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Something is wrong.

Kumagoro can tell. He sniffs it in the air. The air, to me, smells like shampoo, cigarettes, and an odd touch of celery.

Kumagoro, however, smells trouble.

Or at least abounding sadness.

This is quite the tiny tour bus. Well, actually, it's very large and luxurious. But, you see, when it's crammed with six musicians, each with their own stunningly unique personalities, plus all their belongings upon belongings, and one Kumagoro, who carries so much spunk and charm that one could easily mistake him for two Kumagoros...this bus, indeed, feels very tiny.

That, I think, is why Kuma-chan can sense the abounding sadness that is slowly creeping its way toward our very good friend Shindou Shuichi.

What's that, Kuma-chan?

Yes, of course, I too think we should help him.

And so, Super Duper Ryu-chan and his trusty sidekick Bunny Lad-chan spring into action!

What, you don't like that nickname?

Well then, Bunny Lad-sama.

"Shuuuu-chan?" Super Duper Ryu-chan (that's me) asks the saddening Shuichi. "Whatcha drawing, na no da?"

I ask this, you see, because Shuichi is sitting on his bed with his knees curled up to his chest, and on top of them is that sketchpad he likes so much, on which he is doodling.

"Oh, nothing really..." Shuichi answers quietly, his cheeks taking on the slightest tint of pink. So cute, ne, Kuma-chan? Pink is Shuichi's color. "Lyrics, mostly. You can look, if you like."

He hands me the sketchpad, and as I take it, our fingers brush, so lightly. A glitter-electric tingle runs through my body.

Kumagoro says I'm the one blushing now.

Hee. Hope Shu-chan doesn't notice.

I look over his page, adorned by little scribbles. Hearts, stars, a four-legged animal of some kind...I can't quite tell which species it belongs to.

Ah, there are two stick men too. A short one who's either dancing, tripping, or trying to relieve himself of ants in his pants, and a taller one who does not look amused.

Oh, Shu-chan. You miss him, don't you?

I know just how it feels, really. Well, kinda.

It's so, so fun when you kick off a new tour. But, after a while, it gets boring, and not just boring, but also very, very lonely.

That's part of why I got Kumagoro, you see. He always likes to listen to me, unlike Tohma and Nori-chan, who, at times, would much rather complain about their heads pounding.

Well, to them I say: HMPH!

Oh. I'm getting off-topic again, aren't I?

Thank you, Kumagoro. Don't know what I'd do without you.

Anyway, I can only imagine that the feelings of loneliness are only magnified, and very much so, when you have a lover at home, waiting for you.

Especially when you love that lover as very, very much as Shuichi loves Yuki-san.

I am, for that reason, a bit jealous of Yuki-san.

Don't tell anyone, though. Sssshh.

"You can hold me, Shu-chan," I tell him.

He looks up at me with big, bright, confused purple eyes.

My heart flutters.


Kumagoro says this is a very bad idea.

I know it is, Kuma-chan, but Shu-chan is sad, and I need to cheer him up. So hush.

"I know I'm not Yuki-san," I sigh again. Oh dear. I didnt mean to, really! "I'll never be like Yuki-san, but...I can be here for you like he is. You can hold me like you hold him, na no da, and I'll love you like he does."

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

That last part, it just slipped out.

Kumagoro is saying he told me so.

"Okay," Shuichi sniffs. He wraps his arms around me, and nestles his head into my chest. I think I feel him cry.

He hugs me so, so tight.

I wonder, Kuma-chan...

I wonder if he is pretending that I am Yuki-san.

If he is pretending he's in love with me.

A soft, shaky sob escapes his lips. Oh, Shu-chan.

Kumagoro jumps into his lap. He always knows what to do.

I rub Shuichi's back, in circles, and I feel myself kissing the top of his head.

I know I shouldn't do it, Kuma-chan, but...oh, his hair smells yummy.

Kuma-chan, I wonder...

If, just for tonight, I can pretend he's in love with me too.


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