On Death

Dark Lady Devinity


He truly had not been expecting to be able to feel anything in death. He had expected, wanted, needed death to be nothingness. He wouldn't be in pain then. All his life, he had been in search of nothing. Nothing would mean no more hitting and bleeding, no more tears and heartbreak, no more hateful step-father and unfaithful mother.

No more Yue.

Pills had done the trick for a while. But getting high was still a feeling, and bad trips didn't make him forget that his house was not a home. And then he died at the hands of the Mudo punk Kira liked so much. He hadn't wanted to die, wasn't sure if he was ready to be nothing just yet. It didn't matter; when he woke up in Hades, he could feel the warm, dry air against his skin. He had been wrong. In death, there was no nothingness.

He would learn that nothingness was not what he had really needed. Later on, when Mudo -no, Setsuna- would save him from himself and his own dark memories. He would try to reach out and find something, and he swore to help Setsuna then.

It would be clear then; death held everything.


Death means little to one such as he. He remembered every past life, every make pretend emotion, every host body's name. They all make little impact. Why would they? He couldn't die. Nanatsusaya was a sword, a weapon of death. It was simply a spirit that passed from host to host. And even if damage was done to the host, the blood stain on the sword (and host body) would force the body to regenerate and heal itself.

Life was nothing.

Then he experienced this life. Setsuna was his closest friend and he cared about him. He even loved the father he was supposed to make hate him. The small child spirit of the real Kira Sakuya had told him he was being human. And he wanted to be. And it hurt him to think of his father or friends dying or being in pain.

So death was no longer just a part of a cycle. It was something that could hurt.


She was an angel, now deceased. Died quickly, died frightened. But she didn't remember that, didn't remember the name Kirie. All she really knew was that, if she had died, then she was glad to be dead here. Uriel was her master and her love. This afterlife was reward enough.

For her, death held happiness.


He didn't fear death, at least, not his own. He is okay with dying for his friends, for Sara. However, he'd much rather live. Reach out and touch sunlight, laugh, love, be with her. Death would come eventually, so let it come when it will.

He still doesn't fear his own death, but he finds it hurts more now that she's gone. He allows that Sara can die, and that she should, like all things. But she didn't have to die so young, not when they could finally be happy. She should have died old, her bones too tired to continue. He would die with her then. And then there is his friends to worry about. He's seen Kato die too many times; first when he killed him, then twice in Hades. He would not kill Uriel, does not want to see Kira or Kurai or anyone else die. He will not die if he doesn't have to.

If he can save Sara and save his world, then he'll have everything to live for. And he will live for it.

Death is only natural. But it can still wait another day before it takes everything away.


She didn't fear it. She didn't like to think of her loves ones dying, but she knew all things died. She accepted it. And she would die, bravely, with no fear or resentment. It was her choice, and she would protect the one she loved most. Her only regret would be that he'd have to survive this life without her. But he would someday be happy, she would be okay with that.

She made certain that in death, there would be life.