Sakura X Gaara

Sequel to Privacy

AU/Gaara OOC-ness

FULL STORY!!!!(i decided it!!!)

Summary: More of the journal is read, stress at work, him raiding her room, and Temari's EVIL scheming! Well, we'll see Sakura's, Gaara's, and Temari's secret obsession, and crazy catfights. Secrets revealed, and so are anger-issues. Stories of The Faker, The Cutter, The Evil, The Wana-be Princess, The Unwanted Sibling, and The Stalker.


Stupid Boss!

"Panda-chan? Are you mad?" Sakura asked, hands shifting behind her back. Boy, she didnot like the heavy glare Gaara was giving her. Sure, he was blushing like crazy, but he was mad as heck. He growled but still walked behind her towards his car. She shuffled into the passenger side, placing her pink messanger bag with black skulls on her lap. It was her work bag, complete with her uniform as a waitress at the Contagious Diner. He pressed the gas quickly as he sped out of the driveway and onto the streets. Sakura sighed as she looked at the car's clock.

"Shoot! Shift starts in five minutes!" She swore, since it took a good fifteen minutes to arrive at the stupid place and ten minutes to get dressed. Gaara pushed down harder on the gas pedal, going a great deal over the speed limit. They got there in about five minutes, ten less than original.

"Thanks Gaara!" Sakura squealed and then quickly pecked him on the cheek before sprinting inside. Gaara sat still in the car, body tensed. After she was out of sight, he pressed his hand where her lips were once. A faint blush crept on his face. He scowled trying to forget it. He grabbed his black messanger bag, his work bag, and stepped into the diner. Sakura finally came out with her outfit on. A pink V neck button down tanktop with a black tubetop underneath along with a black ruffled skirt and pink and black arm covers with the thumb hole. Her pink hair tied in a high ponytail along with black eyeshadow and eyeliner and pink lipstick.

"GAARA! GET YOUR UNIFORM ON, PRONTO! CASHREGISTER CALLS!" Their boss, Kabuto, yelled out. He tapped his foot with total impatience, clad in all purple. It was, sickning, sparkly. Gaara stared at him weirdly. Kabuto stomped his foot now.

"THIS WAS EXPENSIVE!" He yelled, interupting everyone's meals.

"coughgaycough" Sakura coughed, pretending to choke on her own spit. Kabuto turned around to see Sakura taking the table's orders. Gaara shook his head and walked into the bathrooms. He came out with a red short-sleeve shirt and black pants. He walked behind the register to find his brother drunk with two giggling girls in his arms. He knew both. They just wanted his money since he was a very wealthy businessman.

"Kankuro" Gaara spat out. He looked up to see his younger brother behind the register.

"Oh, hey Gaara! Don't you remember them? Kin and Tayuya." Kankuro stamered, slightly falling. The girls winked at him, as he just stood there, glaring at the pair. They slightly flinched but regained their conversation.

"Um, Kankuro? Don't you remember? Your supposed to take us shopping!" Kin yelled excitedly. Kankuro was about to say something, but Gaara countered.

"Hey, bro. Didn't you have a very important meeting in a couple minutes? Temari was going to take you since she knows where it is." Gaara lied, Kankuro spent too much on girls.

"OH YEAH! SO sorry gals but, hey, duty calls!" Kankuro walked out of the diner, Kin and Tayuya glaring at Gaara for barging in. They stomped out as Gaara pulled out his cell.

"Temari. I just sent Kankuro over there. Kin and Tayuya were hanging on him, bout to go on a shopping spree. Told him about a very important meeting and that your supposed to drive him. So, take him to the secret place." He then hung up before she could say a thing.

"Panda-chan." Sakura called out, walking up to him.

"What?" He asked, a bit impatient. She scowled, pushing the arm covers up a bit, to cover more.

"Do you have it?" She whispered. Gaara pulled out a package, and he shook it so she could hear. She smirked, instantly regretting it.

"Who is this for, anyways?" He asked, pulling it away from her.

"Well, um, you know!" She laughed nervously.

"Fine, but remember, if its yours," He again slif his finger across his throat. She gulped, ye again, and he grabbed her money, handing her the package.

"They'll be happy!" She exclaimed, rushing to the lounge. Another waiter, sat in the employe lounge. Her grin faded into a scowl.

"Haruno" He whispered.

"Nara" She spat out.

"Whats in the pretty little box of yours?" He asked.

"Nothing" She replied, a bit too quickly.

"Mr Yakushi wanted me to remind you that your arm covers aren't apart of the dresscode and you must remove them." He ordered, reaching out for her arms. She snapped it away.

"The tell boss that I need them and if he has a problem, then have him speak to me, not you." Sakura snapped, taking out a key and walking to a locker. She placed the key inside the slot and twisted, revealing only her messanger bag. She placed the package on the bottom, slammed it shut, locked it, placed the key inside her pocket, and walked off. Shikamaru huffed at her antics then relaxed on the couch.

"Mr Nara!" Kabuto yelled, walking inside the lounge. Shikamaaru lazily looked up, muttering a 'troublesome' under his breath.

"I have some, rather troubling, news from your parents." Using air quotes around the word parents. Shikamaru lifted an eyebrow, not his head.

"Parents?" He asked, using the airquotes.


"What about them?"

"We found your real ones. Looks like you have a sibling, Shikamaru."


A/N: Heyy! First chappie! I don't know when the other chapters are coming out for my other stories. But, the newest chap for New School Savior is written and maybe published soon. Well, anyways, I hope you liked.


"We have names for people like you."


"Unwanted Sibling"

"Thats the best you could think of?"

"Well, mine is better than yours."

"What is it?"

"I don't have one"

"I do"