Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans or any of its characters, but the plot and situations that are to be seen below and so on are of my own creation.

Author's note: I'm back; I hope you guys didn't miss me that much, but enough babbling, let's cut to the action, I am now proud to present what will be my longest work so far, a three chapter installment based from Raven's own words, as she would be the one guiding you guys through this whole fic.

This time, I would like to dedicate this fic to my dear Sam, my always there right hand, I'm hoping she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


One with me


I'm so glad I can have her by my side now, it's been two tough years, but we have overcome any adversity that has tried to attempt against us, holding each other's hand and drifting together in the night's eternity.

We are one now; we share the same feelings and wish for the same things... To stay by each other's side forever...

After choosing one of destiny's paths, a promise and a new life; we have kept each other secure, longing the other's side if we are apart and holding the other if that was what we needed.

But, I guess you don't know what I'm talking about right? Let me explain myself then, it all started two years ago from now, we were 18 back then...

As we started getting into age, it was inevitable for us to wish for our own paths and so, a cruel phase for the Teen Titans or rather for me began...