(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter six: Oh Shit!

"Oh Fuck" said TenTen.

"Go!" screamed Neji as he and the others held Shikamaru who had lost all his senses and was now mad.

Ino looked one last time at Shikamaru, tears appearing on her eyes, but was pulled by Sakura. "Ino we can't stay here, c'mon!"

"Ok" she replied. They ran out of the dining room. They kept running, because they didn't know the mansion very well. They stopped at a large room with beautiful paintings and sculptures.

"What are we going to do? They are going to catch up with us in a few minutes!" said Sakura.

"Well, then prepare for the worst" added TenTen. Everyone looked at TenTen with panic. "Oh… ok, we'll divide in two groups, I'll go with Sakura" said TenTen "Hinata take care of Ino, she's wounded and you know about stuff like that"

"Ok" Hinata nodded.

"Me and Sakura are going to look for help; you just keep Ino out of trouble"

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" whined Ino while she dried up her tears

"Nothing" Sweat dropped TenTen. Sakura and TenTen ran out of where they were and left Hinata and Ino.

"C'mon Ino let's go somewhere safe" And they left to find some place to hide.

"Naruto hold him!" Naruto was holding his face with his hands "Naruto" whispered Neji. Naruto looked at him, his eyes were super bright, his fangs were bigger, his nails longer and sharper. "Fuck no! Not now! Sasuke hold him!"

"I'm starting to go too, I won't last!"

"Do what you can!" yelled Neji while holding a blood crazed Shikamaru.

Sasuke went up to Naruto and grabbed him from behind. "You crazy idiot stay put!" yelled Sasuke at an out of control Naruto.

Ino and Hinata hid themselves in a room that looked like a living room, but it was more gorgeous that any other living room they have ever seen. It had a classic sense of style, but still very beautiful. "Ino c'mon" said Hinata crouching behind a couch. Ino crouched next to her. Hinata looked at Ino´s neck "You're bleeding, but it's not serious" Hinata began bandaging her neck with a mantel she found on a nearby table. "This will have to do for now" said Hinata placing the now ripped mantel on Ino´s neck.

"Ow, that hurts"

"I'm doing the best I can" Suddenly they heard footsteps; they looked over the couch silently. Shikamaru was standing in the door, his eyes looked strange and his fangs were longer. Hinata covered Ino´s mouth. Shikamaru began walking through the room. "Oh god, he's going to find us" thought Hinata.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" was Ino´s thoughts. Being so scared Ino tapped her heel against the floor.

"No!" thought Hinata.

"Oh fucking shit!" thought Ino. Then Shikamaru appeared in front of them. Both of them were like ´Oh My God!' He grabbed Ino and threw her on the wall. She screamed in pain. He reappeared in front of her and placed his hand in her neck choking her. Hinata ran up to him and started pounding him, but she had no effect on him. So he pushed her away. Then his attention went to Ino again. He took the bandage off and licked her neck savoring the blood already there "Shikamaru stop!" Her eyes met his, he wasn't the same. He then bit her on the neck hard, blood sliding down her neck "No Shika-maru…" She felt woozy and fainted. Hinata got up and slapped him in the face, Ino hit the floor.

Shikamaru looked at her "God!" Hinata whispered. She then ran like crazy, Shikamaru following her. She ran and ran. While she ran she closed her eyes, scared of what she might see. Then she hit something hard. She looked up to see Naruto looking at her, his eyes were now bright blue, very freakish looking, and his fangs were sticking out of his mouth. "Not you too" she thought. She ran away, but Naruto followed her and pinned her to a wall. She noticed Shikamaru was gone, but Naruto was right in her face. He growled at her and she closed her eyes tightly. She felt his tongue go down her neck. She felt frustrated, she didn't want to die this young and like this. Hinata had to do something if she didn't want to die, but what? She then threw herself onto Naruto and kissed him. She thought this could bring him back, like in the movies right? "Please go back to your old self" she pleaded in her mind. A few seconds later she felt her kiss being responded and she pulled back.

"Why did you pull back? It was getting good" said Naruto with his silly grin in his face.

"Oh Naruto!" Hinata hugged him, tears filling her eyes.

"I'm okay, don't worry" said Naruto as he hugged her back. Suddenly Hinata remembered Ino, TenTen and Sakura and the whole situation.

"Naruto the others are in danger, you got to help them!" But as soon as she said that Shikamaru appeared in the door holding a fainted Ino.

"Well it looks like I'll have to smack some sense into the guys" said Naruto cracking his knuckles.