A/N: I AM SOOOO SORRY! Really, I am. But, I am too busy to keep up with my stories so I will be deleting my account... Since I feel terrible leaving my stories off like this, they (New School Savior, Haruno Sister's Deadly Reunion(and the re-written version), Secret, and Bloody Regrets(Sakura's Suicide comes with it so whoever wants it can re-write it) are up for grabs! If you want ANY of them, please tell me in ANY way possible. PM or review. whatever. If you claim a story and want to see what minimal stuff I had planned, I'll send it to you along with the chapter I had written up so far for that story(if any). The unfinished stories and the stories that aren't up for grabs will be deleted. I am, once again, utterly sorry.


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