out of the danger zone.

It managed to fly, but only three feet off the ground, because then it was slammed by Regal's Swallow Dance. As it thudded into the ground thanks to the final hit, Sheena smacked on a seal to its back…

"Pyre Seal!"

Which promptly exploded in a cloud of cards. Even better, with lots of force and just as lots of violence. Right into…



As the younger of the Sage siblings raised the intended target into the skies amid the howl of slashing winds, the older sent up a pulse of light magic which promptly started raining down bolts of, err, light. But because Genis had brought the dragon up to the source, it experienced nine bolts of pure light- Which, saying hurts. A lot.

Were they done yet? Hell no. Booth sister and brother raised their weapon of choice and simultaneously shouted "Prism Stars!"

Suddenly, a hail of magically- created stars came out of thin air…

And started slamming into the dragon A LOT of times. Thirty-five times in total, that is. The splash of the "stars" literally blinded everyone, save for the two casters.

When it was over, all that was left of what was supposed to be a snarling, mutated looking dragon were slightly glowing ashes.

Everyone started at the remains, then the Sage siblings, and then back again. Over and over- For good reason, really.

The silence upon the nest in the sky was only broken by the vengeful roar of the mother dragon, who immediately dived beneath the edge of the nest. As the final baby dragon charged the group, shrieking in what could only be outrage, rumbling filled the air…


When I finally came to my senses, guess what.

The rumbling, right beneath me, was now shaking my body so much my vision was going blurry. Again.

But that didn't stop me from instantly forming the conclusion that if I didn't move, I was dead meat, thanks to the gaping hole of a mouth of the Sliver, which was rising underneath me.

I threw myself to the side, thinking I'd dodged the worst of it…

Which was true. But that didn't mean it was a clean dodge because on the very edge of a Sliver's mouth there's around eighteen to thirty spikes, all ringing the mouth, just as sharp as the teeth within. And because of these spikes, I was impaled in the side- thankfully missing my lung and kidney- all the way through.

I yelled. That was all I could do, yell. It hurt like living hell, sending a shockwave of pain that sent every neuron, every synapse screeching. I somehow managed to get myself off the spike, or else I would have been dealing with an entire rip in my side, two inches wide, given that the Sliver, after coming up, it came down.

But now, I was under the coil of the Sliver's body as it dived underground again, its rapidly retreating head underground to my left, the rest of its body coming up on my right. And I knew I wanted my revenge on this thing.

Not bothering to apply a gel, I grimaced as I gripped my cleaver with all the strength that I could spare against keeping my side tense (To restrict blood flow there), and waited for the tail to come up.

A Sliver wasn't that long, for a few seconds, the body started to thin as it went off to my left. I knew, obviously, from having to watch the damn thing coil right above me.

Bingo. Adios, sucker.

By the time I saw the tail rise up from the ground, I had jumped up, and slashed down to my left from my right shoulder, the direction of the rest of the Sliver's body. "Grand-"

The tail was up, now above me.


The shredding shockwave erupted, ripping off skin from the front of the tail to reveal bluish flesh underneath as I tensed myself.

I wasn't done yet. Here came the finale.


I twisted my hand into reverse, as I drew it close to my body, and slashed upwards.

The shockwave, which had at first looked so mundane, was now a colossus of gold, shimmering gold mixed with blood.

Because the wave, now twice as high as me, and also about three times as destructive as a normal one, not including the initial wave, was ripped apart the skin covering the tail- And was now proceeding to rip away at the skin as well.

Deep within the frozen earth, a roar of pain echoed as the tail- Or what was left of it- Finally vanished, leaving splatters of blue blood behind.

Ignoring the throbbing in my side and the warm blood washing over my side, and the idiocy surrounding what I was about to do next, I stomped on the ground, then I retreated three steps. T

Waiting. Just waiting. But while that was going on, I threw my cleaver behind my back, and pushed pure mana, mana, and more mana into the edge.

It didn't take long. Just after I was done preparing my gigantic dose of hurt, the Sliver rose up from the earth, seeking the morsel that had been SUPPOSEDLY stupid enough to make a ruckus on the surface. SUPPOSEDLY a bad move, right?

All intended. I was waiting for it, so it could take a perfect, direct hit. And if I was lucky…

Maybe it could send this thing right out of the earth.


When the rumbling began, only Genis knew what was about to happen.

He quickly scanned the ground for any telltale sign of cracks, because he knew spells, and he knew the look-a-likes of spells as well. Including this one.

He found it. Right below Lloyd, who was busy smashing away at the last visible dragon, who was attempting to find him off (With little success).

"Everyone, get away from where Lloyd's standing on!"

"What!? Why are you saying everyone to get away from ME!?"

"No, not you, the ground BENEATH you!"

Seconds later, the rumbling increased to the point where it could no longer be considered background noise.

"Get away- C'mon, get away!"

"Alright, alright!" Lloyd blasted away the dragon that was on him with a Raging Beast, then started running away, if only to appease his best friend.

He was lucky he did, because the next instant, the ground opened up, sending jets of mud, rock, and steam up, all superheated. If Lloyd hadn't moved, then he could have been scorched, bruised, blistered, and muddied. And what it meant by muddied is absolutely ruined his clothes- Not good for a guy who only had one set of clothes in his wardrobe for now. In reality, it wasn't good for ANY of them. Didn't they all only have one set of clothes?

Beneath them, the mother dragon, deciding that at least one of the pesky brats that had killed one of her offspring had been demolished, she flew upwards, to examine whatever chaos she had made.

The moment her head poked over the edge, however, was the moment Genis incased her head in an Air Thrust spell, covering her head with fifty cuts all over.

Before she could do more than roar in rage, Regal, disregarding the three-thousand foot drop beneath him, hopped onto its head, and shouted "Eagle Dive!"

The drop slammed the dragon right on the snout, which conveniently had a cut on it- See where this was going? Before the dragon could shake him off, Regal hit an eye with a very low Spin Kick before one last Crescent Moon.

As he hopped off, the second baby dragon (As the first one was nothing but ash) closed in and chomped on the arm. As he struggled to free himself (Which was rather hard with the shackles on, y'know) Presea walked up and knocked it off with an Infliction.

That's right. She. Freakin'. Walked.

As Regal healed his arm with a Healer, Lloyd nailed it with one Omega Tempest, even if it was flying, but that was beside the point- It sent Lloyd high, like really, really high. Perfect for things that flew, really.

As that was taken care of, with the baby dragon squawking its rage but flyingout of harm's way, they heard it. Rumbling.

But this rumbling was twice as loud, and therefore, as Genis correctly deduced, was going to be twice as dangerous.

I know that it's been yet ANOTHER huge absence. BUT! I'm back, and I pray I will be for the next month!

Kendal: I wish you suffer yet another fit of writer's block-

Me: (mauls)