Last Time: And when both Renji's saw their best friend, since childhood, land on the ground with a soft 'thump!'.

"Oh s-hit..."


"Rukia!" Ichigo struggled his way over to his bleeding friend, Renji and Ikkaku already having reached her. "Rukia!"

Ikkaku was checking her over, carefully trying his best to minimize the bleeding, using the medication from his Hōzukimaru, rubbing it over Rukia's chest, her dignity could be restored when they were sure she wasn't dying... Or worse, dead.

"Don't worry. She's jus' fine, jus' lost a lot of blood an' stuff. Ichigo, go get some bandages." The bald headed shinigami said, indicating some far off place for Ichigo to go. Of course, the Kurosaki Clinic would have been a good place to go for medical needs.

"Now I need ya to listen to me Kuchiki," He began, his voice and attention now directed at the sprawled female. "Move ya're head to the left so I can check for some more injuries." She weakly complied, only being able to move half an inch with the remaining strength she had. "And try not ta' spit blood, yeah?" He added, dry humour drifting into his voice.

Throughout all this, Renji had stayed silent, face carved into denial, self-hatred and regret. Of course he was self-disgusted at what he had done, even IT was slightly mortified at it's action.

Nobody had planned this. Nobody had wanted this.

And Nobody needed this.

"Shit. Rukia. Crap." The words began to tumble out of the red head's mouth, switching from IT to him and back again. "Shit. Damn. Crap. Wow."

"I'm so sorry Rukia. Shit. None of this was supposed to happen, dammit!" His voice raised slightly, but calmed down after the little outburst. "Crap Kuchiki. I would have never thought ya'd jump in the way of somethin' tha' big just for Renji's sake, eh?" The voice held a slight tinge of respect in it, a lot of sadness and a drop of regret.

"Ya should have stayed out of this, Kuchiki... DAMMIT!"

Some small furry animal scuttered off, disturbed by the sudden outburst and probably sensing the change of personality in Renji.

"Uruse, Renji. The last thing Kuchiki needs is you freaking out on her." Ikkaku didn't even bother looking up, carefully wrapping the badly shaking girl in the bandages Ichigo had retrieved.

Ichigo had stayed awfully quiet for seeing his friend almost dead.

"..." Renji couldn't look at Rukia, not in her current mess, and he didn't want to see the pity and sympathy in Ikkaku's eyes, neither the blank look in Ichigo's. In the end, he decided to watch the moon, which instead of comforting him like many nights before, began to silently mock him, and remind him of all his past failures and broken promises.


"Bastardo sangriento..."(1) Muttered Yami, fingering the small earphone Halibel had given him. Honestly, the last thing he needed was Hueco Mundo getting into this technology drive crap.

"zzz-I believe it would be more appropriate to not use such vulgar language, Yami.-zzz" Sounded Halibels voice, sending chills down Yami's spine. Even over this bloody earphone-thing she could keep that authority in her voice.

"Hai, hai." He answered, shooting a sideways glance at Grimmjow, who was scrutinizing the moon in a rather freakish way. Well, technically he was scrutinizing the moon more freakishly then he usually is... The freak.

"Oi, Grimmjow. What da hell's wrong wit' ya?" He shouted over at the ice blue Espada, who had, of course, used his own portal to come to the Living World. The last time he had travelled in Yami's, he had ended up with freakishly yellow hair. One that scarily matched Halibel's colour.

And Halibel had recieved a slight shock when she realised her hair had turned blue. One that scarily matched Grimmjow's colour.

"The moon looks freakish. Like if its fake or somethin'. I swear it looks like one of those Projector things Aizen forced us to watch." Yami could have sworn he heard Grimmjow mutter "that basterd." after the sentence. Of course, he paid no heed. He was Espada number 10, Grimmjow was number 6. Four levels of difference in power.

Four levels which could beat him to a mere pulp even after being punished by Aizen for his little 'outbursts'. And if you think he's scary you should see Halibel. Freakish.

"Naa, the moon looks fine. Now come on, I felt some reiatsu's spike up towards west of here." He replied, nonchalantly waving at the direction of said reiatsu's.

Of course, he had felt reiatsu's, but only small small details such as the huge drop of someone's reiatsu signalling that they had been either badly injured or were dead. Of course, on closer inspection, the small detail revealed that someone had been gravely injured and were extremely closed to dying, yet were slowly getting there reiatsu healed back.

"We should hurry up and go before the reiatsu's dissapear or something." Yami suggested, yet again waving nonchalantly at thin air. His mind finally caught up to the fact that he had been using the word 'freakish' quite a lot lately, saying it in his sentences and as simple responses to questions from lower ranked Arrancars about his fellow Espada's.

He snorted out loud, getting a weird look from Grimmjow, at the thought of the other Espada's as 'fellow's. Freakishly hilarious.

"Fine." Grimmjow bitted out, finally having stopped looking at Yami strangely, as if trying to understand what had been going through the 10th Espada's mind. Yami felt like saying something completly random and unnecessary, just to piss of Grimmjow and confuse him more, but then decided against it. After all, Grimmjow was Espada number 6, while Yami was Espada number 10. Four levels of difference in power.

