(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter four: In Their Rooms

-In Neji´s Room-

TenTen was pushed into Neji´s room. He would have to punish her for humiliating him in front of everyone. TenTen saw the look in his eyes and backed away only to trip and fall on his bed. Neji took advantage of the situation and got on top of her. "You will pay for what you did" he whispered in her ear. TenTen imagined the worst and closed her eyes tightly. Neji began licking her neck, up and down and then TenTen felt pain. Neji had bit her. Blood came down on her neck only to be licked by him. "You taste delicious"

"You… Bastard!" screamed TenTen trying to get up, but was pinned down by Neji.

"You're going to get what you deserve" said Neji glaring as he grabbed one of TenTen´s breast and then squeezed it hard.

TenTen winced in pain "I won't give in… I won't!" yelled TenTen in her mind. She tried to push him off, but she couldn't.

"If you hadn't slapped me, this wouldn't have to happen now"

"What?!" screamed TenTen "So you would have done this later?!"

"Of course, I had this planned for you a long time ago" replied Neji.

"Leave me alone, you psycho!" TenTen screamed only to be silenced by Neji kissing her.

Because of her mouth being open, Neji had slipped his tongue in savoring all he could find. TenTen could feel his hands traveling down her body touching everything. She began punching him, kicking him, but nothing seemed to work. To her surprise Neji got up, but only to take his shirt off and get on top of her again. He kissed her again, this time passionately. He took one of her hands and placed it on his chest; he wanted her to feel his muscular chest. He moved her hand up and down on his chest, feeling all his muscle lines. TenTen face was now tomato red. She pushed him away and broke the kiss making Neji get up from the bed. She coughed gasping for air.

"So you like it" said Neji smirking as he pointed to his chest.

"No, I don't!" yelled TenTen knowing that she was lying. She did like touching his chest, but she didn't want to admit it!

Neji got near her, grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. Her face now on his chest and her hands on his well framed arms. She blushed more than she had been already, but his chest felt so good. Then he pulled her face up for a kiss. But this kiss was different; it was sweet, not rough or forced on her. TenTen liked this, but before she could do something about it Neji pulled back.

Without looking back Neji walked to the door putting his shirt back on "Get cleaned and dressed for dinner" with that he left leaving a confused TenTen.

"Wasn't he supposed to punish me?"

-Shikamaru´s Room-

Ino was looking out the window in Shikamaru's room, her arms crossed. It was very dark but you could see the stars in the sky, very different from the city. "Hey, come here" called Shikamaru who was sitting on the edge of his bed.

"I don't want to" said Ino still looking out the window.

"Your loss, I was going to invite you to sleep on the bed, but if you want to sleep on the floor, fine by me" replied Shikamaru as he rested with his hand behind his head.

"What! You're going to make me sleep on the floor, what kind of man are you?!"

"You are a troublesome woman, and for your information I'm a vampire" sighed Shikamaru.

"I don't care if you are an alien, a gentleman treats his woman with respect!" yelled Ino.

Shikamaru cocked an eyebrow "Did she just call herself 'my' woman?"

Ino froze when she realized what she had just said "Oh my God! Did I just call myself 'his' woman? God tell me he didn't hear that!" Ino begged in her mind.

Shikamaru smirked and appeared behind her and grabbed her waist "So you consider yourself my woman?"

"Never mind" thought Ino. "Didn't you called me a troublesome woman a few seconds ago"

"There's nothing more that I like than a troublesome woman" replied Shikamaru kissing her neck.

"Be careful what you do, I don't want to end up bitten" said Ino resisting his kisses. He smirked as he kissed her again. Ino was starting to enjoy this when Shikamaru pulled away.

"We're going to dinner, get ready" and with that he left the room. "What a troublesome man indeed" thought Ino half smiling.

-Sasuke´s Room-

Sasuke entered behind Sakura and embraced her. "Let me go you bastard!" shouted Sakura.

