(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter seven: What The Hell Happened Here?

Shikamaru was in front of them holding Ino. "Stay back Hinata" said Naruto as he formed a ball in his hand. Before striking him, Naruto had to make Shikamaru drop Ino. To his surprise Shikamaru dropped Ino to attack him. There was his chance! "Rasengan!" Naruto ran towards him and hit him in the stomach. The blow was enough to throw him against a wall and leave him unconscious. "One down, two to go" said Naruto.

"Hurry up Sakura" yelled TenTen. Sakura and TenTen were being chased by Neji. "Damn it, if he gets both of us we're screwed" said TenTen "Sakura go get help, I'll hold him off"

"I won't leave you alone!"

"Go, it our only option!" Sakura agreed and left to find help.

Sakura ran "Somebody help!" she knew the risk of the other boys hearing her, but she had to find help fast. "Hinata, Ino, help!"

Hinata heard Sakura "Oh god, Sakura's in trouble"

"Let's go" said Naruto. Ino had already woken up, but was still a little fuzzy from the choke. They headed out to find Sakura. Halfway they found an exhausted Sakura.

"Sakura, what happened?" asked Hinata.

"There's no time to waste, TenTen is trapped!" They ran to the scene, but Sakura stayed behind. She was too exhausted to go with them. Naruto, Hinata and a blurry Ino found TenTen being cornered by Neji.

"Hey stupid wake up!" yelled Naruto. Neji left TenTen and ran to Naruto and forcefully grabbed him kissing and licking his neck. Naruto moaned.

"Hey idiot I'm not your woman!" Hinata blushed. Naruto took the chance to punch him in the face and throw him into a wall. TenTen ran up to the guys and hugged Hinata. After a few minutes Neji regained consciousness.

"What the hell happened?" said Neji rubbing his head.

"Oi, you're back to your old self" replied Naruto. "Okay, one more to go" stated Naruto. "Oh and another thing, don't ever kiss my neck again" said Naruto pointing to Neji.

"What?! Hey woman come here"

"Why?!" asked TenTen annoyed.

"To get his taste out of my mouth" TenTen was angry, she flipped him the bird and walked off with Hinata, Naruto and Ino, sticking closely to them. Neji followed.

Sakura was alone in a corridor; her friends went to TenTen's aid and she was left all alone. Suddenly she heard growls behind her; it was Sasuke. "Not now" she whispered.

Sasuke grabbed her by her wrist and bit it, then licked it making his way up to her arm and elbow. Sakura just closed her eyes very tightly. Using his other hand he lifted her dress up and grazed her skin. Sakura opened her eyes and noticed that Sasuke had weird black spots on his body and one of his eyes was yellow. He then tried to kiss her "No, stop!" she begged.

Out of nowhere came a "Rasengan!" It hit Sasuke in the stomach.

"Hinata!" yelled Sakura in relief.

"Sakura are you okay?" asked Hinata. She ran to Sakura's side.

"I think he's out cold"

"We better go check Shikamaru too" said Ino.

TenTen looked at Ino like an idiot "Is she worried about him?"

Sasuke was beginning to regain consciousness. "I feel like something ran over my head"

"Hey you're back stupid"

"Shut up idiot" replied Sasuke to Naruto.

"Oh shut up both of you" said Shikamaru walking towards them rubbing his head.

"Well, Pardon my French but what the hell happened here?" Asked TenTen.

"Long story short" sighed Shikamaru "Temari's got some kind of ability that drives other vampires crazy, some are immune, but certainly not us. No one knows how she does it. That's why I broke up with her, that and she's crazy"

"No duh" Ino replied.

"I guess everything's back to normal now" said Neji grabbing TenTen waist.

"Don't touch me!" said an angry TenTen "I'm glad everything's okay now, but I still hate you and want to go home"

"Well everything's definitely back to normal" Shikamaru smirked. Both Neji and TenTen glared at each other.