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Song: Like You by Evanscence(one of the most awseomest band ever!)

Summery- In the final battle with Naraku, Inuyasha loses his life protecting Kagome. Now, Kagome has nightmares of that night, and she longs to be like him. Warning: contains suicide. Not for people under 16!


The stench of the corpses was everywhere. The bodies of the demons that died were all over the battle field. The battle had been raging on for days; today was the fourth day, and the group was exhausted.

Sango had a few cuts and scrapes, and one long gash on her left arm.

Miroku had a broken leg and a sprained wrist, as well as a split lip.

Shippo was at Keade's. Kagome didn't want him to witness the battle. She, herself, had a long, deep gasp on her right leg. It ran from her foot all the way to her inner thigh. She could no long walk, let alone stand.

But, Inuyasha, he was the worst of all, as he had taken nearly all the blows that had been intended for Kagome. He had a broken arm, gash on his back, and a hole in his stomach.

Most of the blows were aimed at Kagome, because her priestess powers were at full strength, after three years training with Keade. She was a threat to Naraku.

Just as Kagome was getting ready to natch an arrow, Naraku distracted Inuyasha, and shot one of his tentacles at Kagome.

Not distracted for long, Inuyasha ran towards Kagome as fast as he could. He made it in time, taking the blow for her. A tentacle through the heart.

Inuyasha fell to his knees, and started to cough up blood. Kagome saw this act, getting thoroughly pissed at Naraku for being so blunt as to attack her Inuyasha. She put all her energy into one blast and killed Naraku on the spot. She looked down to Inuyasha, who was laying face-down in the ground.

Kagome rolled Inuyasha over, so he was facing her. Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto Inuyasha's face. He opened his eyes, strained, and saw Kagome. He smiled as well as he could through the pain in his chest. He saw her tears and his smile faded. Weakly, he muttered as his head was held on Kagome's lap: "Kagome... why are you crying? You know I hate it... ah... when you cry."

She sniffled, and wiped her face with the heel of her hand. "I'm crying because you're hurt... it's my fault, if I wasn't so stupid you-"

"It's not your fault, ok?" Inuyasha interrupted.

"Yes it is!" Her tear count increased. "And, you're dying because of my stupidity!"

"Kagome... I want you to know... I love you, now and forever... in life and death... ah, Mm," He made a pained face as the pressure in his chest raised. He had to get this out... "And, when I'm gone, I want you to find someone... who'll love you... move on with your life. Can... can you promise me that?"

"Inuyasha, I love you too, but I don't think I can make that promise to you," Kagome said.

"Why not?"

"Because I love you too much to let anyone else in."

"But... you have to... be happy, Kagome..."

"Being with someone else won't make me happy."

He sighed. "You'll try and be happy, though? Even without me? Promise?"

"I'll try."

Inuyasha beckoned her down to his height, and placed a chaste kiss on her lips, full of all the love he felt for her. She pressed back, feeling the same amount of love for him.

When Inuyasha pulled back slightly, he said: "I love you... With all my soul..." He exhaled for the last time, the pressure in his chest too much, and blinked.

He never opened them again.

He was... gone. Kagome cradled his head in her lap as she sobbed. She soon passed out from exhaustion. The battle was catching up with her...

"NO." Kagome screamed as she woke up drenched in sweat. The tears rolling down her face were like two rapid rivers. Kagome got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When Kagome got to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror. What she saw was a miserable looking girl. Ever since his death a year ago she was never the same

It was like without him there with her- watching over her and making her safe- she was dead inside. Kagome wanted nothing more then to be with him, instead of being here were she was alone. Kagome looked back in the mirror, then bought her fist up and smashed it.

Stay low

Kagome started singing as she sunk to her knees.

Soft, dark and dreamless

The blood on her hands from the glass of the mirror, dripped on the white tile floor. The blood didn't phase her a bit, and oddly enough the cuts didn't hurt, but felt... good.

