It seemed that everyone who Tunstall took in was a renegade. We were people filled with hate and vengeance. Society despised and we only had one another.

The day he walked in, I saw the fury that was in his eyes. The absolute rejection he had from the world. I think that's why I loved him.

I got up early in the morning to see the sun rise again. To sit in wonder of how everything can turn from something so still to the sound of Stephen chewing his disgusting chewbacco in the morning. I climbed on top on Tunstall's house watching the sky reveal itself again. It doesn't seem fair, that people like us should be able to enjoy such liberties.

A crack on the ground. I caught him this time.

"Not today Chavez," I teased him. I heard him climb up behind me.

"Doesn't matter, last time I left a mark on your neck to remind you. It's good that you're learning." I hated that he reminded me of that, the scar on my neck still had wrapping on it. Chavez y Chavez put away his knife and sat beside me. I could barely make out his face in the dark, but I'd see him in a moment or two.

I sarcastically scolded him "I do love these strange games we play, Chavez."

"They are warrior tests, not games, Mariposa. One day I might actually kill you."

I punched him hard in the arm. I don't think I really hurt him. He didn't react. I felt foolish after doing it; I had revealed my weakness to him again. He just sat their like he always does. That same serious face, as if someone had just tried to kill him. He is so serious all the time. I think I'm the only person that can ever even get him to stop looking so angry. But I respect him for that, after all this time he still acts as if it were yesterday. As if his family was killed only moments before. 'A warrior must remain fierce to intimidate his opponent. A bear will not fear a laughing cub.' He said that once.

"You never told me what Mariposa means."

He turned to me with a stern gaze. "I never will."

"I could just ask someone who speaks Spanish."

"You won't, Mariposa, you'll miss the curiosity."

He was right. He is always right. It makes me angry sometimes. Chavez doesn't speak much, but whenever he does he says always what is necessary and it's never too much.

The sun began to rise. A brilliant array of colors splashed the horizon. Filled with golden and blue wonders, I saw the planes more carefully. Chavez seemed to soak this in more than I could. He didn't even watch it. He just closed his eyes and waited for the soft rays of the sun to warm his face. It gave me a chance to look at him this morning.

Chavez is brilliant. The golden bars of the sun alighted his bronze skin making it shimmer; his shoulder length black hair fell behind him as the wind blew it in every direction. The world seemed to matter when he was around. Everything was so important, nothing was trivial. He always let me drone on about the dumbest things, and patiently sat their and actually listened to me. I didn't get the hostility in his voice that everyone else did. I don't know why. That question bothered me for a moment.

I had been staring at Chavez for so long, I had forgotten to pay attention to the sunrise. I missed it. I think he felt me staring at him because he calmly opened his eyes and looked at me. Those black coals, that turn me into a whimpering woman. I can never hold his gaze for long. He is so much stronger than I am.

"Why-" I began unsurely "Why, am I different?" He looked puzzled.

"I mean. Why are you nicer to me? Is it because I'm a woman?"

He smiled as if that were a foolish question. I knew it was.

"Mariposa, porque," He paused looking for the correct answer. He still looked at me. I guess that's a perk of being fearless. I didn't have to courage to look at him. I had to look away.

"Mariposa" He caught my attention by his laughter. "That is a stupid question."

My pride got the best of me and I began another so called game we play. 'Who can kill the other first?' I pulled out my knife and tried to stab him in the chest. I knew he would block it. His muscular arms often win him the fight. He laughed at me again. I didn't think it was funny.

"We must work on your temper next."


I lunged again. This time he was ready for me; he blocked me and pushed me away to the side. I fell. He pulled out his knife and attacked me. I forgot to mention that I actually fell off the building. Luckily, it wasn't that far of a drop and yes he was still trying to stab me.

"You have started something you will not win, Mariposa." He said mockingly.

I wanted to make him angry. "Shut up you dirty Mexican bastard." He stopped and stared. I really pissed him off now.

I waited for him to do something, but he did nothing he just stared. That's when I noticed he wasn't looking at me, but behind me. I turned to look.

A gentle prick pushed itself into my back.

"Got you." He whispered in my ear.

I pushed him away angrily and looked at my shirt. Their was a tear in it.

"You damn Indian… Look what you did!"

He shook his head disapprovingly and put away his knife. Tunstall then ran out of the house. His guns were in his hands.

"What the hell?" he voiced. For a moment he looked at both of us covered in dirt.

"Damn you two. If you're going to get in a fight please have the decency to do it while everyone is awake already. And Molly, stop sleeping outside. You'll die of cold."

"I wasn't sleeping outside." I mumbled.

He marched back in. Chavez and I looked at one another and I burst out in laughter. He just watched me…just like he always does.