Title: Day Off
Rating: G
Pairing: 10th Doctor/Rose
Word Count: 504
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Rose wanted a day off. Chips, sunshine, huggles...you get the idea.
A/N: I don't own Doctor Who. Unbeta'd. Comments are loved. Originally written April/May 2007.

It was a Tuesday when Rose decided she wanted a trouble-free and relaxing day, or as she put it, a 'day off'. A 'day off' from what he wasn't sure, he would be perfectly happy to skip around the universe saving planets from giant lobsters and the like until the cows come home…theoretical cows, of course. Still, this is what Rose wanted and he (nearly) happily obliged.

"Oi! Doctor, you going to help me with my chips or just stare off into space all day?" Rose asked, teasingly prodding him in the ribs.

He gives a carefree laugh before stealing a chip and popping it in is mouth. They eat in silence for a few moments, occasionally sharing the odd chip and smile, watching the children play on the other side of the canal.

She softly sighs and rests her head on his shoulder, his free arm almost unconsciously snaking around her waist. This wasn't domestic, he tells himself, he's just giving his friend a little comfort after a long couple of weeks, that's all.

"This is nice," Rose said, watching as the last rays of sunshine dip over the quiet park, "Just me and you…you know, not having to run for our lives from some bug-eyed green monster."

"Oh, come on Rose, how many 'bug-eyed green monsters' have you actually seen while travelling with me, hmm?" The Doctor said, not exactly disagreeing with the 'running for our lives' statement.

"Well, I dunno, the Slitheen were kinda green and…you know what I mean, right?" She asked, lifting her head slightly from his shoulder so she could look at him.

"Yeah, I do. I suppose a 'day off' isn't so bad after all."

She snuggles back into his arms and watches a swan swim quietly in front of them and listens to the laughter of children in the park. "It's been a good day." She says quietly.

He hums in agreement before giving into temptation and dropping a soft kiss on her forehead. Rose tenses slightly in surprise before completely relaxing against him, trying to hide her blush and smile from her companion. They'd definitely grown closer today, Rose even being able to drag the Doctor round a couple of shops before collapsing in a quiet café and talking for hours about the oddest things. It had been a good day.

They sit in a companionable silence for a few minutes more and watch as the sky grows gradually darker and park less occupied. She doesn't think he's ever been so quiet for so long, apart from that one time she caught him sleeping in the TARDIS library. She remembers how peaceful he looked, eyes closed, glasses askew and a book splayed over his steadily rising chest. Rose smiles at the thought and threads her fingers through his, enjoying the rare moment of peace with the man that changed her life.

Soon the light fades from the sky completely and the friends walk back to their home hand in hand to start another adventure together.