Title: The Secret
Rating: G
'Ship: 10Rose (with a bit of Martha thrown in)
Word Count: 193
Genre: Angst with a teeny weeny drop of fluff and action/adventure
Summary: The Face of Boe finally tells the Doctor his secret and he is faced with a choice...

A/N: Unbeta'd and written post-DW (AKA written by a monkey on crack) so all mistakes are mine. Oh, and I don't own Doctor Who, R.T.Davis and the crew do.

He can't tear his eyes away.

Whatever the Doctor expected The Face of Boe to show him, it wasn't this. It was beautiful, and impossible, and captivating. He stands in a daze, barely registering Martha's insistent tugging on his hand, telling him urgently that they have to go. He can't leave. Not now.

He nearly forgot how beautiful she was, how her blonde hair dances in the wind and how her whole face lights up when she sees him. He watches as they stand together, a toddler in their arms, as they laugh and talk and kiss.

A lone tear traces its way down his face but the Doctor barely even notices too captivated by the image of the future he could've had. So this was The Face of Boe's deepest secret and this was the decision he had to make. He could either go with Martha, save the world, do what he always does and end up alone or…this. Him and Rose and their child until they both grow old and die together.

The world is falling around him and the future calls; The Doctor knows he has a decision to make.