Four levels which could pulverise him to a mere pulp and leave him for all the lower ranked Arrancars and Hollows to eat up and absorb his power or whatever else Aaroneiru(?) does. The freak.

"Let's go." Grimmjow said, giving one final glance at the moon, an eyebrow raised slightly in mock curiosity, and then the two Espada's set off, leaving behind the point in which they had entered into the world, leaving behind the moon which silhoutted them against its silverish white circumference.

"And stop muttered the word freakish under your mouth, ya freakish asshole," Grimmjow added, catching Yami's lips moving subcoincusly, repeating the words without even realising it.

"And where the hell is Stark?!"


Hey, you know that none of this was meant to happen right?

Yeah... Don't worry, shit happens...

You know that I would never do anything to that Kuchiki chick right?

Yeah yeah... Now stop calling her a chick. She's too small for your tastes.

Right, you're my friend. So... If you meet someone who is my taste, you would introduce me to her right?

-snort-, yeah I'll just say "Hey guess what, I know someone who you would really get along with. Meet IT, my childhood friend."And then you can come in the picture, right?

"Hey... Renji...?"

Renji looked up, his gaze falling into the deep abyss of deep brown(?) that reflected nothing but hesitancy. He raised an eyebrow, breaking contact with the addictive eyes, looking at the orange haired teen. Ichigo first breathed in, then sighed and began to speak, only to hesitate, try again, and fail by stuttering incomprehensively. Seriously, with the way Ichigo was stuttering, Renji couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for realising that the boy didn't know how to act around Renji anymore. Didn't know how he should act around Renji anymore. Not after everything.

"W-Why..." He stopped, breathing in and ever slightly shaking his head. Renji could now see that the boy had dark bangs under his eyes, maybe from lack of sleep. Honestly, Ichigo's state was pathetic.

The teen was trying to say something again. "W-Why... Why did you leave us... Renji...?" His voice was barely over a whisper, only for Renji to hear, yet strong enough for Ikkaku to catch the drift.

"Apparently to protect us," Ikkaku drawled, voice laced with bitterness.

Well, apparently Ichigo was fine enough to raise a single eyebrow, almost comically, at Ikkaku's statement.

"Uruse, Ikkaku." Renji snapped back, his voice in good humour despite everything. He was probably being a cynacil bastard but then again, who wasn't?

"You know how before you met Rukia, your reiatsu was just flowing freely and it was affecting the people around you making them spirutally aware as well. Like Inoue for example?" Renji asked, receiving a nod from Ichigo. A hesistant nod, but that was a start. "Yeah well, the same thin' was happenin' to me, an' I needed to get away from all of ya before somethin' messed up happened," He nonchalantly shrugged, as if it was something that happened long ago and wasn't important. "Aizen just happen' to come along an' offer me a place, so I agreed. I wasn't plannin' on stayin' their long anyway, only 'till my reiatsu lowered a bit."

Ichigo watched him for a while, as if decided whether to believe the red head or not. After a couple of minutes, he sighed and asked another question. "So... Have you left Aizen now...? Or are you...?" He trailed off, his voice dropping to silence. Renji got the drift, and looking away from the teen wondered how he should answer.

Oi... What do you think?

I'm gonna miss that big assed TV, that's what I think.

The red head smiled slightly, the moon throwing an unearthly glow on him. Both Ikkaku and Ichigo could see their previous friend smiling, and both couldn't help but feel a slight chill run down their spine.

"It's decided then," He muttered to himself. He then raised his voice, turning to look at the two shinigami's (three if you count Rukia). "Yea' I'm with ya. But I bet I won't be able to go back to Soul Society for a while now, huh?"

"Not unless ya think we're gonna just take ya back like that." Ikkaku muttered, clicking his fingers to prove his point.

Renji had come to realise that he had lost a good friend in Ikkaku. He hated himself for that too, betraying Ikkaku so bad that there was no more to betray. He knew that it would be hard to get back the truth, loyalty and friendship he had in Ikkaku.

But it would be damn worth it.

"Ikkaku... I know I messed up big time, and that before I had promised nothing like this was ever going to happen again. But you of all people should have been able to know that it would happen again, and that the promise was just for the occasion. Just to rest the soul for a while." Renji sighed. "I had no control over what happened last time, as you've been told by what you call 'the voice', and this time isn't all that different from then." At this IT snorted, cursing at Renji.

Renji ignored it.

"Soul Society, you, Ichigo and the others, heck even Hueco Mundo and Las Noches, have the right to cut all ties with me. You can label me as a traitor, as a rebel or one of those Shinigami rouges like that Shinigami when the Bounto's attacked. I'll absolutely understand. But don't think I'm just going to disappear like some half-assed bastard." Ikkaku was glaring at him. "I'm gonna try to get back the friendship I once had." He finished, looking straight at Ikkaku, even though his words were meant for Ichigo and Rukia as well.

Ikkaku snorted, and was first to break eye contact. "Do whatever you want. It's none of my business."

Renji had always wondered how he escaped these moments…



The female Espada waited to hear why she had been called for.

