Title: Thoughts & Whispers
Rating: G
Pairing: 10/Rose
Word Count: 100, yay!
Summary: Post-Doomsday, from the Doctor's POV.
A/N: I don't own Doctor Who. Unbeta'd. Comments are loved. Originally written 10 April 2007.

He walks alone down the strangely familiar beach, his desolate and quiet movements mirroring his melancholic thoughts. Her final words to him echo mercilessly in his ears as he stands in the precise spot where she did a million miles from here. His Converse drag themselves along the quiet beach, accompanied by their owner who unintentionally neglects the shoes stained with his past. It seems somehow right that this is the first place he chose to come after he said goodbye to her - the place where she whispered her love for him, only to know it will never be returned.