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Grow Up: The Sequel

Alan was fuming as he exited his father's office, he couldn't even think. He just knew that he needed to get out of there; out of the office, out of the house, and hell if he had his way off of the whole damn island!! As he rounded the corner, he was confronted by his brothers. Gordon, Scott, and Virgil stood before him, arms crossed and faces smirking.

"Get out of my way."

"Oh attitude!!" Gordon mocked

"Yeah Alan, what's the matter? Did widdle baby bwother get in trouble again?"

"Seriously Alan, you guys haven't fought like that since you blew up the Chem. lab. You must have seriously fucked something up this time," said Virgil.

"See Virg, don't you know? Alan is making up for all of the stupid shit that we never did growing up."

Alan didn't respond. He physically shouldered his way in between his brothers and continued down the hallway towards the sanctity of his bedroom. Once there he slammed the door with enough force to rattle the pictures that hung on his walls. Door locked, he finally let his emotions push through to the surface. The tears that he had not let fall while arguing with his father now came back with a vengeance, and they slid in silent rivers sown his face, while his body slid down the door to sit on the floor.

God, why is coming home always so terrible? His face still stung from where his father had slapped him. Because my father doesn't understand me, that's why. Not my father, not my brothers, no one. They think that they are the only ones hurting from mom's death; they don't even stop to consider how I feel. They all just think of me as just an immature, emotional little kid. None of them want me around, and right now I sure as hell don't want anything to do with them, so why am I hanging around?

Mind made up, he pushed himself up off of the floor and hastily scrubbed his tear streaked face. He quickly repacked the few things that he had managed to put away since coming home. Why can't dad just accept me for the person that I am? I mean, he's always comparing me to my brothers. Why can't you speak more like Virgil? Why can't your grades be more like John's? Does he have any idea how hard it is to live up the standards of four older brothers? Not to mention the standards that have already been set because my father is Jeff Tracy, Billionaire Ex-Astronaut Entrepreneur, yadda yadda yadda. As he packed Alan began to put the pieces together. The only way that I am ever going to be accepted in this family is by changing. No wonder dad doesn't let me be a Thunderbird. To be a Thunderbird I have to be my brothers: polite, smart, un-emotional, following orders. And he doesn't think that I can do that. Well I guess that it's about time that I changed their perception of me. They don't like me for who I am? Well that's fine, because from this point on, that person no longer exists.

Alan picked up his bags and headed down to the landing strip, taking the long way around to avoid any further confrontation with either his father or his brothers. As he approached the landing strip, he was glad to see the familiar figure of Parker Just finishing some maintenance on Penny's car. Finally, something today was going the way he wanted it to.

"Hi Parker."

Parker turned around, surprised at the sudden company he suddenly found himself with. "Why hello young Mr. Tracy!" He noticed the bags that were in his hands. "Oy! What have you got there?"

Alright, now for the hard part. "Actually Parker, I was wondering if you would take me back to school."

"But Mr. Tracy! You've just gotten home but a few hours ago!"

"Parker, dad and I had a huge fight after we got back." Well at least that was the truth. Now it was time to blur the lines a little bit. "He decided that it would be best to put some distance between us, so I'm going back to school for the week."

"Well……" he seemed unsure. The fights between the youngest Tracy son and the Tracy patriarch were legendary, but never so bad as to put physical distance between them. But still…… "I really should clear this with your father."

"Parker, please. He less time that he has to spend near me right now is best for all parties involved." And now for the clincher. "But I suppose if you don't want to make the flight I can always just fly myself and leave the plane in the hangar for one of my brothers to pick up later." He started moving towards the hangar bay, knowing full well that Parker would not let him fly himself back to school.

"Now wait just a minute, that won't be necessary." Ah, just like he thought. "Let's get those bags of yours loaded up, if we leave now you'll be back before the sun even sets." Parker quickly stowed them in the rear compartment of the pink car.

Alan smiled as he got situated in the back seat. "Thank you Parker. I'm sure that dad will really appreciate this. And, well, I do, anyway."

"Of course Mr. Tracy, it's not really a problem at all." And with that, they were off, the car taking off smoothly from the runway.

Nobody noticed this take off, however, and nobody noticed the absence of its passengers, wrapped up as they were in their own plans for the afternoon.

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