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(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter twelve: I Want To Be happy

Hinata looked out the window. It had been exactly one week since Naruto told her he couldn't find anything about TenTen. He had no clue about where she was and if she was ok. What could she do? What could she really do? She was literally trapped in this mansion or prison as she thought sometimes, even if Naruto was a very good guy, she still felt trapped.

She didn't want to be forced into a relationship. She always imagined that one day she would meet a nice guy who would tell her he liked her. She imagined dates to the movies, to the park, to get ice cream, an excuse to hold hands. She would then blush as he shared funny stories with her laughing and smiling and then when the moment was right she would share her first kiss— Her first kiss. She remembered. The day she was kidnapped her first kiss had been stolen. She sighed "So much for dreaming…"

Hinata had been given her own room, due to the fact that he wanted her to feel like she could have her own space. A beautiful room nonetheless, but still she felt alone. She also could wander around the mansion which she noticed was humongous. It seemed like each boy had a separate wing of the house to themselves. No wonder it was big. But that didn't matter as she was stuck inside. She couldn't go outside to enjoy the warm sun and the flowers or just to stare at the beautiful night sky. Naruto didn't allow her. She knew he still didn't trust her enough to let her go outside. As she couldn't go anywhere else, she mainly stuck to her room, staring out the window all day, except for bathroom breaks and dinner.

Right now she only hoped that TenTen was alright.

"Hinata" a voice called softly, pulling her from her thoughts.

She turned around to see Naruto on the doorway. "You haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon" The look on his face worried "You look pale, you could faint or worse, get sick"

"I'm fine" she replied as softly as she could. She just wanted to be left alone to her thoughts.

"I know you're worried about her, but starving yourself isn't going to help her"

"It doesn't matter, I can't even look for her" Hinata looked so hopeless. He felt guilty at that comment. But even so Naruto could only stare. Even when she looked lost, she looked beautiful with skin that looked like porcelain. He didn't want her to get sick, she was so gorgeous.

He backed away opening the door to leave knowing she wouldn't listen to him. He glanced at her one last time before he left. He would try again later to convince her to eat at least something.

He locked the door and sighed while he slumped against it.


He opened his eyes to see Shikamaru across from him.

"She won't eat, she won't talk, she won't even get out of her room" He said, then grabbing his head he shouted "I can't take this anymore! I want her to be happy, why can't I do that! Am I so terrible to be with?!"

"Let me get back to you on that"

"Not the time for jokes Shikamaru" Naruto glared. He then calmed down changing the topic "How's Ino coping?"

"I'm really surprised, she seems to get more comfortable with the idea of living here more each day"

"I'm glad at least one does, even Sasuke has problems with his girl"

Shikamaru sighed "Give them space, they will open up—"

"When?! How much space?!" Naruto interrupted.

"You just need to be patient, I know it's not your strongest suit, but try it. It can't do you no harm" Shikamaru patted Naruto on the shoulder and left.

"Hey" Sasuke entered Sakura's room finding her sitting on the bed. She was leaning against the headboard, with her knees to her chest.

"What?" she asked flatly.

"Are you ever coming out of this room?" he asked, arms crossed.

"When I feel like it" She retorted back, not caring about her tone or answer.

Sasuke massaged the bridge of his nose. Why was this girl so much trouble? He could give her anything she ever could ever want. Any girl would jump at that opportunity. Did she do it just to get him riled up, to leave her alone? No way, he was an Uchiha. He would never lose a fight, less an argument.

"Stop moping around and just accept it already" He wouldn't put up with her smartass comments.

Sakura glared at him "Accept it?! You kidnapped me!" She shouted.

"So? Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?"

"You asshole!" she hugged her knees even more "Just… leave me alone"

"Sorry, can't do that" Sasuke walked up to her.

"Why? Is it that fun to torture me? To watch me feel like a prisoner?" she was on the verge of crying. Why did she feel this way? She was stronger than this. She was the strongest girl in her school. Maybe because she knew she had no fighting chance against him. Against Sasuke. A vampire.

He looked at her upset form. Why was she making this so hard? She was smart, beautiful, and feisty. He could easily see himself spending all his life with her by his side, but that would never happen if she never opened up to him. If only he could reach her, just a little…

He sat by the corner of her bed reaching out his hand to gently touch her cheek. As soon as his fingers slightly brushed her face she turned with quick lightning reflexes and bit his hand.

