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Twelve Months

By: Laura

Prologue: August 1st 2027 - The Reunion

I am an outsider, an observer, not meant for the spotlight. I wasn't meant to observe the sacred exchanges between former heroes. The glances from one to another detailing years of strong friendship. The understanding that could only be built from mutual respect. The smiles of those truly comfortable around a certain group of people.

I wasn't meant to share that aspect of my husband's life. Every year on the first of August, he and our daughter head to the Digital World. Every year on the first of August they return with stories. The games of tag played with Tyler Ishida and Tomaya Ichijouji, or the latest antics of business mogul Davis Motomiya. Every year on the first of August I smile, and listen, and thank whatever deity may exist that my family has been so blessed.

It's an unspoken rule that the spouses of the Japanese chosen children find other things to do on the first of August. I myself have no problem with it, it leaves me time to grade papers. Although I never met her while she was alive; I've been told Catherine Takaishi was fine with the arrangement. I never met Mimi Tachikawa-Samson, nor her husband Michael, but from what my own husband has told me, everyone was thrilled when she finally left him. Lialis Hozumi-Kamiya and Theresa Kido both seemed a little too pleased to have their respective husbands out of the house for a day, and it didn't surprise me much when Joe and Theresa announced their divorce. Toicy Hida, who is one of the nicest women I've ever met, also loves the idea of letting her daughter and husband bond. All in all, I'd say the arrangement works for everybody.
I've met most of the Digi-destined over the years. Tai Kamiya is a devoted father to his son, and a devoted husband to his wife, Lialis Hozumi-Kamiya. Can't say I like her much, she's a little too demanding and outspoken for my tastes.

Tai's little sister, Kari Kamiya was my daughter's kindergarten teacher three years ago. She's a wonderful woman, and an excellent mother to her adopted son.

I first met Matt and Sora Ishida at their wedding, before I was married. I was shocked when they announced their divorce three years ago. I've become friends with them both, and am happy to say neither of them harbor any resentment towards the other. Their older son, Tyler is in my daughter's class at school.

I've met Joe Kido many times, as he and my husband are good friends. His ex-wife, Theresa wasn't the world's nicest woman. Upon their divorce I was glad to hear Joe had full custody of their only son.
TK Takaishi; Matt's younger brother was unable to make our wedding, he was living in France with his grandfather. Nobody really saw him much except at the reunions. I learned from my husband he had married an old friend of his, named Catherine. They had one son. His novels about the Digital World become popular, so it wasn't hard to keep track of his life, many people were shocked upon the murder of his wife.

I've never met Mimi Tachikawa-Samson, since she lives in America, but I have seen her television show. My husband won't talk about her much. Joe once told me there was some bad blood between them in the past. When Mimi left her husband, actor Michael Samson, it was all over the tabloids. It was a very messy custody battle for their young son, but she eventually won.

Ken and Yolei Ichijouji are close friends of our family. Yolei was a bridesmaid in my wedding party. They have one of those wonderful marriages that everyone wishes for.

I'd heard a lot about Davis Motomiya, but nothing prepared me for our first meeting. That's a story for another time, but I will say one thing, I'll never look at Banana Cream Pie the same way ever again. He lives with a wonderful woman, Kevlyn Azuno, the mother of his son. I've also become good friends with her.

Cody Hida is the digi-destined I see the most of though; merely because his wife, Toicy is my younger cousin. I introduced them, and they were married less than six months later.

All of the Japanese Digi-destined have had their ups and downs, my husband and I included, but they've always stayed tied together throughout everything. There are times I feel unimportant in the scheme of things. There are times I wish I could go to those reunions, but I know for a fact that there is nothing that could've prepared myself, my family, or any of the other digi-destined for the twelve months after the Reunion of 2027.

~Anaia Izumi

-- -- --

"Mom, Sam pushed me!"

"Tyler's pulling my hair!"

"Come catch me, Kyelli!"

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi smiled, and watched the children running around the secluded meadow in the Digital World. Another year, another Digi-destined reunion, a million wonderful new memories. He loved these meetings, loved seeing everyone together. He interacted with some on a nearly weekly basis, like Joe, Cody, Ken and Yolei. Others, such as Matt, Tai, Sora and Kari, he ran into on occasion, but not often. Then there were those like TK, Davis and Mimi he saw once a year, at these reunions. These gatherings were a time to put aside differences, to smile, and laugh and forget about the world outside of their paradise.

With a smile, Izzy leaned against a tree and grinned. Nearby, his daughter, Kyelli played tag with Tomaya Ichijouji and KC Motomiya.

"Hey Izzy."

"Hey Joe."

The doctor leaned against the tree beside his friend. "You look happy, as usual." He observed. "Little wife keeping you busy?"

Izzy rolled his eyes at the use of the word little. "Why does everyone find it so funny that Anaia's taller than me?"

Joe cracked a small smile, a rarity with him lately. "I apologize, I just felt like a break into humor."

"Really not a problem my friend." Izzy assured him. "You need to bring Jay over for dinner sometime soon, he and Kyelli get along really well. You know Anaia adores you both."