Far beneath my nightmares

Ever since his death, she's been having nightmare after nightmare of his death... of how he risked his life for her.

And loneliness

She's been lonely ever since... she no longer sees her friends from the Fuedal Era, after recovering from her wounds, she left, there faces reminding her of him. She looked around the room for something, anything... Then she spotted it- a broken piece of glass from the mirror she shattered.

Her heart was like the mirror... shattered into millions of pieces.

I hate me

Kagome has hated herself, since he took that attack for her...

For breathing without you

She wished- oh how she wished!- it had been her that took that hit. She doesn't want to breathe... not without him.

I don't want to feel
Anymore for you

She picked the piece of glass off the floor, turning it over in her hand, examining it. Sharp.

Grieving for you
I'm not grieving for you

As she progressed with the song, her face became steadily wetter with her tears...

Nothing real love can't undo

The more she thought about finally doing it.

And though I may have lost my way
All paths lead straight to you

Joining him, being with him. How tempting.

I long to be Like You
Lie cold in the ground Like You

The temptation was too much; she decided to do it.


She was going to be like him, with him.

Blinding wall between us
Melt away and leave us alone again

She was only bringing down the wall that was keeping them apart.

Humming, haunted somewhere out there

She sings as she brings she glass shard to her wrist. Why hasn't she done this before?

I believe our love can
See us through in death

She sets the glass on her wrist. How long has she lived with this pain?

I long to be Like You
Lie cold in the ground Like You
There's room inside for two
And I'm not grieving for you
I'm coming for you.

She pushes the glass down, slowly sliding it across. A red line follows where the glass had gone, a road to her love. A tear falls off her cheek and into the cut, stinging for a moment.

You're not alone...
No matter what they told you

She watches her blood flow down her arm and drip on the white tile of the bathroom floor. Stains... she briefly wonders how those stains will come up, but turns back to the line on her wrist.

You're not alone
I'll be right beside you forevermore

She repeats the procedure with her other arm. This line is shaky, because her cut arm is weak.

I long to be Like You
Lie cold in the ground Like You
There's room inside for two
And I'm not grieving for you

Change hands, place, slice, repeat. Three times for each wrist. By the third slice, the cuts sting from salt that dripped down from her face. It hurt, but it stood nothing against the pain in her heart. This was a tickle; her heart was already sliced to bits.

And as we lay in silent bliss
I know you remember me

She sits in a puddle of her own blood, her face pale. Eyes, lifeless; they had already died long ago. Whatever blood she had been able to call her own belonged to the bathroom floor.

I long to be Like You
Lie cold in the ground Like You
There's room inside for two
And I'm not grieving for you

She shudders, the physical life bleeding out of her for good. She sings quietly, her last breath.

I'm coming for you

Her funeral dress decided, a red flowing gown made on the bathroom floor, she leaves the living world to join her love. Slowly, the world fades... darkness envelopes her...

Going... going...


"NO!!!" Inuyasha screams as he wakes up, sweating and panting. The most terrifying nightmare had invaded his head; it was recurring, ever since the final battle with Naraku. He slowly turned to his right to see if his beloved mate was still next to him.

Kagome was sleeping quietly, unaffected by his scream.

He sighed.

"Kagome?" He got a mumble of a still-asleep woman as return. "I love you." He tells her.

She turned and looked at him, slightly shocked. Inuyasha rarely declared his love for her verbally- physical declarations, he says, mean much more than words- unless she said it first. The shock melted quickly. "I love you too."

"Don't ever leave me," Inuyasha says, nuzzling into Kagome's side. She smiled and stroked his hair, curling up and tangling her legs with his.

"Never," she murmurs into his hair. He sighed and clutched at her, burying his nose in her hair. Inhaling deeply, the scent of new blossomed cherry blossoms invaded his nose. He fell back to sleep; hopefully, without the nightmare to wake him up this time.

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