"Why should I?" Sakura knew the bastard was smirking. "Because you're a smirking-horny-pervert who wants to grope me, rape me and then throw me away like a piece of used gum!"

"Well, you're right on two things"

"What?!" Sakura turned around, now facing him.

"You wouldn't stoop so low as to rape me now would you?!"

Sasuke bent down to her ear "I don't plan to rape you, I plan to make love to you" he whispered in her ear. She blushed extremely at this comment. He left her blushing alone as he took off his shirt revealing his well sculpted chest. Then Sasuke went up to Sakura, grabbed her and threw her on the bed, not causing her any harm. He got on top of her but then did something un-expectant. He flipped her around, so he was now on the bottom and she was now on top.

"What are you doing?" asked Sakura confused. Sasuke just looked at her. She tried to get off the bed, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Sakura didn't want to fall on top of him, because that would make him do stupid, horny, perverted things. So she used her arms for support. She looked at a slightly blushing Sasuke, who then recovered to a smirk, well more like a perverted smirk. "What's with that face?" wondered Sakura as she looked at him. She tilted her hand to touch something strange and well-muscled. She looked down to see one of her hand on the bed and the other one on his crotch. "Oh My Fucking God, what am I doing?!" She got up from her position and turned her head to the side embarrassed, but then she felt something. She looked back to see that Sasuke had grabbed and was now caressing her butt.

"Nice ass" Sakura was going to get Kung Fu style on him when he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. To her surprise her hand landed on his nipple. Sasuke took her hand and began rubbing his nipple in circles using her index finger, feeling it get harder and harder. Her face which was on his chest felt him getting hotter. She pulled back with all she could, breathing hard.

"I know you liked it" said Sasuke while looking at her. She knew that he was right, she did liked it and her body wanted to go farther but her mind wouldn't let her. He was a vampire for Pete's sake, and he kidnapped her too, why would she want to go any further with him? Suddenly Sasuke got up and went to the door "Get ready for dinner" said Sasuke as he left the room with his shirt in hand. Sakura sat on the bed confused.

-Naruto´s Room-

Hinata was pulled by Naruto into his room. He let go of her and looked at her. "Wow, you sure are gorgeous" Hinata blushed. "And to think you're all mine"

"His?" Hinata thought "I'm… his?" Her face now looking down.

Naruto looked at her worriedly. He held her chin up making her look at him. She was crying. "Hinata" he thought.

"Please tell me you won't rape me, please!" she begged grabbing his arms, almost falling to the floor on her knees.

"I won't, I just wanted someone to be with me, you see I've always been alo- nothing, forget it" Naruto bit his tongue. Now was not the time.

Hinata looked up surprised with his answer. Then she unexpectedly hugged him "Thank you" She buried her face in his chest.

"I got one question though" said Naruto scratching his chin. Hinata looked at him. "What did you think of me when you first saw me?"

Hinata blushed and pulled away. "I-I Na… ruto" Naruto just stared at her. "Well I was scared at first, I thought I was going to die, but you're not a bad person… and I thought you were really… cute" Naruto smiled, the thought of her thinking he was cute was enough to drive him crazy.

He grabbed Hinata by the waist and began spinning with her. After spinning, now dizzy, Naruto went for a kiss. Hinata was still scared, so she shut her eyes. His hand moved from her waist to her butt making her gasp. Naruto took advantage of this and slipped his tongue into her mouth savoring her sweet taste. Then he began squeezing her butt. Hinata gasped again only to make him grin against the kiss. They began to fall on top of the bed. Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck. Naruto began kissing her neck and biting it softly. Hinata moaned in pleasure, Naruto smiled and continued. He was going to go under her shirt, but a loud knock came from the door. "Not again!" thought Naruto irritated as he was interrupted for the second time.

"Hey stupid get ready for dinner" yelled a voice outside. They sat up.

"Well Hinata you better get ready for dinner" said Naruto with a goofy smile on his face. With that Naruto left the room. Hinata didn't want Naruto to go, she wanted to kiss him again, but then got up to the bathroom to get ready.