(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter five: Ex-Girlfriend

The girls washed up and got dressed with clothes they found in their rooms. To their surprise there were black dresses in their closets, all different from one another. Sakura got a short black dress that went on top of her knees, Ino's was long and sexy having a long slit on the side of the dress revealing her legs, Hinata's dress revealed her shoulders with sleeves that began at the chest and her skirt was long touching the floor. Finally TenTen's had a short mermaid dress that went beneath the knees with small sleeves covering her shoulders. After they got dressed they met up in the hall. "Are you sure this is okay?" asked Sakura

"Come on, don't be a wimp, what can they possibly do to us?" answered a very cocky TenTen.

"I-I don't want to think about it" said Hinata as she gulped. They all went down the marvelous stairs to find a gorgeous dining room. The boys were talking until they saw them.

"Hinata!" Naruto ran up to Hinata and hugged her "You look really beautiful!" Hinata blushed.

"My troublesome woman" said Shikamaru as he walked up to Ino.

"Well, well, the little tomboy turned into a little girl" said Neji with a smirk plastered on his face while looking at TenTen, she just glared at him.

Sakura just stood there watching all of them until she turned to look at Sasuke. He was looking at her up and down while licking his lips. "Is he licking his lips?! He's such a pervert!" Sakura glared at him, this only made him smirk.

The boys led them to the dining room. They each sat in their respective places, every guy across their girl. Then Sasuke snapped his fingers and suddenly waiters began to come out with different plates of food. The girls were surprised, it all looked delicious.

"At least they have style" thought TenTen as she looked at the food. The waiters began to serve. "Hey if you're all vampires, what the hell are you doing eating normal food? Don't you all just suck blood out of people?" asked TenTen out of nowhere.

"We can eat whatever we want as long as we have blood as our main source" said Neji as he focused on his plate.

"Oh, whatever…" said TenTen. They were about to have their first bite when...

"SURPRISE! Guess who's here!" came a woman who jumped from the dining room's open window. Her gothic style clothes were ripped, exposing half her body. The boys sweat dropped. The girls were in shock. The woman had blonde hair wrapped in four short ponytails. She looked at Shikamaru and went straight to him. "Shikamaru what are you doing here? You should be out on the town with me having a good time" said the woman as she stroked his hair.

"Temari I have told you a hundred times I broke up with you, now leave me alone" said Shikamaru annoyed.

"Now Shikamaru, y'know we were meant to be together"

"Back-Off you crazy woman!" Shikamaru was more annoyed than ever.

Temari looked at Ino who was seated in front of Shikamaru. "So this is the whore who's replacing me?" said Temari while looking at up and down at Ino with disgust.

"This is my woman and you will respect her!" Shikamaru's voice rose "Besides I was young when I met you and I made the mistake of making you my girlfriend, but we're over now" Said Shikamaru while he crossed his arms. Ino was surprised; he defended her, was he truly good?

"We'll see" Temari appeared behind Ino in a sudden flash and grabbed her hair pulling her off her chair. With her sharp nails she cut Ino's neck, making the human girl wince in pain. "Well, I see you have a weakling as your woman" She let go of Ino and jumped to the window. "Let's see if you can resist yourself from killing her tonight" And with that she disappeared.

Shikamaru knew what she had referred to. He knew his vampire instincts would made him get blinded by the blood's smell and slip into a rampage.

"He-hey wh-what did she mean?" Ino looked at Shikamaru still bleeding.

"Ino..." Shikamaru knew he wouldn't resist. The sweet smell of blood flooded the room and the girls knew it would be a matter of minutes before the other boys too lost all control.

"Girls run!" yelled Naruto.