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I've been craving some SoujiroXMisao fics, but it seems that the fandom for them is dying. So, I decided to write one of my own, in hopes that people will follow and more fics will come out for the two of them. Really, can someone please write some fics for them? I can only read the same fics so many times.

Also, this is my SuWiMo fanfic! If you don't know what that is, it's a lot like NaNoWriMo (which I entered last year), only for the spawn of three months instead of one, and you get to chose your goal! If you still don't know what NaNoWriMo is, it's a contest where you write a story that's 50k words in one month. But anyways, my goal is 50k words, and hopefully, since it's in a longer time period, I won't get lazy and stop writing this for long periods of time.

Anyways, enough of my rantings of SuWrimo, Soujiro doesn't show up in this chapter, but he will in the next! I hope you enjoy!

The heart shuts itself
still now falling apart.
Days I laughed
holding back the tears.

—Mushi by Dir en grey

Chapter 1


Wake up.

The wind biting against her skin was unforgiving. Her bare feet felt cold against the wet ground, but it was no longer raining. The sky was gray and dark with the scent of mist all around her. Her eyes were distant for a moment before continuing on with her task.

Her shoes were clutched tightly in one hand as she moved away from the temple, and in the other was a damp parasol. A smile was on her face, and she greeted everyone she passed by.It was tradition by now; everyone knew that Misao came down this way often, and they all knew why and where she was going.

Give Aoshi his tea.

She ignored the feeling of the mud clinging onto her skin every time she took a step; actually, she relished in the cool feeling and wiggled her toes against the muck.

Misao walked deliberately slow, hoping that maybe if she stalled, he would come after her and whisk her someplace far away. She knew that it was wishful thinking on her part, but the hope never fully diminished.

Wish that Aoshi would love her.

She stopped, the area now devoid of anyone but her, and dropped her shoes. They splattered against the ground, now covered in the brown mud, as her body became deathly still. Misao closed her eyes, remembering, reliving absolutely nothing.

That is just what her life has become—absolutely nothing.

Aoshi never heard her voice, he could listen all he wants, but he never heard what she had to say. His treatment was so silent and cold, and even after two years; she never even saw a crack of a smile.

Misao didn't even notice that the rain had started up again. She just stood there with her eyes closed and a small smile placed upon her lips. There was too huge of a difference between reality and fantasy in this moment.

If only the line could blur this once, just for her.

Delude herself with fantasies.

Her eyes opened, sorrow filled to the brim in her eyes, but she merely shook it off and continued walking. She never paid attention to the forgotten shoes left lifelessly in the mud.

It wasn't long before her thoughts—reality—came back to her, but she needed escape. So, she simply started running. Her feet slapped against the slippery road; her destination was nowhere in site or in mind. She ran as if it would take all of her problem away.

She ran as if it would make Aoshi love her the way that she wanted him to.

Her skin was numb from the rain; the droplets giving her more comfort than anything alive ever could. Her legs pumped as hard and fast as she could, the pain appearing from how hard she was pushing herself.

Run as if death was upon her.

Her body stopped, lurching forwards and almost falling, in front of the Aoiya. Her once blank face now held a smile, and her body jumped around excitedly. She leaped into the restaurant, not caring how wet or muddy she was.

Act as if she was ok.

"Misao!" Omasu scolded when she saw the state she was in. The said girl merely waved her off; her feet padding across the hardwood floors with mud tracks following her ever step. "Misao!" she scolded once again.

"Hold on! I'll clean it up. It's not my fault that it's raining outside!" Misao yelled back just as she was grabbing a towel for her wet form. She quickly changed to dry clothes and shook her head as if that would dry her hair faster.

Fight and laugh with her family.

It didn't take long to clean up the mud, and she quickly made her way to the restaurant to work with the costumers. Her smile was bright and contagious as she bounced from one table to the next. Her chatter was bubbly and happy, just the way the costumers love their waitress.

Work in the Aoiya.

"Hey, Misao-chan! How about coming over here now!" a group of guys called out. She smiled at them brightly and bounded over. The noise of the Aoiya was welcoming to her ears. All sadness was forgotten as her mind stayed on their task.

"What would you like guys?"

"Well, we would ask for you, but you already have a man," one answered with a lopsided grin. Misao laughed, but inside, she was wishing that it was true.

"Stopping joking like that guys!" she grinned at them. "Must you say that every time? Are you getting the usual or not?"

They all laughed and nodded, the one who spoke gave her a wink, just as Misao walked away to give the order.

Genuine happiness came from serving—helping—others. It allowed her forget about herself and Aoshi for once.

"My pretty Misao!" Okina shouted while he bounced towards her with as much energy as she had.

Misao grinned at him, but she didn't do much else. Her hands were filled with food as she began to set them down to each costumer. "Whatcha need Jiya?" she asked once she was done.

"You are just growing up so fast," he answered with sparkles in his eyes. "Pretty soon you will bring home a nice husband for me." He wiped away a tear from his eyes.

She rolled her eyes as her own sparkle reached hers. "You know the only person I would marry is my Aoshi-sama!" It was then that she noticed that Okina was too preoccupied with a group of female costumers to listen to her.

She puffed up her cheeks in annoyance and stuck out her tongue at him. It was just too strong to resist the urge to do so.

It was routine; the same thing every single day with only a few small changes. Nothing seemed to change in these past two years.

Just as it always had, time quickly passed by until it was time to close the Aoiya. And as always, Misao would give a large grin to the disappearing costumers.

As she stood by the doors, she couldn't help but have her eyes linger out there. It was as if she was watching for him to be there or maybe just to have him come back. She shook her head and turned away from the door. The rain still howled on outside.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead from running around all day and turned to make her way to the office. She plopped into her seat and glanced at the mound of work placed upon the desk.

Work as the Okashira.

She quickly dived into the pile and worked as fast as she could. They had no money at the base in Tokyo. Misao quickly sent them some money they made from the Aoiya.

There was some suspicious behavior that needed to be checked out in Yokohama. She sent a note to the Oniwabanshuu members there to check it out and to report back.

A noble family was paying them to guard their daughter. She sent someone to go take care of it.

It was only little things that were brought to attention. It was the time of peace, and they had little use of ninjas now a days.

She closed her eyes, satisfied with the work done today, and got up sleepily; it was already dark outside.

Get ready for bed.

Misao didn't pay attention to anything around her, thus, she didn't notice when she collided with a warm and very hard body.

"So, you're still the Okashira huh?" Misao jerked her body away immediately and glared at the man in front of her. "Do you really think that you're competent enough to do that Weasel?"

"What are you doing here?" she growled in annoyance; her certain dislike of him was definitely not hidden.

He stood by the door casually, a smirk played on his lips with a cigarette dangling on his fingers. His eyes danced with amusement, and it was even more so when he spoke his next three words.

"I want you."

Her routine—her life—was broken as she stared up at Hajime Saitou in shock.

To be continued