Sequel to "Babylawn: Sonic" and introduces Tails to our family. All the stories that follow have the same format; they tell the story of how each character came to be a Babylawn. If you have a babylawn story that you want written, tell me the idea in a review and I'll respond!

Disclaimer- Sonic belongs to Sega (so does Tails)

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Babylawn- Tails

It was a sunny morning on the babylawn when Sonic, a three year old hedgehog, woke up. He went outside and began to run, which was his favorite pastime and something he was extremely good at. Then he heard the sound of a piece of paper crinkling under his feet. He stopped short and picked it up. Now, Sonic couldn't read, but he knew who this note was from immediately. It was from his archenemy, the 4 year old fat boy named Eggy. He knew it was from Eggy because it had messy scribbled handwriting and had a picture of a round figure at the bottom.

"I bettew go see wat he's up to!" Sonic said, rushing off to Eggy's base, which was an old, unused day care center.

When he arrived and opened the door, the first thing he saw was Eggy, sitting in a chair that was almost broken from his weight.

"Hellwo Sonic, I see ou got my wetter. I would like ou to meet my new pwisoner." Eggy said, pointing at a small cage in the corner of the room. Sonic looked inside and saw a small fox that couldn't have been older or younger than Sonic himself. He had yellow-orange fur and, unlike any other fox Sonic had ever seen or heard of, two tails. Sonic saw that he was very scared and upset.

"Wet him go Eggy!" Sonic commanded.

"I wiw, but onwy if ou promise to work for me from now on." Eggy bargained. Sonic began to think, he hated Eggy, but that was no reason for this innocent kid to be trapped. Before he could respond, Sonic heard a small voice speak, "Don't wisten to im!" It took Sonic a moment to realize the voice was coming from the fox. He turned to face the fox when he spoke again. "If ou lift the bars just a wittle, than I can get out." Sonic nodded again and lifted the cage as high as he could. It was very heavy and couldn't go up very much, but the fox found a way under and out.

"No, he can't escape!" Eggy said and instantly a small, messed up looking robot came out. Sonic dropped the cage and both he and the small fox turned to the robot. Then as Sonic prepared to attack, the fox held his hand out.

"Wet me get im." He said confidently. Then he spun around quickly, causing the robot to be whacked by his tails. The robot was sent flying and hit into a wall, breaking into pieces.

"Darn you Sonic and fwiend!" Eggy exclaimed. Both boys laughed and left the base.

"Wat's oar name?" Sonic asked the fox.

"My name is Miles, but I don't wike it." He said, sticking out his tongue. "Could ou call me Ta-wils?" He asked.

"Sure Ta-wils." Sonic said trying out the name.

"Oar Sonic, aren't ou?" Tails asked.

"Uh-huh." Sonic agreed. "Ta-wils, were do ou wive?" He asked.

When he heard the question, Tails' face became very sad and tears came to his eyes.

"I don't ave a ome, my pawents towd me to escape wile I ad ta chance. I've been awone since."

"It's okay Ta-wils, ta same ting appened to me. If ou want, ou can tay wit me on the babylawn." Sonic offered.

"Wat's dat?"

"A pwace were any kid who needs a ome can tay. So far, I'm ta onwy one tere."

"Okay, I'll come wit ou." Tails agreed with a huge smile.

The End