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Rachel POV

Chapter 1: The First Full Moon

My name's Rachel. That's all I can really tell you. I won't tell you my last name or where I live, because the yeerks are after us. If you're reading this, then you probably already know what a yeerk is. Just in case you don't, the short version is that yeerks are alien slugs that want to take over the human race. They enter your brain through your ear and soon they have control over your entire body. An Andalite prince, Prince Elfangor, gave my cousin, our friends, and me the power to morph into any animal we touch. Ax, Prince Elfangor's younger brother, is a member of our group.

Now like I said you, probably already know all this don't need an explanation.

Even though I fight yeerks, this story isn't about them. Instead, this story is about a long family history. I'll back up and tell the whole story. The first thing you should know is that Jake's brother Tom, now a controller, is only Jake's half brother. He is not related to me in anyway since Jake and I are related through our dad's side. Tom doesn't know what I'm about to tell you. It may sound crazy, but hey, I just told you about an alien invasion of Earth: Every other generation in our dad's side of the family turns into werewolves during the full moon. Yes, werewolves are real, and guess who gets to turn into one. My dad is not a werewolf, so, as you've most likely guessed, my cousin Jake and I are.

Our fathers told us about this interesting family trait a few years back. They said that the first change can happen anywhere between 10 and 14. They said there would be warning, but they didn't know what it was and their parent who could turn was dead. I'm now 13, and about 6 months ago I became an Animorph. Now I'm also becoming a werewolf.

The first warning sign I received was a mark on my arm a month before. I didn't think anything of it at first, but when the mark was still present when I morphed, I became worried. After that, I began to eat strangely.

I had been happily finishing off my dinner when out of the blue my mom said, "Tonight's a full moon." She likes full moons. I, on the other hand, had just realized the reason why I had been feeling strangely all day.

I looked around, but I would get no help here. My little sisters were too young to worry about becoming werewolves. They don't even know about that yet. My dad and mom had gotten a divorce, so Dad had moved away and had never told my mother about that interesting family trait. I really can't blame him for not telling her. Who would want to think their children would turn into wild wolves; although I already have morphed into a wolf because of the whole yeerk thing.

The sun would be down in less then 20 minutes. "I got to go," I said and ran out before anyone could say anything. I ran as far as I could as fast as I could. I ran into a back ally where no humans were. I looked up as the last bit of the sun left and the moon came up. I looked at the moon and could feel myself changing.

There was pain as the changes started to begin and I couldn't help but scream. My clothes, even my morphing outfit, ripped apart as I got larger and claws started to form. My skin was turning into gray fur. Before I turned completely, I howled at the moon, unable to control myself.


The next thing I remembered was waking up naked in the middle of the wood. "What happened last night?" I asked myself not remembering a thing. I looked around. There was blood all over my mouth and I was strangely full.

I morphed into a bald eagle and flew home. On the way I saw a lot of destruction. Buildings were ruined. 'Did I do that?' I asked myself as I flew through the bedroom window I always keep open. I de-morphed and took out my extra morphing outfit and clothes to make it look like I just got changed out of my pajamas and messed up my bed. Before I changed, I started a shower and got rid of the blood.

I walked downstairs after blow drying my hair and changing into new clothes. My mom was on the sofa with my little sisters; they were there shocked to see me come from upstairs. "What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

My mom looked at me oddly. "Were you upstairs all night?" I nodded my head although it wasn't true. "But you never came home." I laughed as I heard the phone ring. I answered it; it was Cassie.

"Hey can you come over?" Cassie asked.

"Sure no problem. Are Marco and Jake going to be there?" I asked wanting to know if this was business.

"Yes," Cassie answered.

"See you soon," I said and hung up the phone. "I'm going to Cassie's!" I left the house and decided to walk to Cassie's since there were people all around trying to fix the damage. When I finally got to Cassie's, I realized exactly how good of an idea it had been to walk. There were people trying to fix Cassie's barn. "What happened?" I asked, shocked at the damage up close.

"That crazy animal from last night not only destroyed the barn, but also ate most of the animals. I don't know what could have done this!" Cassie's dad answered.

Cassie, Jake, Marco, and I went for a walk to meet up with Ax and Tobias. There was talk about the animal, and after a lot of discussing, it was decided that it was not Visser Three in morph. We all just stood there. Tobias was looking up over a tree, ready to tell us if Ax should morph into a human. An Andalite is like a half deer, half human, with a tail and a tail blade.

"Well now that that's over, Jake, I need to talk to you." I said.

"Go ahead," Jake answered.

"Just you. About that thing dad told us about." I said. Jake's eyes got wide. We walked away from the others saying our goodbye. We walked far making sure no one was trying to listen in or follow. We knew that no one in our group would, but we had to make sure. No one could know besides family. "Please tell me you turned last night too?" I asked desperately.

"You did all that?" Jake asked. "Couldn't you get control?"

"I don't even remember doing it."

We looked at each other.

"Why did I turn and you didn't?"

Jake didn't say anything; he just pushed of his sleeve to show the same mark I got a month ago.

"I got that a month ago!" I exclaimed.

"Looks like next month I'm joining you. Do realize that there are three nights of the full moon?"

I nodded somberly.

"What you going to do?"

"Go to the woods before I transform and hope I stay there. I did wake up here."

Jake nodded.

"Give the chee a call and tell them you sent me on an all night mission. I almost got busted today."

Jake smiled and nodded. The chee are robots that came to Earth a long time ago and can pretend to be us while we're on a mission. They are nonviolent so they help by spying on the Yeerks and making sure we don't get in trouble with our parents by taking our image. We stood in silence, both unable to say anything.

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