(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter one: I Think We Found Our Mates

The clock began ringing, Hinata knew it was time to wake up and go to school. She stood up from her bed and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and hair and then she showered. While drying herself up she decided to go with a long sleeved white sweater; a black pencil skirt that went down to her knees that hugged her beautifully and some cute slippers. In other words she looked very pretty. She picked up her bag and walked out of her house.

Hinata was a shy girl that was sometimes picked on by other students for always being naive. She was very pretty too, so sometimes perverts tried to make a move on her, but fortunately her best friend TenTen was always by her side to help her out.

TenTen was a year older than Hinata. Hinata was 16 and TenTen was 17 and they had known each other since they were little girls. Hinata was a rich kid, but a shy one and TenTen was a normal girl, but very tomboyish.

Hinata walked to school silently, but a brown haired girl caught up with her. "Good morning Hinata!" said TenTen cheerfully.

"Good morning TenTen" TenTen was wearing a black tank top with a camo jacket over it, black shorts that ended in the middle of her thighs and some cool black sneakers with green shoestrings.

They began walking to school together. They passed in front of a café and a couple of perverts walked up to them "Hey, you got a nice rack" said one while he looked directly at Hinata´s chest.

"Don't forget her butt, check it out!" said the other pointing at Hinata´s backside. Hinata felt so embarrassed, why did this stuff kept happening to her? She tried to cover herself with her arms, but the men kept staring at her. TenTen got angry fast, so she balled out her hands and punched the perverts. The two creeps fell to the ground.

"Ouch, what's up with you, just because no one likes you, you don't have to take it out on us!" said one of the perverts while rubbing his cheek.

"Shut up pervert, get out of here or I'll kick your ass!" yelled TenTen to the perverts.

"I like to see you try" said one with a confident look.

TenTen, now mad as hell, punched them like crazy and then she finished them with an air kick. They tried to get up, but she pinned them down with her foot "I hope I don't ever see you here again, go that?"

Then she took her foot off. They got up and started to run "You'll pay for this bitch!" said one of them as he ran away.

"Well that takes care of them" said TenTen laughing; Hinata then noticed TenTen´s hand was red.

"TenTen you hurt your hand" said Hinata holding the other girl's hand.

"Don't worry Hinata, its nothing, I can barely feel it" replied the older girl.

They began walking to school again; little did they know that a couple of strangers inside the café had been watching them.

At school they said goodbye and walked to their respective classrooms.

"Did you see them?" asked the one with blonde hair.

"Yes I saw them" said the other one while sipping some coffee. "I think we found our mates" he continued.

"I know can you believe it? The two of them at the same time" said the blonde as he finished his soda.

"I want the feisty one, I like hard-to-get types" said the long haired one.

"No problem, I fixed my eyes in the other one, she seems shy, which makes this all more fun for me" said the blonde with a smirk revealing his sky blue eyes.

"Well we better wait for our girls to get out of school" said the other showing his lavender eyes. They got up and walked away anticipating the moments they would face their soon to be beloved.