Pintel had survived on the open sea for as long as he had by sleeping lightly, keeping his ears open for any sounds of someone trying to slip a knife between his ribs.

So when he had heard the boards start to creak from the weight of someone walking, he had snapped his eyes open at once as his hand went to the dagger at his belt.

He stopped however when he saw the source of the noise and he blinked in confusion as Ragetti stepped out onto the deck of the ship.

"Rags?" he whispered and slowly he got down from his own bunk and followed after him; confusion forcing him to keep silent as he followed after his younger friend.

Ragetti walked out onto the middle of the deck and he stopped then and Pintel was forced to hide behind a barrel as he looked around slowly, making sure that there was no one else out there to see him.

When Ragetti felt that he was alone he nodded slightly to himself and he tilted his head up, smiling up at the moonlight coming down on his face and not making him look like a skeleton anymore.

He had been terrified of the moon after the curse had been revealed to be true and even after it was broken it had been hard for him to look at himself when he was outside at night.

He closed his eye halfway and he smiled to himself before he then went down on his knees, crossing himself before clasping his hands together.

Pintel listened quietly as Ragetti started to pray and for a moment the older man frowned and was about to show himself in order to scold Ragetti for doing something as daft as praying in the middle of the night when he heard Ragetti mention his name.

Pintel stopped then and he stayed behind the barrel, listening in surprise.

"Please open me mate Pintel's eyes ta Ye an' all the good Ye've done fer us so far." Ragetti prayed softly. "An' if Ye can' do tha' an' Ye wan' ta send 'im ta 'ell…Well then Ye'll 'ave ta send me down there too! Because I don' wan' ta go ta Ye if'n Pintel can' go too."

Ragetti then crossed himself once more and he smiled a little as he stood up and then looked up at the sky.

"Same time tomorrow nigh', aye?" he asked with a laugh.

Pintel quickly ran back to the bunks before Ragetti started off and he was back under the covers with his eyes closed as Ragetti slowly opened the door and started to sneak back towards his own bunk.

Pintel caught him by the ankle as he started to climb up and Ragetti looked down at him in surprise before he then blushed in embarrassment at being caught sneaking back to bed.

"An' where were ye?" Pintel whispered. Ragetti started to stammer out a lie when Pintel laughed and lightly tugged on him, dragging Ragetti back into his arms.

"Fanks, Rags." He said.

Ragetti blinked and looked at Pintel in confusion but he nodded and smiled at him shyly, kissing the tip of his nose lightly.

"I would go ta 'ell fer ye too, Rags." Pintel said.

Ragetti smiled and he giggled softly for a moment as he rested his head on Pintel's chest.

"Satan betta' look ou' then!"