(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter three: Who Do You Belong To?

Hinata woke up in a soft bed with deep orange satin sheets. She looked around the room, it was very dark, but it was gorgeous. "You're awake" Hinata jumped from the bed in fear. The blonde guy she had seen before was sitting on a chair next to the bed smiling and showing his really long fangs.

Hinata was terrified. "What do you want with me?"

"I told you before, you are to become my mate" now his face was filled with hunger… lust hunger. He appeared behind Hinata in a flash and grabbed her by the waist. He began kissing her neck, sucking her luscious skin. This made her moan and as soon as she noticed what she had done she put her hand in top of her mouth. This made him smirk as he kissed her neck again. "I see, resisting my kisses?"

"Please stop it" Hinata gasped as she felt him sucking hardly on her skin. "Please" she pleaded. The blonde held her waist with one hand and then with the other he grabbed her breast. Hinata gasped at this, it was like she was in shock. He began playing gently with her nipple. Hinata felt pleasure, but she would never let him know. Good thing she was wearing her clothes or she would have moaned again.

"Still resisting?" said the stranger. He was going to go deeper, but then a knock sounded at the door.

"Naruto, bring the girl with the others, we're going to feed and hurry up!" said another person, still unknown to Hinata.

"Na-Naruto?" whispered Hinata looking at him.

"That's my name" said Naruto as he turned to face her. The blonde was now smiling at her, but not an evil smile, it was more like a grin, a goofy one. He was like a different person from the one who was kissing her neck a minute ago. Suddenly he appeared in front of Hinata showing his sky blue eyes. "You're mine" he whispered as he looked in her eyes. Hinata was now a deep red. He then grabbed her hand and took her out of the room.

Naruto got out of the room with Hinata, now facing three other guys. There was Neji, and two other guys that went by the name of Sasuke and Shikamaru. They all were gorgeous men. "Naruto good choice" said the guy with spiked jet black hair and onyx eyes as he looked at Hinata. Hinata hid behind Naruto clinging to his clothes; he was all she knew right now that she could trust.

"Sasuke stop looking at her, you got yours!" yelled Naruto at Sasuke.

"I know stupid, I like mine better" stated Sasuke as a matter-of-factly.

"Hey you two, shut up! I'm hungry, let's go!" said the guy with a black spiked ponytail. With that Naruto led Hinata to another dark room where they were two other girls and by surprise, TenTen. Naruto locked the door behind her.

"TenTen!" yelled Hinata as she hugged her friend.

"I'm so glad to see you!" said TenTen as tears began to fill her eyes.

"What's happening? What's this place?" asked Hinata.

"So, you two are new?" a girl with pink hair said. Hinata nodded. "Apparently, we four have been kidnapped by vampires to become their mates, hard to believe huh? Not to mention escaping is useless" she continued

"How do you know that?" asked TenTen.

"Because I tried once and got off with a warning, I don't know if he meant it, but I don't want to find out" answered the other girl who had a really long blonde ponytail. "I'm Ino and this is Sakura, we've been here for three days" said the blonde girl while pointing to the other one. "I belong to Shikamaru and she belongs to Sasuke" she added.

"Who do you belong to?" asked Sakura.

"What do you mean belong? I don't belong to anybody!" yelled TenTen.

"You don't have a choice; neither of us" said Ino sadly.

"So we give up and stay here so these freaks can do whatever they want with us—" TenTen was cut off.

"And we have to bear their children" added Sakura while looking at the floor.

"What! I won't bear no freak's children! Neither will I do anything he wants!" screamed TenTen, she was now sobbing.

Hinata thought what "her" mate would do, all the things she'll have to endure, like offering her body to a complete stranger that desired it, having children with a man she knew nothing about and waste her entire life in the middle of nowhere as a prisoner. She shook off that thought and began shaking.

The girls sat on the couches inside that dark room for hours. TenTen was restless, she couldn't stop being angry and tapping her foot. Hinata had stopped crying, but was still shaking. When they heard the door open, they looked up to see the boys stepped inside. They were looking at 4 scared girls who were sitting on blood red couches. TenTen ran up to "her" mate and slapped him across the face. The other girls gasped covering their mouths. The other guys looked at TenTen surprised; they knew she was in big trouble. Neji was in shock. "H-How dare she?" He thought, and then he grabbed her by her wrist tightly and dragged her to his room. He would have to punish her. "No one does this things to me, no one!" was the last thing that passed by Neji's mind before he vanished with TenTen.

The other girls knew they would have to cooperate to survive. Naruto ran up to Hinata and grabbed her hand and led her into his room.

Shikamaru went to his mate, Ino was nervous, she didn't know what to expect. "Come darling" said Shikamaru as he grabbed Ino´s arm like a gentleman and led her to his room.

Sakura was the only one left. Sasuke looked at her hungrily. Sakura knew that she couldn't escape so she glared at him. Sasuke walked up to her, smirking "Don't get mad" Obviously it brought him pleasure seeing her angry because he knew what she was worried about. "I won't do that…" Sakura looked at him surprised "Yet…" added Sasuke making Sakura shake with fear.

Sasuke tried to pick her up bridal style, but Sakura pushed him "I know where your room is" with that she began walking and Sasuke smirked again.

"This is going to be interesting"