(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter two: We Want Both Of You

After 7 long boring hours of school Hinata sighed "school is finally over" She was relieved, now she could go with TenTen and have that chocolate shake that she had been craving for at least 2 hours ago. She waited for TenTen at the school main gate.

"Hey Hinata!" waved TenTen as she ran up to her. Hinata and TenTen walked to a nearby café and got their shakes. Hinata got her chocolate one and TenTen had a banana one. After that they had nothing more to do, and today was Friday so they had no school tomorrow. They relaxed and sipped their shakes. After half an hour they got up and left. Then they walked all over town until it was night.

"Oh my, time sure flies" said Hinata looking at her wristwatch.

"Don't worry, there's no school tomorrow, so it's officially girls night out!" said TenTen with her fist in the air. Hinata sweat dropped and laughed nervously. "Let's go and have some fun" said TenTen "How about some karaoke?" added TenTen. Hinata nodded and with that they were off. They decide to go to a really popular karaoke bar in the city, but it was too far so they looked for a shortcut.

They ran through a dark alley, but suddenly they stopped. TenTen had sensed something and she had a bad feeling about it. They were two shadows there that didn't seem very friendly. The shadows emerged and revealed two gorgeous guys. TenTen rolled her eyes "More perverts…" and got ready to fight.

"We're not perverts" said the blonde annoyed by the comment.

"Who are you then?" asked TenTen with her fist up, Hinata was too afraid to talk and clung to TenTen.

"Guess what we are" said the other one flashing his fangs. TenTen´s heart skipped a beat; Hinata closed her eyes hoping this would all be a bad dream. TenTen couldn't believe it, they were real life vampires. She freaked out inside, but didn't let her guard down.

"What the hell do you want?" The older girl nervously hoped it wouldn't be anything serious.

"We want both of you" the blonde answered her question chuckling.

"You two will become our mates" added the other one smirking, again showing his fangs.

"What the hell?!" yelled TenTen, Hinata´s eye widened. "No way in hell are we going anywhere with you!"

"You don't have a choice" chuckled the long haired stranger as he cornered TenTen.

"TenTen!" screamed Hinata but then the blonde one appeared in front of Hinata smirking.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" said the blonde as he looked at Hinata. He touched Hinata´s cheek and she winced in fear. He then closed the distance between him and Hinata and kissed her forcefully. Hinata fainted and as her body slumped down; her assaulter picked her up bridal style.

"Hinata!" screamed TenTen.

"You should pay more attention to yourself" TenTen had forgotten about the creep in front of her. He grabbed her wrists tightly and licked her neck. "You taste so good" The sultry whisper in TenTen´s ear sent shivers up her spine and when she didn't expect it, he kissed her, immediately fainting in his arms.

"Well, shall we go then?" asked the blonde almost impatiently.

"Naruto you can be so impatient sometimes" said the other as he picked the feisty girl up.

"Well, don't you want to play with your girl Neji?"

"Okay, okay let's go fox boy" said Neji as he imagined something naughty. And then the four of them vanished into darkness leaving no trail that they were ever there.