"Anaia adores everyone." Joe muttered. "Except possibly Davis, I'm pretty sure she's afraid of him."

"Isn't everyone?" The two men glanced over as Kari Kamiya approached them. "Hello boys." She grinned at them, and kissed each of their cheeks. "Has life been treating you well?"

Joe snorted softly, and Izzy grinned. "Oh yes. And what about you? I hear your son was having some trouble."

Kari's smile only widened. "Gareth is a wonderful boy, he's just having some troubles adjusting to a new school. He's now going to the school I work at, I felt it would be best for him."

Izzy nodded, but didn't voice his opinion on the situation. He had met Gareth Kamiya, and felt that coddling was the last thing the troubled young boy needed.

"Hey, Izzy, Over here!" He turned and saw Yolei Ichijouji waving her arms frantically. A wide grin was plastered on her face.

"Pardon me, Kari, Joe." He nodded at his friends and jogged over to where Yolei was beckoning him.

The Ichijouji's oldest child, Tomaya grabbed at his hand eagerly. His own daughter, Kyelli soon latched on to the other one. Yolei grinned at him. "I see you've got a few parasites." She commented.

"I just can't seem to get rid of them." Izzy's voice was completely dry.

"You know what I find works best when dealing with unwanted pests?"

Izzy and Yolei grinned at each other. "Tickling!" They shouted in unison, grabbing their respective daughters and tickling them.

The two young girls started giggling uncontrollably, and Tomaya started shouting for her younger brother, Sam.

"I'm not helping you Maya! Girls have cooties!" He called from where he was seated with Brady Kamiya.

Izzy and Yolei released the girls who ran off giggling.

"Now that that's over with, what did you need me for?" Izzy shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Well, Tomaya asked if Kyelli could sleep over tonight. I said I was fine as long as you were okay with it."

"Fine with me, I'd love to have a night alone with Anaia."

"Great! I'll go tell the girls." Yolei ran off towards where Tomaya and Kyelli were chasing Sam and Brady, attempting to give them girl cooties.


He spun around, and found himself face to face with Mimi Tachikawa-Samson. "Hello Mimi."

-- -- --

Tai Kamiya stretched and leaned against his elbows, watching the children. "Lialis is wonderful, I couldn't ask for a better woman to be my wife."

"Awesome!" Davis laughed. "Kevlyn kicks ass, we have this great arrangement... sex, a kid, yet no mushy feelings to screw everything up."

"How can you live like that?" Sora asked, shaking her head.

Davis shrugged. "We just do."

Matt muttered something under his breath, and Tai laughed softly. Davis would never change, that was something he'd put his money on any day.

From nearby, TK rested his chin on his knees and watched everyone. Izzy and Mimi appeared to finally be speaking to each other. That was a good sign. The two of them had done nothing but glare for the past twelve years. It wasn't that TK couldn't sympathize with Izzy. Mimi had run off with Michael leaving him all alone, but Izzy had fallen in love with Anaia, and Mimi had gotten hers. You'd think he'd at least tolerate her presence.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

TK glanced up and smiled at Ken. "They don't go that cheap."

"Naturally, you're a best-selling novelist, your drool is probably collected and spooned to monkeys to get them to write Shakespeare."

TK blinked.

Ken shrugged. "Sorry, too many cartoons with the kids."

"Cartoons, eh?" Cody joined the two men. "I wish Amelia would watch cartoons, she prefers to watch court shows."

"Like father, like daughter." Ken laughed.

That was the tone of the reunion, laughter and memory, just as all the reunions before it. While everyone was different, things were still the same. It wouldn't be until the next reunion when the Japanese Chosen Children would realize just how much could change in twelve short months...

-- -- --

I was an outsider, an observer, not meant for the spotlight. I wasn't allowed to observe the sacred exchanges between former heroes. The glances from one to another detailing years of strong friendship. The understanding that could only be built from mutual respect. The smiles of those truly comfortable around a certain group of people.

The changes a group of people can undergo in the course of twelve short months can be phenomenal. The breakdown of lives. The attempts to put the pieces back together again. The dance of human emotion caused by uncontrollable circumstances. In the course of twelve short months, it happened.

There was death, and life. Betrayal and rebirth. The next time all twelve of the Digi-destined would meet up, so much would have changed. So many people would be different… so many hearts would be broken, and rebuilt...

Throughout those months I was the watcher, a fly on the wall living in my paradise, untouched by change. The watchers are often those who get the best stories. The watchers are those who see, and feel, and experience the most, merely from their vantage point.

I watched, I observed, and I felt what those twelve did. I know for a fact that there is nothing that could've prepared myself, my family, or any of the other digi-destined for the twelve months after the Reunion of 2027.

~Anaia Izumi

To Be Continued...

-- -- --

Well, that was the prologue. A lot more will happen in the next chapters, I promise. The prologue is simply to give an overview of where everybody is in their lives.

Chapter One: August 2027 - Misplaced Trust

Tai leaves the reunion to find a surprise waiting for him. A night out on the town for Davis may cause more trouble than it's worth, and Mimi runs into an old friend while visiting Odaiba. All that and more in the next chapter...

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