Aizen sat in his white chair as usual, that handsomely sweet look still apparent on his face even after everything he had done. Gin stood next to him, his hair slightly damp from god knows what. Tousen was nowhere in sight.

"Gin here tells me that there seems to be a problem concerning our honoured guest," Halibel remained silent, occupying herself with the conversation that was going on between Grimmjow and Yammi. The latter seems to be in a freakish phase at the moment.

"Could something possibly be wrong... Halibel?" She hated the way Aizen said someones name a few seconds later after he had spoken, but she understood why he did. She understood a lot of things about Aizen, and for that reason she could not help but feel some respect for said man.

"Do not worry, Aizen-sama." She said, keeping her eyes swiftly on Aizen. Never waver. "It is under control." And she turned around and began to make her way out of the room. This was a dangerous move, one that could get Aizen and his slaves (for what other purpose did Gin and Tousen serve?) suspicious of her current lack of politeness. But she needed to let Aizen know that no matter how hard he tried, the Arrancars and Hollows of Hueco Mundo would always be in control of the Espada's. Always.

"Ne, Halibel-san." Of course, Gin has proved to not care much for things like this before. "Where is Abarai-kun anyway?"

"..." She knew without looking back that Aizen's smile had grown 0.34 cm's more. Gin always knew what Aizen wanted.

"Abarai-kun is currently not here, Gin-sama." And Halibel always knew what they didn't.

She carried on walking out of the room, and this time, was able to make it out with no more interruptions. Gin's smile (or whatever it was) was a lot more wider, stretching his face to breaking point, and Aizen wasn't much different. They had got the message they wanted. Abarai Renji is not in Hueco Mundo.

The door's shut behind her with a 'thud!' and she knew better then to relax. She turned to the right, but instantly stopped moving, seeing Ulquiorra (A/N: Spelling is finally right. XP) simply waiting for her. The old man wasn't far off, although he was only there to make sure the fourth Espada and Halibel didn't start a fight.

Of course, he only did it for the sake of it being too troublesome if they did fight. The damage would be too great... Of course.


"Ulquiorra," They greeted each other, heads moving a fraction in a nod.

"Aizen-sama seems to be in a rather good mood, Ulquiorra, so if you have any bad news, I would advise breaking it to him carefully." She said, her hands hidden by her long sleeves.

"Yes, he is in a very good mood. But tell me Halibel," Halibel kept her gaze controlled. Never waver. "Why are Grimmjow and Yammi in the Living World? I believe Aizen-sama will not be happy if he were to be informed."

if he were to be informed. Halibel liked where this was going.

"True. But do not worry, for Aizen-sama will not have to be informed of it. Stark is with them to make sure they behaved well." She heard some worrying static on her earphone. Couldn't be Grimmjow, he was telling Yammi to stop muttering the word 'freakish'. Couldn't be Yammi, because he was muttering the word 'freakish'.


"I see. You seem to be preoccupied, Halibel. May something be wrong?" Damn Ulquiorra and his good eyesight. 72.895 to be exact.

"No. Nothing is the matter." The old man was scowling at her. Something had gone wrong. "As you know, I am very busy, so please excuse me." She passed Ulquiorra, who didn't move an inch, and made her way to the old man. The two began walking together, Ulquiorra watching them from his spot.

It was very usual to see Halibel and the old man walking together through the corridors, both seemingly conversing with each other, or doing anything else of the sort. Stark would usually also be with them, and people would make sure not to get in their path, nor in there way.

The Privaron Espada's and a selected few of the Arrancars (mostly the trusted Fraccion) knew the reason behind the three strongest evolved Hollow's need to converse. Only the Privaron Espada's and a selected few (including Fraccion) and the normal Espada's knew of about the revolution. But only a selected few of the Privaron Espada's and a very small few of the Fraccion's knew about the true excuse behind the trio's 'walks'.

Of course, only a few Espada's knew this too. And Ulquiorra was not one of them.


Ichigo and the others looked up, feeling a change in the air. Their worry began rising, sensing around five strong reiatsu's heading towards the park. Three of them they could instantly recognise, Renji's worry increasing, and the remaining two were only recognised by Renji, who's worry was now skyrocketing.

Actually, Ichigo had recognised Grimmjow's reiatsu. And he could only guess the remaining other's.

Ikkaku was clueless to the two foreign reiatsu's, but he could tell they were not Shinigami, or human. That only left Hollow. And they were strong. Strong.

Must be Espada. And his adrenaline started kicking in.

Rukia was breathing steadily now, Ikkaku's medicine and bandaging having helped greatly. The wound was still dangerously deep, and the trio had been planning on taking her to Urahara's to stitch her up. Renji had asked how everyone was doing, especially Urahara, and received a snort from Ikkaku and a stuttering answer from Ichigo.

The pansy's here. So's icy and Big Fist.

Shit. There here too!

Oh, stop it. There not gonna eat ya alive. The chick might eat me but definetly not you.

U-Uruse! And why is every female a chick to you?!

Renji wondered how he was going to escape this moment…

To Be Continued...

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