Disclaimer: All rights to Pirates of the Caribbean goes to Disney, and all rights to the song Waltz for My Father goes to the group West of Eden.

Author's Note: When I first heard the song, Waltz for My Father, the thought that immediately came to my mind was 'Oh my God, that's Will Turner.'

Waltz For My Father

My mother was a capricorn
My father was a thief

He stole her heart one summer's day
Then kissed her eyes to sleep

My mother raised me on her own back in England. I have nearly no memory of my father in my life. My mother simply told me about how he was a sailor on a merchant vessel. It wasn't until I was twenty did I learn the truth from a drunken pirate named Jack Sparrow whom I helped break out of jail. My father had been a pirate. I wondered if my mother knew this and was trying to shelter me, or if she too thought her husband was a "respectable man who obeyed the law." Or maybe as Jack had said he was both a pirate and a good man.

And as she dreamt he closed the door
And sailed for southern skies

And not a thing he left behind
Except for my sad brown eyes

I was only two when he left me and my mother to go find his fortune in the Caribbean. I can not remember his face. Just the strength and warmth of his hands and a gentle, low voice. Although I didn't know him, I missed him dearly.

I learned to live with the emptiness
That fell upon
me like rain

I learned to live without the hope
I knew would be in vain

As I sometimes watched the other boys just strolling down the street with their fathers, talking about little nothings of their days, no one could feel how badly I envied them. How much I wanted to be the boy at that man's side telling him about what I had learned in school that day or . . . or anything.

She prayed each night as darkness fell
And she sat in her room all alone

That a ship would anchor in the bay
And bring my father home

Sometimes at night when I was suppose to be asleep I could hear my mother in the next room over sobbing. During the day, she was always a strong, independent woman, but at night you could see how much she really needed my father. It had been years since my father had been home. But she couldn't get over him.

It was times like those when I was angry at him. He should have been there with Mother and I.

Then yesterday a letter came
It smelled of salt and sea

He said he sometimes had regrets
And thought of her and me

My father did send a few letters every now and then. He would tell of his travels and of things he had seen.

One time when I was ten he sent with his letter a gold medallion. Mother didn't like it. I think the skull on the medallion scared her. So, I kept it and always wore it around my neck until I lost it when I was twelve on my journey across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

He prayed each night as darkness fell
And no one else was in sight

I went to the Caribbean to look for my father after my mother got ill and after three months of struggling died. At times I blamed my father because he wasn't there. I thought if he had been with us he could have taken better care of her then I had tried to.

We needed him. It has been eighteen years since he left me and Mother for the Caribbean and I still feel like I need him.

That a star would fall in capricorn
And kiss his eyes goodnight