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Cassie was in a rush to get to the Lieutenant General's office. With it being the Pentagon, she had to go through many floors. When she arrived at her uncle Jack's office, his secretary waved Cassie right in and smiled at her as she went into the General's office. As Cassie walked into the office he spoke to her.

"I need you to go to NCIS."

"Why?" asked Cassie curiously.

Jack sighed, " Cassandra, I need someone like this at the SGC and since you need to be able to do autopsies. I need you to learn from the best."

"Ok, Uncle Jack, who?"

Jack smiled, "That's better. And the who is Dr. Donald Mallard, otherwise known as Ducky. He runs the autopsies out of NCIS." Jack stopped to let that soak into Cassie's brain for a moment and then continued, "Cass, here is Gibb's jacket."

Cassie reached for the jacket and started looking through it, "Wow and whoa" exclaimed Cassie.

"Yeah, with you being a medical doctor you have authorization to look at that but otherwise..."

"Yeah, I know Uncle Jack," Cassie said and then looked back at the file and then at Jack.

Knowing the look, Jack said " You'll meet the rest of the team when you arrive at NCIS."

Cassie nodded her head, "Thanks Uncle Jack. "I'll phone you when I get to the NCIS office."

"Ok, well some of us have work to do." Jack said with a wave of his hand.

Cassie grinned and arose from her chair and excited the Lieutenant General O'Neill's office.

Chapter One

NCIS office stood with its iron sign on a brick building. Cassie just stood outside, looked at the building and took a deep breath and walked right into the building. At the check in she received her visitors badge, then went to the elevator that went directly to the bull pen looking for Special Agent Gibbs. Once she arrived she found two people arguing. Cassie's gut was telling her to put the two in time outs but instead she just went with it.

"When you two are done arguing, I would like to find Special Agent Gibbs." After saying this she noticed they weren't listening so she put a hand on both of their chest and stood in between them. "Now that I have your attention, you," Cassie pointed to Tony "sit", then she turned to the female and pointed at her and said, "you sit also."

They both started to say something and she turned to them both and said "Aaaaah, now where can I find Special Agent Gibbs?" Cassie asked the female agent.

"Right behind you lieutenant." Gibbs said with a smirk on his face. "Come to my desk."

When Gibbs and Cassie arrived at his desk, Gibbs spoke in his no nonsense manner, "You sound like him"

Cassie knew who he was talking about and said, "Yeah, I should he helped raise me along with three others."

Gibbs nodded. "Well, why don't we go see Ducky." Turning to the other three, "find out why our Navy Commander died." Then he and Cassie headed to the elevator that would take him to autopsy.

As soon as Gibbs opened Ducky's lab with an eye scanner, Cassie sensed Naquadah in the lab.

"Don't touch the body."

"Why?" asked Ducky curiously. Gibbs had the same expression on his face.

"Dr. Mallard where is your gloves?"

"Over there in the right hand drawer."

Cassie went over and found the gloves and the proceeded to the body and was stopped by Gibbs. "You told Ducky to stop, why?"

Cassie sighed and rubbed her nose to her shoulder, "I'm going to ask permission for you all to sign a nondisclosure agreement."

"Why?" Gibbs asked puzzled. Rarely a time when Gibbs is puzzled.

Cassie sighed again, "Do you have your cell phone and gun on you?"

"Yes" replied Gibbs.

"I need you to put a call through to my uncle and then hand me your gun."


"Please. I will explain later."

Gibbs put a call through to O'Neill's office and waited, "I need to speak to Lieutenant General O'Neill, this Special Agent Gibbs calling from NCIS."...""Gibbs"...He puts down the cell phone and puts it on speaker.

"Cassie, what's up?"

"The dead guy in the morgue has a certain kind of metal we all know and love." Cassie said sarcastically with a bit of disgust.

"Gibbs, give her your weapon and I will be down there for you, your team and the lab techs to sign in about 20. Don't ask why just do and I'll explain when I get there." Then they heard a click.

Gibbs reached down to his ankle and handed Cassie the weapon.

Cassie looked at the weapon to make sure it was loaded, then pointed it at the patient that was on the table. "Dr. Mallard very carefully roll the patient away from you and Gibbs come over here to me."

As soon as Ducky moved to the patient and Gibbs was behind the patient, a worm like creature came out of his mouth seeking another host, which was Ducky, but never go that far when Cassie opened fire at the creature and severed its head and body with three shots. Just as Cassie was done shooting there stood Ziva and Tony with Jack who had a zat with him, he immediately zatted the goua'ld three times and then turned to Cassie.


"Thank you kind sir" Cassie said cheekily.

"Smart ass." Jack said with a smile

"You love me anyway 'Uncle' Jack"

"Yup!" Then Jack turned to Gibbs and Ducky as well as the bodies behind him and said "all of you need to sign these papers, then we need go to Ms. Scioto's lab." Then Jack looked at the body on the table and said, "Definitely died of a staff blast."

Gibbs nodded his head. They all made there way to Abby's lab. He introduced everyone to Abby when they arrived at Abby's lab, and then Gibbs explained why they were down, "Abs, General O'Neill need you to sign some nondisclosure agreement because you will be doing forensics in this case and they may need you later on."

"Ok, sounds fine to me." Abby said in agreement. It sounded great to her only...

Jack saw her face, "I have two individuals from my old unit that would LOVE to help you with your forensics while we are here."

Abby looked ecstatic with the thought.

Cassie turned to Jack and said, "They are not going to like you for volunteering them especially Daniel."

Jack just looked at Cassie and said, "Tough."

Abby looked between Jack and Gibbs and the signed to Gibbs while pointing to Jack and said, " He sounds like you."

Jack and Gibbs just smiled and accepted the compliment. Everyone left Abby's lab. Gibbs and Jack went to Shephards office Cassie and Ducky went back to the morgue, while Ziva and Tony went back to work on who killed the Commander.