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Summary: She's got a secret, and she thinks he won't like what it is.

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She sat on the floor of the kitchen, her cheeks damp from tears. She sat on her ankles, her skirt tucked over her knees. She whimpered and held her hands to her quivering lower lip. She'd been sitting on the floor all night, trying to figure away to tell him, trembling at how he might ask for the ring back or the way he might yell at her.

She trembled in her nightgown, fresh tears dripping onto the silk. Her throat felt dry from all the crying she had tone, and was doing, and from not drinking water. She sniffled, hearing the springs of the bed squeak as he stood up. It was probably six o'clock now; and he'd slept in. Again. She bit her lip as he walked into the kitchen.

He sighed what sounded like "troublesome" and sat beside her. "Hinata, what's wrong?" he asked, lazily resting his arm over her shoulders.

She sniffled and grabbed his vest, pulling herself closer to him. She nestled her left cheek against his chest. "Remember how you said you wanted to wait for kids?" she asked quietly, not daring to look up to his tightly pulled back ponytail or his deep chocolate eyes.

He gulped, knowing it was his own fault for not using protection. "About that—,"

"I'm pregnant!" she yelled, closing her eyes and tightly pressing her face against him. "I didn't want to tell you before because I knew you didn't want kids until later, but I can't really hide much longer," she mumbled. Of course, she knew he didn't hear her. She looked down at her stomach, where she was beginning to gain weight. Of course, no one else would notice until much later. Her oversized clothes had helped with that.

He shook his head and held back the urge to mutter his favorite word. Instead, he wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her crown. "Hinata-chan, as long as you're the mother, I don't care when we have children, or how many," he murmured in her head, running his fingers through her smooth, black locks.

She pulled her head from his chest and let him stare into her pale opal eyes. Fresh tears gathered in her eyes, and a smile pulled at her lips. She leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes. "Then I should tell you I'm going to have twins."

He blinked at her silently and watched her open her eyes. He smirked and kissed her nose. "Perfect," he stated.

She smirked and let his name roll of her lips before he captured her lips in a chaste kiss. She pulled away and kissed his forehead, standing up and took his hands in hers. "I'll hurry to make breakfast, if you'll call the Fifth to tell her you're sick. Then, we'll see Neji-nii-san about the children."


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