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When I first met Yuki Eiri, he wasn't Yuki Eiri yet.

It was the summer when Tohma came back from New York, and he brought back this kid.

Uesugi Eiri.

He was sixteen, seventeen maybe...I don't know, but by this time, he was well into his rebellious stage. He was moody. Sullen. He had attitude.

I don't think I saw him smile once.

Then again, I never really saw him frown, either. Only when Tohma tried too hard to make him smile.

He didn't talk much either. He seemed so...distant. Disconnected. Unattached. Like he really wasn't there at all. Like he left his mind, his heart, back in New York, or somewhere.

Like he forgot it.

But when he did speak, there was one thing I noticed about his voice. It had the same quality of a popsicle that had been left in the freezer a little too long, so cold that it bites your tongue.

It sounded incredibly cold.

Now, Yuki Eiri is saying his vows to my good friend, Shindou Shuichi. He is promising eternity, promising forever. Yuki-san would give infinity and beyond, as Kuma-chan's friend Buzz Lightyear would say, for Shu-chan. And Shu-chan would give him two infinities.

Shuichi found Yuki-san's heart, I think.

I remember, three years ago, when Yuki-san ran away from Shuichi, ran to New York. I think he went there to find the heart he forgot so long ago, that he left buried in the snow.

But Yuki-san, I think, had trouble finding it. He had long forgotten where he'd left that heart of his, and he'd let the snow pile up and up and up on top of it.

His poor, freezing heart.

That's why Shuichi followed him up there. He brought a burst of sunshine, his own summerlight, his sparkle, and it melted the snow. Yuki-san and Shuichi searched together that day, and together, they found his heart.

And Shuichi, he stuck it in his microwave and warmed it up real good.

Right now, as Yuki Eiri promises his eternal love to his Shuichi, I can hear it in his voice. Warmth.

Immaculate, immovable warmth.

Liquid sunshine.

And you know what?

I even catch the slightest glimpse of a smile.


They are dancing their first dance now, Yuki-san and Shuichi, as a married couple.

There are lights, you know, the kind that people hang on their roofs at Christmas? The ones that look like glimmering icicles?

Twinkly little icicle strings.

Those are everywhere. Hanging, swooping, twisting, making designs so intricate, like swirling clouds of smoke, slowly uncovering, revealing the effects, most wonderful, of a magic spell.

Just like that.

Under the glow of the icicle lights, twilight-blue, Yuki-san and Shuichi look almost unreal. Too perfect, too, too perfect to belong on this earth.

The hopelessly happy grin has not left Shuichi's face since the moment he said 'I do'. Right now, Shuichi's smile could light up the galaxy, the universe. I think, right now, Shuichi could outshine the sun.

Yuki-san is shining too. His light may seem duller, his sparkle a little less shimmery, but really, it's not.

Kumagoro can tell.

Looking into his eyes, those that are gazing just so lovingly at the treasure he has found in his arms, we can tell that Yuki-san is happier than he ever thought he'd be in his life.

Shuichi stands up on his tiptoes and gives Yuki-san a sweet, chaste kiss on his chin.

Yuki-san pulls Shuichi in closer, and kisses the top of his pink head. He then smirks and whispers something in his little lover's ear, and Shuichi breaks into giggles, with an expression just so precious that words really can't describe it.

Several cameras, though, are flashing, struggling for just a flicker of this moment, praying for a fraction of their happiness.

I should've brought my camera.

Good thing you have a photographic memory, ne, Kumagoro?

Oh, that's right!

Later, I am going to sing for them.

Remember that crappy song I wrote on my jeans, that I told Shuichi I'd sing for him someday?

That's right, Kumagoro. "Butterfly Tears".

That one. I couldn't think of a better day to sing it on, could you?

I hear sniffing. Lots of sniffing. Nose-blowing on the engraved cloth napkins.

Shuichi's mom is crying some of the happiest tears I've ever seen.

Oh, yeah. I forgot I was talking to her.

Kumagoro, you're supposed to pay attention to things like that!


Well, I'm sure they'll serve the cake soon.

"He'd be so embarrassed if he knew I was talking about him like this," Shuichi's mom chuckles, dabbing at her eyes, "but I am so, so happy he's found love."

Me too.

Oh, sorry.

Me and Kumagoro too.

I really am okay with it now, just so you know. I mean, Shuichi loves Yuki-san with all his heart, and Yuki-san loves him too. Now I know for sure that he does.

And I could not be happier for the both of them.

Kumagoro and I, we would wish Yuki-san and Shuichi all the happiness in the world...

But we think they've already found it.


As for me...I know my true love's out there, somewhere. I just have to find them!

Are you up for it, Kumagoro?

Of course you are, silly bunny.

Ooooh, let's look over there first, by the cake.

Yuki-san's brother is kinda cute.


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