(A Naruto Fan Fiction)

A Smells-Like-Mary Story

Chapter eight: Time To Make This Official

It had been a month and a half since the incident involving Temari happened. It had been fairly quiet since then. The girls had been happy that night was over, but their reality was starting to sink in. Living kidnapped against their will with real-live vampires. It all seemed like some ridiculous nightmare straight out of a horror book. Will they live their whole life captive? They asked themselves that question each passing day.

Hinata stood in Naruto's balcony with her arms around herself. It was cold, winter was approaching. She looked at the falling leaves float in the wind and wondered if her father was worried about her. "Hinata" Naruto stood behind her with a serious look. She turned to look his way "I'll be leaving to feed, go to the safe room" Hinata obeyed not wanting to make him mad. It was called the safe room, not because they were safe, but because it was like a bank safe and nobody could get out of it. She left the balcony and walked towards the safe room, she already knew where it was from being there many times. She opened the door and saw that Sakura and Ino were already inside, only TenTen missed.

"Let go of me you barbarian!" TenTen screamed from the hallway. Hinata turned to see Neji dragging TenTen by the arm. Every time the guys would go to feed and they would have to go to the safe room, TenTen had been dragged out kicking and screaming out of Neji's room.

"Move it, my patience is running thin" Neji said annoyed realizing her little act was getting old. "Get in there and shut up!" he said while pushing her inside. The safe room now closed, the guys left for their weekly feeding.

Midway through their jumping from roof to roof, Shikamaru stopped. The other three stopped in mid-air and went to him. "What's the hold up, I'm starving here" protested Naruto with his arms behind his head.

"Can it idiot, he must have a reason" said Sasuke as he slapped Naruto upside the head.

"Yeah, I do. I've been thinking-"

"And what was that like?" joked Naruto. Everyone glared at him.

"No really, it's time to make this official. The girls are not going back to their families, but they do deserve to say their farewells. I believe we can give them a week to said their goodbyes and pack their stuff"

"Right, but if they try to escape?" asked Sasuke.

"I don't think they'll disobey, but if they do, there will be a harsh punishment for their insolence" replied a very serious Shikamaru.

"When do we let them go?" asked Neji with his arms crossed.

"Tomorrow at 8:00PM at this very roof. We will tell them about the one week deadline and the consequence if they break it"

"What!? One week without Hinata! The world might as well end"

"You sure get stupider each day" Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke! Take that back!" Protested Naruto.

"Whatever, can we go eat now?" said a very impatient Neji.

"Yeah, let's go" said Shikamaru jumping again, followed by Neji, Sasuke and a yelling Naruto.

The girls had been in the safe room for hours. It was dark except for the only light coming from a small window near the ceiling. "I'm hungry!" cried Ino for the 15th time. The other three wanted to slap her for whining for the past hour and a half.

"Shut up for crying out loud!" replied TenTen looking at the ceiling slumped in the red blood sofa.

"Yeah, we are all hungry, not just you" said Sakura annoyed with her arms folded and eyes closed, sitting crossed-legged.

"Where could the guys be?" Wondered Hinata out loud.

"Are you seriously asking that Hinata?" asked TenTen

"It's just they might give us something to eat if they were here"

"But I'm sure they've make us beg for it first" said TenTen looking at Hinata. "I rather starved than beg him"

"C'mon TenTen let's try to cooperate"

"And for what? They're never letting us go, they made that quite clear. Face it Hinata, were trapped forever unless I think of something"

"Are you crazy?!" yelled Ino jumping from her seat. "Last time I tried I got off with a warning from Shikamaru and that's him who's calm most of the time, Neji isn't patient like him. He would surely make you pay!"

"I don't care, if I don't-"

"Hello girls" said Naruto smirking while opening the door. The girls turned to look at him, each with a different expression than the rest.

"Tomorrow we got something to talk about with each one of you, so get plenty of rest" added Shikamaru joining Naruto at his side. "Come" The girls stood and walked to them only to be taken by their rightful partner and led to their rooms.

"What could they be planning?" thought TenTen looking at Neji suspiciously while walking down the hall to his room.