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One with me

Chapter 3. Things now

And now, here we are, two years after this whole thing started, so much has happened, some of them bad, other ones good and one specially wonderful; this last one was wrapped in my arms right now, my head resting against her reddish hair, which smells like orchids.

We stood on our apartment's balcony, we had moved here about half a year now. Not long after Starfire joined my side, the Titans dissolved for good, we couldn't keep the team together anymore, so for our own sake; we took separate paths...

Star and I moved from Jump City, going a bit more south, where they said the climate was good. We bought an apartment in a tranquil part of the city and started a new life here, and if I may say it myself, it's perfect so far.

I took a deep breath from my partner's hair and went down to her neck, caressing my cheek against it softly.

"...Come on, you should get something to eat..." I whispered softly to her, she hadn't gotten accustomed to the taste of blood yet, but I couldn't blame her for that and so, I had to keep a close eye on her, so she wouldn't faint of me, either way, it wasn't as if I wanted to take my eyes off her.

After her transformation was done, her hair had gotten a darker tone, which soothed her perfectly and her eyes... That mesmerizing green tone just seemed to power up as time passed by in front of us.

I on the other side, had dyed my hair black, leaving the tips with the natural dark purple, so it had a nice effect and my eyes had gotten deeper. She continuously told me she loved staring into my eyes, as she felt she had her own world inside them, her words made a smile appear in my face every time.

And as she loved looking into mines, I loved staring at hers for hours, and for us both, that meant a forever.

Of course, neither of us aged a bit, but as time moved on around us, our appearances seemed to acquire that slight but perfect touch every year.

We went back inside and I kissed her tenderly on the lips as I parted from her side, getting a blood bag for her and going back to her again with the bag on my hands.

"You won't complain this time, right?" I asked her with a smirk.

She smiled back at me and pulled me by the hand that carried the serum, making me sit next to her, snuggling to me instantly. She took the bag from my hand and opened a small hole on it, enough so a spout will come out easily.

I looked at her with a bit of a questioning look, as I noticed that mischievous smile appear on her lips. She let the blood pour slightly in my arm; I was wearing a sleeveless shirt today.

"...I promise I won't today..." she told me softly, leaning on me and licking the blood from my arm with a playful smile still in her face.

A smile appeared in my face as well as she kept playing with the blood, one shouldn't play with food, but hey, who was I to stop her? After repeating it for some more time, she finished the serum normally and left the empty bag aside.

I passed my arm behind her and she snuggled against me comfortably, a glimpse of sleepiness was visible in her eyes, as she rested against my chest. I reached out for the corner of her lips, wiping away s trail of blood that had remained.

"Do you want to go lean down?" I offered her softly with a tender smile. "... An afternoon nap is never bad..." I added, Star laughing slightly at my comment.

"No... I'm just perfect here; your breathing is the best one soothing me into sleep..." Star answered in a tender tone, as she closed her eyes slowly, a peaceful look in her face as she fell into dreamland.

"Sweet dreams my dear..." I wished her lovingly, caressing her face tenderly as she rested atop me.

She was soon fast asleep and I couldn't help but to stay with my eyes on her, her oh-so-passive look seemed to drag me into sleep and so it did after a while, my eyes betrayed me and I fell asleep in the end as well...

We met in our dreams during the time we spent asleep, just like several other times, due to our blood relation now, we were able to do such thing and we surely enjoyed it a lot.

Usually finding ourselves in different scenarios, all of them were of our liking nonetheless, we would spend our time hand by hand or in each others arms there, but whichever was the place or what we did, every and each of the times, I felt as if she was one with me and I was one with her...

-The End-