So this is a new story I, Cydney thought up of one night…here it is.

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We meet the Gaang sitting around the campfire. It was just a couple weeks after Aang "died" in the Avatar state. They were all talking about scary stories that they've heard of when Aang thought of 2 creatures in particular that were probably some of the scariest.

"Hey! I know some!" Aang exclaimed.

"What are they?" asked Katara.

"Well, it's about Vampires and Werewolves."

What are those?" Sokka asked.

"That's what I'm gonna tell you about. Vampires and Werewolves, their whole story." Katara shivered. " See, Vampires are creatures that can only come out at night, or else they burn in the sun, they're bloodsucking creatures that can control your mind if you stare at them too long." Toph scooted closer to Sokka. "They control you with their eyes, and when they finally get what they want, they will either make you forget, or suck the blood out of your body." Katara shrieked. Everyone looked at her, then looked back at Aang. "Werewolves are different, they are said to be part wolf, but they can only turn into Werewolves on the night of a full moon, and if your bitten by one, you become one, but, they can tear you apart if your not careful." They all gasped. " Vampires and Werewolves have a terrible history, when they meet. They will fight to the death, and if you're caught in the middle of it somehow, you will die as well."

"That's creepy." Katara said shivering.

"Well that's the story," Aang yawned, "I'm going to bed." Aang stretched and got up and flopped onto Appa's tail.

"I am too." Said Toph. "Same here." Sokka yawned.

Katara remained were she was. Aang looked up at her.

"Katara, aren't you going to bed?" Katara looked up at him.

"Actually, I have to admit, that sort of scared me, especially since there's a full moon tonight." Katara looked up at the moon.

Aang got up and sat down by Katara. "Katara, you know those are just myths, they aren't real, there's nothing to be scared about."

"I know but it's still scary." Katara looked down at the ground shamefully.

"Don't be ashamed Katara, I was scared when I first heard about it." Katara looked at him. "How old were you when you first heard about it?"

Aang whispered. "Seven."

"Exactly! I'm fourteen! I shouldn't be scared about something like this!" Katara whined. "I'm such a wimp."

"Sokka's the wimp." Said Aang. "Katara you're the most beautiful, strong, and courages person I know, your not a wimp, and there's deffinatly no reason for you to say that about yourself. Everyone's afraid of something!" Katara blushed.

"Thanks Aang, but if you don't mind me asking, what are you afraid of?"

Aang looked down at the ground. "Dieing during the battle with Ozai and losing my friends, and you."

Katara looked at him confused. "Why am I in a different category than friends?" Aang sighed. "Because, because I-I love you."

Katara smiled. "Oh, Aang!" She hugged him. "I love you too!" Aang smiled and hugged her back. When they pulled apart, Aang gave her a light kiss.

"Don't worry about those Vampires and Werewolves, if they came they'd have to get through me." Katara smiled. " A big strong man like you, they wouldn't stand a chance." (A\N sound familiar?) They kissed again when Sokka needed to go to the bathroom and saw them. His face turned red. "AANG! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SISTER!"

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