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Left All Alone

"You're not good for me, Bella", he said.

Of course, I knew that I wasn't good enough for him; I knew that I wasn't even remotely good enough for him, knew that I was too plain, too clumsy, just plain….not enough.

I looked into his eyes, they had grown solid somehow, not the usual liquid topaz eyes I loved. They looked…hard and cold, like he was done playing games with a silly little human such as me.

"Please….Don't leave….Me…" I pleaded so hard, but I already knew that he made his decision. Already knew that he really and truly didn't love me.

"Promise me something?"

"Anything, Edward…"

"Don't do anything reckless or stupid, not for me of course….for Charlie"

….Yea….Of course he wouldn't care about me…He just wanted to make sure Charlie was taken care of.

I saw him turn around and start running. I started to run after him although I knew very well that I would never catch up. I then realized that my life had no more meaning to it, that my life was now an empty shell just waiting for it to be filled up again.

I realized that my life was…nothing.

I started to walk towards the house, not knowing why of course, no one was waiting for me there.

One week later

Even though it's been one week since the ….Heh…I can't even say it. I turned into the walking dead. Ironic, huh? I see the disappointment in Charlie's eyes, like they are saying "I knew he wasn't good for you". Oh, how wrong he was. It was me who wasn't good enough for him.

Everyone I ever made contact with ignores me now. All my friends don't bother with me, all my teachers giving up on helping raise my grades, from the once straight A's to failing F's. What good was school now? What good was trying to be successful? What good was life?


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Character Chat

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