Fandom: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (AU)

Pairing/Characters: KuroganexFay, a number of other CLAMP characters…

Rating: M

Chapters: Most likely 9 or 10!

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Almost-Romance

Warnings: Complete AU, angst, blood and "adult themes"

Disclaimer: Characters belongs to CLAMP, the song "Sleepwalker" belongs to Nightwish!

Summary: Kurogane is working as a police man in an utterly calm area. He's life is peaceful at the verge of dull until he one day finds a mysterious stranger hiding next to an uncommonly bloody crime scene...

Sleepwalker seducing me
I dared to enter your ecstacy
Lay yourself now
down to sleep
In my dreams you're mine to keep

Nightwish – Sleepwalker


Taking job at the local graveyard had been a mistake, both the girls were aware of that. It was a though job; especially now in the autumn when the whole place was covered by a tick layer of leaves to rake up, carry away and burn behind the assembly hall. And the visitors really didn't make it better, often appearing as ghosts as they walked silent over the grass, bowed and empty eyed as they remembered the person they had lost. Even the kids were still and quite, clutching the hands of their parents, scared by the seriousness of the situation.

It was a rather warn afternoon as Alice finally dropped her rake and whipped the sweat off her forehead.

"It's enough now," she said, "I need a break…"

Emily looked up at her, nervously.

"What about the manager, he will notice if the fire dies out…"

"Oh, come on," Alice snorted, "he's probably dozed off at the staff office again…"

Emily began to answer but stopped to look at something over her friends shoulder. The other girl followed her gaze curiously.

"You have seen him before too, haven't you? He's here at least once a week, always visiting the same grave…"

"Yeah," Emily said quietly, "I have noticed that, do you think it's his wife he visits?"

Alice shuddered.

"He doesn't look very old, forty maybe?"

"She could be dead anyway, in an accident or maybe she fell sick…"

Alice suddenly smiled.

"Come," she said, "let's ask him!"

Her friend gave her a horrified look.

"We can't do that!" she said, "he might get angry…"

Alice sighed.

"Stop being such a coward, Emily, what's the worst thing that can happen? That he complains and gets us fired? Well, I'm fed up with this anyway…"

Still hesitant, Emily put down her rake and followed the other over to the place where the stranger sat bent down, apparently placing something before the gravestone. He might not even be in his forties yet, maybe thirty-eight, tall and athletic and without any grey in his raven black hair. And, she saw as he turned to look at them, he had the strangest ruby-red eyes she had ever seen. A bit taken a back of their intensity, she wondered if even Alice could be unaffected by the way he looked at them, almost adversely, as they approached. But unaffected or not, her friend wasn't someone who backed away very easily as she had made up her mind about something.

"Hello, sir," she said, "my friend and me has been working here for a while and we have seen you here so often that we began to wonder who it was you visited…"

At first the peculiar eyes grew even harder before he suddenly turned them away from them to look straight at the grave as if he tried to ask for advices there from. It was a plain stone without decorations but the flowers in front of it was magnificent and among them someone had placed a whole menagerie of small glass animals in different sizes and colours.

"It's a long story," he said, "a damn long story and a fucki'n sad one too…"

Alice shuddered.

"We're at lunch break," she decided, "sir, please tell us!"

The man sighed and stood.

"I don't see why the hell you would have something to do with it, but fine," he gave the grave a last look, a crooked smile on his lips, "it's probably fucki'n 'destined' as well…"