Emily knew that she was staring but she just couldn't help it.

"That… was it?"

"Pretty much, yeah, it was," the black haired man said shortly as he stood and picked up his jacket.

"But that was in Japan, right?" Emily said. "Why are you here?"

He shrugged.

"He said he wanted to go back so I arranged it, and besides I'm still trying to hunt those bastards down."

"Did you never find them?"

"No," he started to turn away, "as Fay died, or trace died as well."

"But," Emily frowned, "what about the girl, Chii?"

"That stupid simpleton Watanuki started to argue with some people outside the office as soon as they got there, he didn't thought she would run away, but she did."

"What will you do," Emily stood too, "if you find them?"

Kurogane turned towards them again and smiled humourlessly.

"Kill them," he said.

"But you are forbidden to kill anymore, aren't you?"

"I was," he began to walk away, "as soon as I understood that that bitch knew about that 'demon killing' thing, knew that we should have gone to the office right away, that became meaningless to me."

He was gone within a minute.

Alice forgot about it all but Emily didn't. She continued to visit Fay's grave at least once a month during the next two years. She met Kurogane once, she had been afraid he would become angry if he found out, but he didn't. He nodded to her and she waved to him. They didn't say anything, that wasn't needed.

She left the town to start college and only some month later, the rest of her family also moved. Since she didn't have any particular reason to return to her home town it took almost three years until she got back to celebrate a childhood friend's wedding.

Although it had been so long, she remembered the way to the grave, but she would have missed it still if she hadn't caught a glimpse of one of the glass animals lying overturned underneath a carpet of weeds.

Her friends found her there, in front of a grave that hadn't been looked after for at least two years.







How did this start? Well, I guess it started as a really angsty plot-bunny. I had a picture of Fay hiding in that cellar, of Kurogane finding him, taking him home and then, as he started to become attached to him, everything would end angsty and bloody and way too fast. A brief view of something that could have become a great love story but never reached…Yes, Ohkawa is my goddess.

There are still questions left, I know that, but the story about Kurogane and Fay in this world was at its end. I have plans to write down the rest as a DouWata sequel, since I don't think that Yuuko will give up that easily

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have read this fic, I've received so many nice comments, both here and at LJ, and I'm very happy about that!

Until next time!