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Remus was searching through the restricted section after-hours, looking for a good read. Something that would make him horny or ingredients for a potion that can give wild and exotic sexual fantasies to the drinker. He was looking for something that would make the Marauders game sexual truth and dare (James' oh so original title) all the more sexual. They were a group of very sexually-active boys, who liked to experiment. It is difficult to get your hands on the good stuff (sex toys, both wizard and muggle) when you're only 15. Remus was assigned to literature porn while Sirius was to find shops that would sell 'toys' to underage wizards, James talks to others who have sex as a hobby and find out their tips and tricks to amazing orgasms and what not, then Peter use to go through adult muggle magazines and learn how muggles sexually stimulate themselves but he now has a girlfriend and lives in her Hufflepuff dorm with her.

Remus was browsing through the "S" section; that's where all the easy to find sex books are. Like two months before, he was lucky enough to come across Sorcery for the sexually driven; that was the best book yet. It has various spells, jinxes, curses that not only are a great use to prank Snape with, but amazing when directed at your manhood, balls, or ass. A binding spell to the balls will keep you well stimulated.

Remus froze. He had heard a noise, and he was pretty sure it was from one of the books. He ran his fingers over the books in front of his face. A breathy moan came from the white one on the right. Confused he pulled it out and checked the title, but there wasn't one! 'Perhaps it has been worn away from use over the years,' he thought.

Remus then ran his fingers down the spine, a habit he picked up from years of reading, and the book sighed into his touch.

"You have very nice fingers," the book said and then it moaned again.

Remus nearly dropped the book when it spoke. It sounded neither like a woman or a man, as if it had no sex. That makes sense considering it's a book. "What's your title? There isn't one on your cover." Remus asked innocently. This wasn't the first time he had come across a book that could speak.

"I am what ever you want me to be," the book replied.

"Well, what do you do?" Remus asked. He opened the book up to find the pages blank. "You have no writing!"

"I mostly fulfill sexual desires."

"How so?" Remus asked curiously. This white book intrigued him, and seemed to be what they had been looking for to help with their never ending urges.

"Place your penis in my folds and I shall show you!"

Remus bit his lip in excitement and triumph. This has to be the book we've been searching for, he thought happily. He was growing hard at just the thought of what the book might do. As Remus unbuttoned and unzipped his pants his erection died at the idea of the book biting off his privates. He then let his pants drop to the floor and decided that it was worth the chance of the possible pleasure he hoped would come. Besides, magic can fix anything.

Remus then brought the open book down to his stiffening member, and scooped his penis up with it so his now long, thick manhood was laying in the crack of the book.

The book hummed and Remus gasped as white lights flashed in front of his eyes and he came hard onto the books pages. He realized he wasn't breathing and started to with another gasp, and after he regained his breath he asked what had just happened. Remus' legs were weak and shaky; his balls were now empty, along with his cock being soft again.

"I needed to take a sample of sperm to tell me how you like to be fucked."

"Are you telling me that you made be come even though I wasn't even all the way worked up yet?"

"No, I magically made your cock the hardest it's ever been and filled your balls up with too much sperm, all with in a millisecond," the book replied.

"Couldn't you have just spelled the liquid out of me?" Remus asked.

"I thought you would have liked the pleasurable way rather than the painful."

"Never mind," Remus mumbled, grateful for the lack of pain in his loins.

A few moments later the book told him to lay on the ground and hold on, cause he was about to be blown away. Remus did as he was told.

"Now place your tongue in the hole of your choice." The book stated.

Remus, with his head on the ground, brought the book up to his face to see his choices. In a burst of sparks, two holes appeared, one on both pages of the open book. One of the choices had a tight ass-hole sticking out of the pages, but this wasn't any ordinary ass. It had a tail and black fur. The butt of a dog, and Remus was intrigued. He had always wanted to take Padfoot up the ass, but was too embarrassed to ask or dare Sirius. The other side of the book had lips, lips that looked a lot like Lily's. She had the fullest lips of anyone he had ever seen and he wanted them around his cock.

Both choices were exactly what he wanted, the book had not lied. In the end he slid his moist tongue onto Lily's lips. He figured James would rather not know what he wanted to do with Lily's mouth; James wouldn't mind if Remus fucked Padfoot, but might if it was a mouth James likes to keep to himself. Usually James doesn't mind sharing, just this morning James and Sirius were sharing Remus' asshole at the same time, but there is something about Lily where James doesn't want her to know about his sexual habits or how he swings both ways. Sirius and I know we're going to lose him eventually like we did Peter, so we made a pact to make his time with us the best possible. That's one reason for our art of pleasure.

The lips were soft and molded against his. Lily's tongue pushed its way into his mouth where it then proceeded to fuck his mouth. Remus scrunched up his lips to make a small ass-like hole. The book moved of its own accord, pushing and pulling out of his tight lips like a penis would an ass.

Remus opened his mouth to breath as the lips worked their way down his throat, where he moaned, and then down to his chest. The buttons on his shirt were being undone as the lips continued their assault by nipping and sucking his nipples. Remus' fully erect cock twitched with delight as he held back moans. He didn't like the idea of getting caught here after midnight with a book sucking him, so he must stay as quiet as possible. 'Why wouldn't James let me borrow his invisibility cloak?' Remus thought.

Remus then broke into a sweat as the book continued its way down his body to his navel where Lily's tongue dipped into it a few times.

The book then propped itself over his leaking erection, still out from its earlier ejaculation into the books pages, and the boy let out a hot breath of air as the moist Lily mouth blew cool air on his throbbing member.

Remus couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed the book and laid it on the floor. Putting his knees on either side of the book, he proceeded to slip his nine inch prick into 'Lily's' mouth. He looked down when he realized that something was coming out of the book: it was the rest of Lily's face and head. There were now red curls splashed around his knees and two hands with arms clutching to his waist. 'Lily's' eyes were closed tightly and 'she' was making sexy whimpering noises as her hands pulled Remus further into her mouth. With each whimper Lily made, Remus would cry out as his manhood was vibrated. 'Lily' then started sucking with all of her might. She groaned with the effort to please him.

Remus' eyes were scrunched tightly closed and his teeth ground together as he was growling out of pleasure. The Lily head stopped what it was doing and that was when Remus started fucking the head that was giving him head. He was now biting his lip and grunting while the mouth closed in tightly around his hard cock, air tight. His body started shaking as orgasm approached. With each thrust he thought he might crack Lily's head open. Each time it didn't, he would push harder and faster. One of the hands on his hip slid to his ass hole and two fingers began fucking him, and that action caused him to scream loudly. But at that point in time he didn't care if anyone found him, he just wanted to feel relief of coming.

His member pulsed and his balls clenched. It felt like sparks of electricity were dancing up and down his shaft. With a growled scream, Remus shot his juices down her throat. 'Lily' just kept on sucking as he collapsed on top of her head. As the colors of bliss cleared his eyes, he realized she was still sucking his soft dick. Remus pulled out of her mouth and the arms and hands disappeared. Lily's face started to sink back into the books pages. The tongue was licking the lips and then moaned Remus' name. The white book closed itself and asked if he liked what he got.

"That was the best head of my life," Remus responded.

"What are your plans for me? I've been on this shelf for far too long and over the years my sexual behavior has been pent up. I would love for you to put me to good use."

"I have a group of friends that would love to use you over and over again," Remus said and smiled as he dreamed of all the possibilities.


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