"What the hell?! Are you insane?!" He tried to shake her off, but she just stuck like gum on a shoe. Finally he pulled his hand out of her mouth. The imprint of her teeth in his hand looked deep. But he was a vampire, it would heal in no time.

"Try that again and I'll bite your whole hand off, I don't care if you're a vampire, I'll bite you!" She was on her hands and knees glaring at Sasuke. She would let him know she wasn't going down without a fight.

He stood up, deciding to twist her words against her "I wouldn't mind if you bit me someplace else" He had a smug look on his face "Actually you can bite all you want" He whispered seductively.

Sakura shuddered at his lusty voice. Her tear stained cheeks reddened. Damn it! He always did this. Whenever they would argue, he would turn her words against her. She knew he only did it to distract her from their fights, but she couldn't help stare. As routine commanded, she would always blush, he then would smirk and after a few extremely embarrassing minutes he'd leave the room.

Not today.

"You can start right here" said Sasuke as he pulled down on his V-neck collar and signaled to his collarbone.

Sakura blushed even more, her ears now red. Even if he was a complete asshole, he was still hot. He had a perfect body, a gorgeous face and an attitude that would drive any girl crazy. She could have been one of them if only she had not been kidnapped! "Why am I staring at him? He kidnapped me. Kidnapped me damn it! Look away!"

"N-no, thanks" she choked out, not being able to look at his face any longer. She could just imagine him smirking at his victory. She had lost again.

As he looked at her, he suddenly remembered that day, the day he lost everything, the day he promised himself he would fix it no matter the cost, and to do that he needed her. He looked away; he didn't want to tease her anymore.

When she heard nothing she dared look up, risking her pride, to see him looking out the window deep in thought. "What, no remark?" She had snapped him from his thoughts.

"It's… nothing" he quickly made for the door.

Sakura had never seen those kind of eyes on him. They looked so different. It was like he was another person, different from his asshole self. She suddenly wanted to know more.

"Wait" she called out. He turned around to face her "What's wrong?"

He just pocketed his hands "Like I said, nothing"

"It must be something" She pushed on softly.

Sasuke suddenly smiled at her. A gentle smile, a genuine one.

"I'll tell you one day"

With that he left, leaving Sakura wanting to know more about this different side of Sasuke.

Shikamaru entered his room to see Ino looking at herself in the full sized mirror, two different sets of clothes on each hand.

"Why are you here?" Not knowing why she wasn't in her own room.

Ino looked up and smiled "Just the person I wanted to see"

Shikamaru could only stare. "Is she crazy?"

I need you to tell me which one looks better, this one?" She showed him a taupe dress with deep chocolate brown lace at the top "Or this one?" she then showed him a yellow sundress with white ruffles at the bottom.

"Uh… the gray one?"

Ino looked at her hands and then at Shikamaru "There is no gray one!"

"I don't know, what do you want me to tell you?"

"Well you could at least tell me which one looks better" she turned to continue looking at the mirror the way a teenage girl would do before a date.

"What's wrong with you?"

Ino immediately knew what he was asking about. Placing her clothes on his bed, she put her hands on her hips and stared at him "Do you want me to cry? Do you want me to wail and weep on the floor? Or scream that I hate you and you're a monster?"

"No, I just thought you would be a little distant" he responded crossing his arms.

"Well I plan to make the most out of this" she looked angry but then sighed and looked down "I want to be happy y'know? If I'm going to live here, I want to get along; it's no use fighting all the time"

Shikamaru walked up to her and hugged her. "Every day you surprise, I like you more and more each day" Ino could only smile at that. At least she knew he cared, even thought he was the one that kidnapped her, but she put that aside for now and enjoy the moment.

She felt his strong arms around her, his firm, strong chest, his nice smell, his warm embrace; she could easily stay like this for hours. Was she beginning to like him? Really like him?

He pulled away looking at a smiling Ino. She then opened her mouth.

"Now tell me honestly, which one looks better?" she began again.

Shikamaru's jaw dropped slightly, he then face-palmed himself "What a drag"

"C'mon, just try" she whined at him.

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